Mar 31, 2015

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist


Walter Wolf has heard from his brother Willy that the Dentist sometimes uses a drill. 

Walter’s parents tell him that it will be ok, but he is scared to have his teeth looked at by the Dentist. 

The book is brought to life by vivid illustrations and rhyming verse. 

A book that the whole family will enjoy and a lesson the whole family needs to learn.

A great read for children from 2 to 82. 
A story about facing your fears and people, or in this case wolves, overcoming obstacles. 

March 31,2015- April,2 2015

About the Author
leela hope is a writer with over 22 years of experience in writing endearing children's fiction. Her lively characters have entranced and captivated her audience, and she has taken great joy in writing the three series of books, each beautifully illustrated with love and care. Her stories concentrate on the adventures of floppy eared bunnies and wide-eyed children learning lessons in life, before returning home wiser and eager for sleep. leela hope writes her stories to entertain the very young, but also to educate. Her vision is always of a parent sitting on a child's bed, reciting the stories each night, while the young one drifts off to sleep, lulled into a dream world full of fun and adventure.

From her very earliest years of childhood, leela made up stories in her head, telling them to her younger brother and sister. The stories flowed easily from her mind, and it wasn't long before she realized she had a gift for writing. By the age of 14, she had already written a small book of short stories for her own entertainment, and by the age of 22, she had published her first full-fledged children's fiction in several magazines. leela hope was destined to be an author and she knew exactly what genre of fiction she wanted to dedicate her life too.

Born in San Diego, California, and still residing in the area, leela studied English Literature at Berkeley, earning a degree in 1989. Her writing covers a span of several genres, but she always returns to her first love, children's fiction. She enjoys scuba diving and visiting wildlife parks, seeking new inspiration for cuddly characters for her stories. leela hope lives in an urban area of San Diego and is presently at work on a new book.

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Mar 30, 2015

NEW from Janet Curry

I LOVE self-help books!
Here are 3 I have on my to-be-read pile...
Janet Curry has some AMAZING advice!


If you are constantly broke and need some guidance to make some extra bucks in hand, then this is the book for you. Have you always felt the need for some more money and not in a position to spare extra time over a second job? Then the solution is making money online by which you can forget all your worries.

You don’t need to possess any special skills or talents to make money online .You can start anywhere and anytime you like. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to earning online. Just follow the instructions in the books and get started.

The things you can learn from this book:

• What is online money making all about?
• Who can do it?
• Most common ways in which you can earn
• Best companies /websites for working online
• Selecting the best for you
• Precautions to be taken while working online
• Tips to earn faster
• Success stories

So if you are interested in making money online, all the things you need to know are compiled in this book. Yes! It’s too good to be true. You can not only find the different ways in which you can earn but also, learn how to choose these websites wisely.

Believe me online money making is not as complicated as you may think it is. With the tips and tricks provided in this book, you will start counting your money in no time. From beginners to professionals this book will guide you throughout your online career. Everything is given in a step by step manner which is so easy to understand.

So what are you waiting for? GET IT HERE.



What do you do when you have nowhere to go and when you have distanced yourself from all the people you love? What can you possibly do to overcome this situation? All these things are normal and common and have to be faced no matter what.

If you are reading this right now, you probably need some help to get over loneliness too. But hey! Well done you have already taken the first step to get over it. This book will lead you out of your loneliness in just a few days. Only when you understand your situation correctly you can try and solve it effectively.

What will you learn from this book?
• A clear understanding about loneliness
• How is it different from solitude
• In what stage of loneliness are you in?
• Reasons for your loneliness
• Ways in which you can overcome it
• Amazing tips that get you out of this situation in no time
• Being independent and brave
• Accepting and overcoming loneliness

In this book you can find some really important tips to help you get over your problems. Not only are these tips and tricks simple but they can easily followed. Further into this you will also find some useful rules or things to keep in mind when dealing with loneliness.

Whether you are lonely or you want to help a dear one out of this situation, this book provides all the useful information that you need to understand and deal with it .So read this book , find out how you can say bye to all your problems and make way for a new life and a new beginning. GET IT HERE.



Many a times you have to deal with certain workplace issues that cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Dealing with this kind of negativity at workplace becomes a routine for you. You may also find yourself in hopeless situations which affect both your personal life and career. In this situation, getting yourself out of it is very important and this book tells you exactly how to go about it.

