Mar 28, 2015

The Cross Bearer

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The name Simon of Cyrene has been all but forgotten, his heroic tale lost to the ages.

Now, his story is being told—a powerful reminder of the faithful man who bore a terrible burden for the One who bore the sins of the world...Simon has long dreamed of celebrating Passover in Jerusalem. 

Yet the journey of a thousand miles seems impossible: Simon is crippled, and his beloved wife has been ravaged by a debilitating affliction. 

So when his sons arrange special passage to Jerusalem for Simon and his wife, the couple is overcome with joy and anticipation. 

It seems that an impossible dream is within reach...but their journey is fraught with unexpected perils, from deadly gales to dangerous thieves. 

As Simon's path intertwines with both friend and foe, each painful step he takes brings him closer to his destiny. 

More than a tale of physical hardship, intrigue, and deceit, The Cross Bearer is the story of one man's spiritual journey from nonbeliever to fearless crusader in the cause of Jesus Christ.

A PERFECT book to read before Easter


About the Author
E. James Harrison was born in Salt Lake City and developed an early love for and fascination with the great men and women of the Bible while sitting on his parents' couch and flipping through the pages of Bible Stories for Children.

An avid student of the scriptures, he's been teaching (some might say confusing) youth and adults as a Sunday School teacher for over twenty years and is apparently destined to continue doing so until he gets it right or dies, whichever comes first.

A marketing communications consultant, he holds a bachelor degree with emphasis in creative writing and has written countless articles, newsletters, advertisements, and commercials. He has authored dozens of book in his mind, but his is the first he has committed to paper.

When not putting words on paper for himself or others, Jim can be found flying airplanes or boating with his family.

He and his wife Deborah live in St. George, Utah and are the parent of two daughters.


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