May 16, 2014

His Holy House

Book Details
Author/Artist: Robert A. Boyd
Release Date: 2014
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Art

This book is BEAUTIFUL!

About the Author/Artist
For ten years Robert A. Boyd has been creating images of temples around the world in a unique fine-art style. A professional photographer for nearly twenty years, Robert traveled the world photographing for clients, when one day his mother-in-law expressed her longing for a beautiful picture of the temple, and suggested that he should use his talents to photograph the temple in his artistic style. As soon as he began to try this it seemed as if new, beautiful scenes were now waiting for him every time he went to photograph. Robert hopes to share his feelings of the beauty of the temple as he strives to illuminate his photographs with peace, light and balance. He lives in Utah with his wife, Eleah, and their five children.

And now you can enjoy page after page of his stunning photos!

Look how GORGEOUS! 

Click on the pictures to make them even bigger :)

Nearly 60 temples located in the United States and Canada are depicted in a variety of settings and seasons.

Inspirational scriptures are scattered throughout the book...

Wait until you see the temple highlighted by fireworks or a display of flags..

And there is an incredible shot of a temple during wintertime...WOW!

One of my favorite pages is the two-page spread of temple spires with the majestic angel Moroni atop each one...

Or the two-page spread of the Salt Lake Temple shrouded in fog...inspiring!

Open this book to bring your heart and mind to the temple...

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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