Here are a few things that you can learn from this book:

• Understanding the need for positivity in our work places
• Smart tips to make the office hours fun
• Getting rid of negative situations
• Step by step ways to implement positivity in our lives
• Inspiring and motivating others into positivity
• Dealing with colleagues and bosses
• Basic guidelines to survive in any workplace.

All these above mentioned things plus a lot more is given in this book which will help you to handle any crisis in the office place. The most common office issues are touched upon including some great tips to handle them.

This book not only gives you different ways to sail through your office hours without getting into problems, but also focuses on key aspects such as developing a positive attitude, approaching your targets in a better way and lot more. GET IT HERE.

About the Author
Janet Curry is a lifestyle expert and Home Motivator. A Home Motivator is the Chief Executive Motivator, Happiness & Personal Transformation Officer for the home. Janet's specialty lifestyle advice in motivation,stress management, creativity,and happiness has helped to restore peace, destiny,and purpose to the lives of countless individuals.

As you might already figure, Janet really enjoys working closely with all things people. She also enjoys cooking and might just whip up a plate of sizzling aglio olio chili beef steak spaghetti if you're lucky enough to be invited to her home!

Flowers of Grace

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Teresa Hirst
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Little Forest Big Spring Press
Genre: Fiction

I LOVE that this story was based on a true account!

I, too, work in retail and was so inspired when the book touched on "customers trading brick and mortar stores for online shopping."

As Lilly and Grace showed -- the one thing online shopping cannot give you is the personal service.

But oh how sensitive that personal service can be affected by that person's personal experiences they are now experiencing.

Grace has just endured a broken engagement and the loss of a close employee.

She is trying to make friends with the other employees, however she is also the manager.

Were is that boundary?

When Lilly gives Grace a hibiscus plant, Grace decides to bring it to work that it might be a way to bring all the employees together with a common get the plant to bloom.

"The simple gift is more than a plant. 
When it blooms, so does she. 
But when it dies, she fears love will too."

Along the way personalities will clash, a wedding will happen, a birth will take place, a death will come, and a new store opening will push them all to reveal their true selves.

Powerfully told!
Filled with passionate emotions!
A book worth Reading!

About the Author
Teresa Hirst was born in Texas and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, with an imagination and creativity straight from the books she consumed in her childhood. She studied journalism at Brigham Young University and graduated with a bachelor of arts in communications. Teresa has worked for a newspaper, in public relations, and as a freelance writer and editor. Today, she observes and tells insightful stories--both nonfiction and fiction--that characterize our emotional experience with life.

Teresa is the author of Flowers of Grace, a novel inspired by a true story, released in February 2015. She also wrote Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis, a nonfiction book about twelve families who crossed the Great Recession with faith. Her writing specialties include nonfiction books, women's fiction, biography and interviews, blogging, news releases, and LDS people and topics.

Teresa lives in Minnesota with her husband and teenage children. She is a Mormon choosing faith and gratitude to cope with neuroendocrine cancer. She enjoys cooking, sentimental movies, Sunday afternoon walks, and great conversations.

Mar 28, 2015

The Cross Bearer

From the author of

The name Simon of Cyrene has been all but forgotten, his heroic tale lost to the ages.

Now, his story is being told—a powerful reminder of the faithful man who bore a terrible burden for the One who bore the sins of the world...Simon has long dreamed of celebrating Passover in Jerusalem. 

Yet the journey of a thousand miles seems impossible: Simon is crippled, and his beloved wife has been ravaged by a debilitating affliction. 

So when his sons arrange special passage to Jerusalem for Simon and his wife, the couple is overcome with joy and anticipation. 

It seems that an impossible dream is within reach...but their journey is fraught with unexpected perils, from deadly gales to dangerous thieves. 

As Simon's path intertwines with both friend and foe, each painful step he takes brings him closer to his destiny. 

More than a tale of physical hardship, intrigue, and deceit, The Cross Bearer is the story of one man's spiritual journey from nonbeliever to fearless crusader in the cause of Jesus Christ.

A PERFECT book to read before Easter


About the Author
E. James Harrison was born in Salt Lake City and developed an early love for and fascination with the great men and women of the Bible while sitting on his parents' couch and flipping through the pages of Bible Stories for Children.

An avid student of the scriptures, he's been teaching (some might say confusing) youth and adults as a Sunday School teacher for over twenty years and is apparently destined to continue doing so until he gets it right or dies, whichever comes first.

A marketing communications consultant, he holds a bachelor degree with emphasis in creative writing and has written countless articles, newsletters, advertisements, and commercials. He has authored dozens of book in his mind, but his is the first he has committed to paper.

When not putting words on paper for himself or others, Jim can be found flying airplanes or boating with his family.

He and his wife Deborah live in St. George, Utah and are the parent of two daughters.

Protect This

Prequel to the Tenderness and Terror series.
Only $0.99

With five female college students on the missing persons’ list, and the perpetrator still at large, Natasha is nervous about dating anyone.

But, it’s hard to say no to Tony, the hot graduate assistant she’s been drooling over all semester.

Too bad she’s not sure who to trust and all the men around her feel more like suspects than heroes.

When Natasha gets into trouble and the man that should have been the safest…turns out to be her worst nightmare, Natasha has no choice but to fight for her life and the man she almost gave up.

Blog This: Book 1 of Tenderness and Terror

Will protecting children throughout the world cost Natasha her own family?

Devastated by the loss of her brother, Natasha Senecot works to expose the dangers of Matthew Chrysler's violent video games, succeeding in bankrupting and humiliating him.

Chrysler retaliates and sends a hit man after her. Natasha is forced to fake her own death to protect her children, but after witnessing another tragedy, Natasha won't hide any longer.

In a race against time, can Natasha expose Matthew Chrysler before his assassin murders her family and shatters her world?

"Cami Checketts is a genius! She writes about topics that aren't widely discussed, in and out of books, and she does such a brilliant job of crafting these things into wonderful stories that touch your heart and remain with you for days afterwards.I sat down in the library and started reading this book, just for a little while. Three hours later the book was finished and I was regretting reading in such an open environment without at least 20 packets of tissues handy. There are so many emotions in this book, so many different layers of love and bravery and hope and I loved every moment of it!" Myra, Blogger, Pieces of Whimsy

Redeem This: Book 2 of Tenderness and Terror

Some men are beyond redemption. Alex is one of them.

After Alex Chakhota was blackmailed and manipulated into becoming a hit man to protect his sister, serving time as the FBI's assassin doesn't do much to ease his conscience. His next assignment brings him face to face with Brittany, a beautiful woman that believes he's more than the killer he's been made into. The road to redemption is long for someone with a blackened soul, and with lives hanging in the balance, Alex has a short deadline.

Detective Scott Bentley's days of law enforcement are behind him. When he's asked to host agents at his secluded ranch for an FBI sting operation, Scott cannot refuse. Ivy McMahon shows up with the team, and Scott gets more than he signed up for. Not only can she hack into the any computer system, she's found a way into Scott's heart. The trouble is that she's in protective custody and when the job ends, she'll disappear. Is redemption possible for those whose lives are scarred by the past?

Is redemption possible for those who lives are scarred by the past? With danger crowding close, not even love may have a chance to redeem before it's too late.

"This book was so good I couldn't put it down. I was fun to see so many characters from the first book, Blog This. I suggest you read that one the end of the first book you start to like Alex. Yet, you want to hate him for all he has done. This book is really his redemption. You fall in love with all the characters even Alex. It is fast paced excitement the whole way through and such a great story! I was glad to see both Scott and Alex get the chance for love that they didn't get in the first one. Cami is one of my favorite Authors and once again she writes a really great book!" Julia Lance, Reviewer, Book Reviewing Rocks

Mar 27, 2015

A Mother's Greatest Gift

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Heidi Poelman
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Inspiration

One of the things I have learned over the years is that your kids love you.

They may not like what you do sometimes...

But you are the perfect mom for them; for they were entrusted to you.

And when it all comes down to it, they love you simply for the fact that you are their mom.

We all know kids don't come with an owner's manual.

However, we have a far greater resource...

We have the Lord's help.

Our children are His children too...

And if we will but listen we can be guided and given insight in how to raise and help them.

"Personal stories, research, and interviews" are given in this wonderful book to help us:

* Understand the role of the Holy Ghost as it pertains to motherhood.

* Know how to hear and heed warnings.

* Realize that we do have angels among us.

* Exert patience when the Heavens seem silent.

* and More

"Relying on the Spirit as you raise your children
is a Mother's Greatest Gift"

Beautifully written you will be comforted, encouraged, and uplifted.

"How much influence can a mother have? I dare say more than a chief executive officer at a big company or an architect with brilliant building designs, or even more than the man who first walked on the moon. Although noble and impressive in the eyes of the world, their impact is limited. A mother's influence is eternal."

About the Author
Heidi Poelman was born in Provo, Utah. She lived in North Carolina, San Diego, London, and Mexico before planting her roots firmly back in the Beehive State. Heidi received her degrees in communication from Brigham Young University (BA) and Wake Forest University (MA). Her experience includes working in public relations for high-tech companies, helping college students fight global poverty, teaching families about nutritious food storage options, writing stories for children, and her favorite post as full-time Mom. Heidi is the author of A is for Abinadi: An Alphabet Book of Scripture Heroes as well as several stories published in The Friend magazine. Her biggest fans are her husband and three children.

Mar 26, 2015

House Divided w/ $25 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

House Divided (1)

House Divided 
by Jennifer Peel

There is a law irrevocably decreed in the state of Alabama that you must choose a team. You're either an Auburn fan...
 or an Alabama Fan. 

There is no fence sitting or waffling. It’s one or the other.

However, it doesn't mean that you can’t fall in love with someone from the opposing side.

They even have a name for it ... House Divided.

Ellie Eaton and Brady Jackson were just such a couple, but unfortunately they were separated by more than just their loyalty to a university.

Against the odds and against the rules, Ellie and Brady dove right into the forbidden current of friendship and then love.

Their sweet, innocent romance was one for the storybooks, but old rules and family prejudices ultimately tore them apart, just as they were each ready to depart to their beloved universities, Ellie to Auburn and Brady to Alabama.

But years later, when near tragedy strikes, they're brought together again and given a second chance at love, this time with help from some very unlikely sources.

House Divided is a sweet romance filled with southern charm, a dash of humor and, for good measure, a pinch of lies and intrigue.

Wait, Ellie."

"What, Brady?"

"Can we please talk?"

"I don’t think there’s anything else left to say, Brady."

"Ok, Ellie, but if you think I’m going to let you walk out of my life again without a fight, then you have another thing coming, so saddle up, Ella Lu Eaton."


"Goodnight, Ellie." And just like that he hung up.

He was on my ever living last nerve tonight. Well, you have another thing coming, Brady Jackson. "And by the way, I didn’t walk out of your life in the first place. You pushed me!" I don’t know why I said that out loud, it wasn’t like he could hear me.

I stomped up the stairs and took a long, hot bath. As I lay there soaking, I tried not to think of that fool. Who did he think he was, telling me to saddle up? Well, cowboy, you better hold on to your hat because I have no intention of losing this rodeo.

From the Author
I'm a Colorado native who currently calls Alabama home. I'm the mother of three amazing children who have grown up way too fast. I enjoy the mountains, vacations at the beach, date night with my husband, late night talks with my kiddos, touring model homes, and pink bubblegum ice cream. I grew up on the Western Slope in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I learned to love the beauty of the outdoors, but not camping--unless staying overnight at the Marriott counts. I met my husband while living in Denver and then several years later we traded the beauty and majesty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains for the art and culture of Chicago, Illinois. My family and I enjoyed living near this world class city, despite the crazy cold winters, but new adventures awaited in Northern Alabama--just six hours away from Orange Beach, Alabama. These three magical places (the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Chicago, and Orange Beach) are the inspired locations used in several of my books.

$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 

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Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Mar 25, 2015

Cover Reveal for Saving Marilee w/ $25 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

Coming May 1, 2015 
~ Saving Marilee ~ 
by Annette K. Larsen

Marriage wasn’t bliss—not for Marilee.

Instead of finding contentment with the handsome son of a sovereign duke, she found betrayal and neglect. And fear. A fear that finally lifts when her husband dies, freeing her from his domineering hand. But freedom alone can't give her peace, and she must battle to regain her love for life, rebuild her happiness, and reclaim the ability to trust. When her charming neighbor intrudes on her quiet life, offering his friendship (and a dog, of all things), she must determine whether his interest is genuine, whether he is a friend or foe, and whether he deserves the fragile bit of trust she has managed to scrape together.

Author Annette K. Larsen I was born in Utah, part of a crazy, fun family of nine. I grew up in Flagstaff, AZ and St. Louis, MO before striking out on my own college adventure in Virginia. I decided to try my hand at writing novels after I was married and living in Idaho. I write clean romance because it’s my favorite genre, but often difficult to find.

I have Charlotte Brontë to thank for the courage to write novels. After being bombarded with assigned reading about women who justified abandoning either their families or their principles in the name of love, I had the great fortune of reading Jane Eyre. And that was it: finally, a heroine who understood that being moral and making the right choice was hard, and sometimes it hurt, but it was still worth it. After rereading it several years later, I realized that if I wanted more books to exist with the kinds of heroines I admired, then I might as well write a few myself. My books are about women who face hard choices, who face pain and rejection and often have to face the reality of sacrificing what they want for what is right. The consequences are often difficult or unpleasant, but in the end, doing what’s right will always be worth it. I believe there is no substitute for good writing or good chocolate. Fortunately, one often leads to the other.
Cover Reveal Giveaway 
$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash 
Ends 4/8/15 
Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.
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Amazed by Grace

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Sheri Dew
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

How much do you know about Grace?

In this PHENOMENAL book, Sheri Dew answers these questions

* What is grace?
* What difference can grace make in our lives?
* How does the Savior make His power available to us?
* What must we do to gain access to that power?

Through some really touching stories and examples Sister Dew teaches us that "grace is an enabling power."

"The Savior empowers us with His grace, not because we've earned it, but because He loves us perfectly."

That sentence, right there, is enough to make this book worth reading!

But she goes on...

"Tender mercies are ALWAYS evidence that grace is present."

Have you had a tender mercy that made a difference in your life? Something that helped you endure a little longer?

Read and ponder this book to see how the Savior's grace makes it possible to face "fear, grief, insecurity, or an addiction."

Grasp on to that grace...

Grace, or the Savior's power, is available to us simply because "we live in the dispensation of the fulness of times, when no spiritual blessings are being withheld from the earth."

"The Lord is not saving up His grace or power for one dramatic display a the Final Judgment, nor is grace something that kids in at the end of an ordeal. It is there from the moment we exercise even a 'particle of faith' and ask for his help."

One final quote:

"The key to unlocking the power of covenant men and women is in covenant men's and women's learning to unlock the power of Jesus Christ."

There is SO MUCH in this book...I have barely touched the surface.

I add my witness that the Lord really does stand ready and willing and able to give us His grace.

Read this book to fully understand what grace is and how to access it.
It will change your life!

About the Author
Sheri Dew is a native of Ulysses, Kansas, and a graduate of Brigham Young University. She has authored several books, including the biographies of two presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Presidents Gordon B. Hinckley and Ezra Taft Benson. Her most recent books are God Wants a Powerful People and Saying It Like It Is. Sheri was named the president and CEO of Deseret Book Company in March 2002. She also serves as a member of both the BYU Marriott School of Management’s National Advisory Council and the President’s Leadership Council for BYU-Hawaii. In March 2003 the White House appointed her as a member of the U.S. Delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls at the United Nations.

Mar 24, 2015

This is Jesus

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Artist: J. Kirk Richards
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Art Book

This BEAUTIFUL book portrays Christ's life through pictures and scriptures.

From his teachings to the betrayal-

to his crucifixion to his resurrection-

to his visitations-

A sense of peace and reverence accompanies this book!

This book is one to be treasured and looked at often. The artwork was created exclusively for this book. The size is 11 x 11 for a cherished table-top display.

A PERFECT family book for Easter

About the Artist
Figurative artist J. Kirk Richards is known for his accomplishments as a painter of Judeo-Christian subject matter. While not all of his work is overtly religious, the majority of his themes stem from spiritual ideas and narratives. His paintings exhibit a love for the human figure, use of symbolism, and an emphasis on lyric composition. His original paintings can be found in private and public collections across the country.

Royal Date Book Blitz


Royal Date
by Sariah Wilson

This Cinderella didn’t plan on a prince . . .

Kat MacTaggart is a girl who has a plan for everything—including her holiday ski trip to Monterra with her best friend. Everything is going according to plan until she finds herself careening out of control down a mountainside and being rescued by a guy who looks like Superman’s hotter Italian cousin.

HRH Prince Nico is intrigued by the woman he saved on the slopes and her refusal to date him. He offers Kat a deal—let him show her his country and he’ll pay her to write articles that will help Monterra’s tourism industry. Kat agrees, but given her past and lingering distrust of men, she has one condition—absolutely no kissing.

Thanks to the claims of a jealous British noblewoman and the schemes of a meddling paparazzo, Kat’s rule doesn’t seem to be a problem at first. But the more Kat gets to know Nico and the people around him, the harder it is to remember her keep-your-distance plan. Should she stick to it or risk everything for a chance at happily ever after?

GET IT HERE for 50% off (offer ends 5/2) / ADD TO GOODREADS


a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author
Sariah Wilson has never jumped out of an airplane, never climbed Mt. Everest, and is not a former CIA operative. She has, however, been madly, passionately in love with her soulmate and is a fervent believer in happily ever afters--which is why she writes romance. She has published five happily ever after stories. She grew up in southern California, graduated from Brigham Young University (go Cougars!) with a semi-useless degree in history, and is the oldest of nine (yes, nine) children. She currently lives with the aforementioned soulmate and their four children in Utah, along with three tiger barb fish, a cat named Tiger, and a recently departed hamster that is buried in the backyard (and has nothing at all to do with tigers).

Book Excerpt
“A little light reading?” His accent was faint, and I couldn’t quite place it. Italian-ish. But I didn’t care enough to ask. I felt him standing next to my stuffed armchair, hovering, and sighed. What was it with European men? American guys didn’t give me the time of day. But over here I was like some kind of dude catnip.

I didn’t take my eyes off of my book. “Sorry, not interested.”

He moved away from me, sitting in an armchair next to mine. Well, I suppose this was what I got for hanging out in the lodge’s lobby. I should have stayed in my room until my best friend, Lemon, was ready to leave.

“You’re not interested in Shakespeare?” he asked. I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“I’m not interested in you.”

“Why not?” This guy just could not take a hint. I turned to look at him, ready to tell him off, and nearly choked.

Gorgeous was an understatement. Tall, athletic, high cheekbones, black hair, and blue eyes. Like Superman’s hotter Italian cousin. He was dressed for a day of skiing—a black turtleneck with an unzipped royal-blue winter coat. And he topped it off with a smile, a blinding, unbelievable smile that nearly did me in.

He leaned in conspiratorially, and I got a whiff of his cologne. He smelled as good as he looked. His glacier-blue eyes were full of intensity and fun, and I wanted to sit and stare into them all day. “I’ve been told I’m very charming.”

I didn’t doubt it. I would never have admitted it out loud, but I was very charmed. Like I was the snake and he was playing a hypnotizing tune that only I could hear.

And I didn’t like the way that made me feel.

Plus, I had to consider reality in this situation. No way could this guy really be hitting on me. He probably dated supermodels and I . . . didn’t date at all. Like, ever. He was so out of my league.

I’d never been so tongue-tied before. I was typically handy with the quips and comebacks. But I couldn’t respond. I had to look away from him and back at my book. The words on the page swam around in front of me, and I was unable to focus on a single one. I needed him to leave so I could regain my equilibrium. “Nothing personal. Italian men don’t do it for me.”

I was the lyingest liar who ever lied.

“How fortunate for me then that I am Monterran.” He had a deep, rumbly, smooth voice that felt like honey and laughter mixed together. I wasn’t immune, and he hadn’t been kidding. He really was disgustingly charming.

My mouth twitched, wanting to smile. I turned a page, pretending to be entranced. I was on Christmas break, I reminded myself. I was here in Monterra to ski with Lemon. It was the last time we would be together before getting our master’s degrees in a few months. I had priorities and plans, and SuperHottie was not on the list.

And if I were being truly honest—he kind of scared me. A guy like that would have expectations, and I wasn’t like other girls.

“I’m Nico, by the way.”

“That’s nice for you.”

But he again failed to parse out the subtext here (and I wasn’t being very subtextual). Short of blatantly telling him to get lost, what else could I do? Would I have to be rude? Because instead of realizing that I was a lost cause, he laughed. He laughed and it did funny things to my insides. I wanted to laugh with him. And crawl into his lap and beg him to be mine.

“And you are?” he prompted.

“Still not interested.” It was becoming a bigger lie as time passed. If some other guy had pursued me this way, I would have thought it was creepy and called for security to have him escorted off the mountain. Instead, I secretly hoped he would keep talking to me.

I thought he’d finally gotten the message as an entire minute of silence passed between us before he reached over to look at my book’s spine to see the title. I gulped in response—his hands were large and masculine, and I wondered how his long fingers would feel interlaced with mine.

I shook my head and let out a shaky breath. I had gone seriously crazy. Like jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch crazy.

“Macbeth? I would have guessed Romeo and Juliet.”

I couldn’t help myself. I had to look at him. “Two fifteen-year-olds who kill themselves in the name of love after only knowing each other for three days? No thanks.”

That smile. He was killing me. “You don’t find it romantic?”

“I don’t find anything romantic about suicide.”

“You don’t think love at first sight is romantic?” he persisted.

I’d never believed such a thing possible before this moment, but now I was sort of getting where Romeo had been coming from. Nico was literally the most handsome man I’d ever met in real life. If anyone could convince me to believe in love at first sight, he was the guy.

“Nope,” I finally managed. He smiled like he didn’t believe me.

“Nico! Andiamo!”

Nico looked over his shoulder at a group of guys who were waving and calling out to him. He shouted something back to them, and they headed out the door, hooting and hollering as they went.
He stood up. He was taller than I’d first thought. Yummy tall. Way taller than me tall, and that wasn’t easy to find. “How long will you be in Monterra?”

It was such a personal question my gut reaction was to tell him to mind his own business, but to my surprise, I found myself saying, “For the next couple of weeks.”

“May I see your phone?”

I didn’t actually own a cell phone. I could barely afford food.

“No phone, and I’m not phone adjacent.”

Nico smiled again, and I wanted to melt into my chair. He reached inside his coat, pulled out a small white business card, and handed it to me. “If you do ever find yourself adjacent to a phone while you’re here, please call. I would love to take you to dinner before you leave.”

When I reached out he took my hand and turned it over, leaning down to kiss my knuckles. A lightning arc exploded inside my hand and zoomed around my entire body, all the way down to my toenails. I might have gasped, but I decided to pretend that I would never do something so lame.

He straightened back up to put the card in my shaking hand, closing my fingers around it. “I look forward to your call,” he said as he walked backward toward the exit. “Ciao, bella.”

He left and it took my eyes a second to adjust. Like I’d been staring at the sun and now had third-degree burns on my retinas. Who did that? Who just kissed people’s hands like that? This wasn’t the fifteenth century. So weird. And exciting. But weird.

The business card was white and thick. Obviously expensive. There was only a series of numbers, presumably his telephone number. I flipped the card over. Blank. Who had a card without a name on it? Just their phone number?

I’d tell you who. A guy who kissed your hand.

I closed my book and put it on the coffee table in front of me. I looked at the card again, turning it over a couple of times as I considered my decision.

I didn’t need this while I was here. And I couldn’t let Lemon see it or she’d hogtie me and force me to call him. I was here to relax, forget about my school troubles, and enjoy time with my best friend. Boys were not part of the equation.

A massive fire burned in the fireplace across the room. Decision made, I walked over and before I could change my mind, threw the card into the fire.

And informed myself that I absolutely, totally and completely did not regret it.

Mar 23, 2015

The Quantum Deception

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Denver Acey
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Suspense

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this series!

In The Quantum Breach we watched Tanner get kidnapped and forced to hack into the newly developed quantum computer.

Now he is fully sanctioned to use the quantum computer to thwart cyber attacks.

This book opens up with a scene of a woman taking down the plane that Tanner was suppose to be on.

His partner was on that plane...

Why would someone want to take out these two computer specialists?

Because they are THE VERY BEST at what they do!

Using all of his computer skills Tanner uncovers "an ingenious Chinese computer virus" that is soon to be put into play "destroying the financial data of everyone in America."

He has mere days to stop the attack.

But someone is determined to stop him before he puts all the pieces together.

"The FBI Suburban was already waiting for Tanner in the parking lot. He ran up to it just as the rear passenger door opened from the inside. Tanner jumped in and closed the door before realizing the woman sitting next to him wasn’t Agent Heywood. It was Reina, dressed in a blonde wig and wearing Sara’s clothes. 

It took Tanner a moment to realize that he was [once again] being kidnapped."


Makes you really think about what someone could really do with a computer program!

About the Author
Few people understand the terrifying, yet realistic threat of computer hacking like Denver Acey. Denver has spent his entire professional career in the information technology industry where he has witnessed and even thwarted actual cybercrime. From his top-secret job working for the US government to securing computer networks at Fortune 500 companies, Denver is personally familiar with hackers and their unscrupulous activities.

But over the years, Denver has become increasingly frustrated with Hollywood’s inaccurate portrayal of cybercrime. Hackers are more intelligent and more sophisticated than simple teenagers, who guzzle down Mountain Dew while playing video games. Cybercrime is a billion-dollar business that encompasses organized crime and foreign governments. For these elite hackers, the fruits of success are iconic trademarks, innovative patents, and government secrets.

Because of his unique background, Denver decided to write a book to dispel hacking myths while highlighting the tenacity of cybercriminals. Utilizing actual computer hacking concepts and scenarios that he has experienced firsthand, Denver illustrates — in a simple way for even the non-techie to understand — how vulnerable we all are to cybercrime.

Mar 20, 2015

Tell Me About It, Sister!

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Andrea Faulkner Williams
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Self-Help / Inspiration


After Andrea returned from her own mission she found it difficult to merge her 'before mission' and 'after mission' concepts of what she should be...

She noticed that other return sister missionaries were struggling too.

So she interviewed over 200 return sister missionaries and created this guide to help with the adjustment period.

You will read about topics such as:

* Overcoming Physical Culture Shock
* Overcoming Emotional Culture Shock
* Hottie with an RSM Body
* Back in the Dating Game
* Andrea's Guide to Love
* Did the Spirit Break Up with Me?
* Keeping the Flame Alive
* Called To Serve
* Taking the Focus off of You
* Bumps in the Road
* Three Steps to Finding Your Future
* Does it Have to End?

Filled with SO MANY stories and helps and self-assessment quizzes.

There are journal-prompt pages too!

Grab a copy for every return sister missionary you know!

In fact, grab a copy for every woman you know...there are ideas in there that ALL of us need to work on!


About the Author

Andrea Faulkner Williams is a writer, marketer, wife, mother, and returned sister missionary. She served in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission as well as the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Latin American Studies, she currently works from home as a social media strategist, and serves as The Young Women’s President in her ward.

Mar 19, 2015

Peter Pan

Coming Soon 
by Jenni James

Peter Pan needs help, and he's convinced the effervescent Wendy Darling is just the girl to champion his cause. Ever since the mischievous fairy Tinker Bell began recruiting—more like, snatching—boys from London's orphanages to take them to a magical place called Neverland, things have gotten out of hand. Captain Hook has only become more violent and the boys more lost as their memories of life before Neverland begin to fade. Peter's only hope is to get the boys back to England and help bring balance to Neverland before Hook's dangerous escapades kill them all.

Wendy is not quite certain why such a handsome young man would need her—especially a lad who clearly has a touch of madness in him. What boy learns to fly? But whatever the reason, home life has become too much for her now that her parents are hoping she marries an acquaintance she can barely abide. There is something about Peter Pan that intrigues her greatly, and then there is this magical world he talks about, this Neverland . . .


Real Moms

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Lisa Valentine Clark
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

If you have seen Lisa in Pretty Darn Funny you know that she is DYNAMIC!
Below is one of my most favorite episodes!

Now Lisa shares with us her take on REAL MOMS.

I LOVE how she states in the Introduction:

"Every mom should write a book on motherhood, and every mom could. We all have those special moments when the ridiculous happens and we look around wondering, why aren't there cameras recording all of this? We all find ourselves in situations no one could prepare us for--or, if they tried, we wouldn't have believed such things could happen to us."

We as mother's tend to compare our worst weakness to another mother's strength.

Lisa suggests that we "lower the bar so all moms can be awesome."

We need to let go of perfectionism and understand that we do a lot of "improvising" as Lisa so wonderfully writes...

"I didn’t have gold shoes, and I didn’t have time to go shopping, but I thought I could just spray-paint some heels I owned that I never really wore. I spray-painted them and tried them out for three hours at church where they held up perfectly. I felt pretty good about myself...congratulating myself for my frugality and my foresight for testing them out"...and then the gold started to peel off, in big chunks, leaving big splotches of pink during her very important red-carpet premier--
 (see picture on cover of book :)

Lisa shares fun stories of her love of improvisation and shows that there are a lot of parallels between that and of being a mother.

Filled with humors "acting stories," and "mom stories" and "side rants" this book is PERFECT for mothers everywhere.

Stop trying to be a perfect mom and rejoice in being a REAL MOM

Let us celebrate the uniqueness!

Let us embrace the differences!

Let us encourage the sharing of triumphs...and tragedies!

The best things we can do... is to do the best that we can do...and laugh along the way!

Read the entire book or just a few chapters.

There are stories in here that you will smile at, relate to, and most of all will want to share.

Grab a copy for a MOM that you love, including yourself!

About the Author
Lisa Valentine Clark graduated with a B.S. in English from Brigham Young University. 

She was part of the sketch/comedy troupe "The Garrens" in Provo from 1995 to 2000, and co-founded the theater-as-improv troupe "The Thrillionaires." 

She has done a variety of voiceover and acting work in independent features, including "Gracie" in the award-winning webseries Pretty Darn Funny," which she also writes and produces. 

Lisa spends most of her time in Provo with her husband, Christopher Clark. 

They are the parents of five children who seem to make up a unique comedy troupe all their own.


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