Oct 31, 2019

A Different Kind of Strong

by Daniel L. Trotter

Daniel Trotter began a forty-day fast. He was consumed by the question and desperate to know, what do I do? After thirty days in the wilderness, God sent him home with an answer. It was, “Come back to Me.”

For decades, Daniel was held in thrall to addiction and depression. He had friends, but life had lost all meaning. During a radical fast, Daniel encountered God – and great temptation. 

Afterward, he lost his wife, and his home, but he gained a new perspective – God’s. He went back to school and graduated with honors. 

God blessed him with a remarriage to someone who understands his heart and shares his faith. He has found peace and purpose. Daniel found freedom in God’s love and in following God and living according to his precepts. 

Daniel’s memoir will show you how God can heal every physical, mental and emotional hurt and help you to become whole.

My Thoughts
This book is so compelling and so good! With a great deal of bravery, the author bares his life for all to read. He has walked a path of darkness, yet after many years has turned to the light. His "fast" is an incredible story in and of itself. I admire him for having the fortitude to follow through. I think everyone needs to read this story. It is a powerful reminder that addictions are real but God can heal anything if we "come back to [Him]." I LOVED IT!

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Oct 29, 2019

The Angel of Grey Garden

by Anita Stansfield

Samuel Blackwood will never love again. Following the untimely death of his wife, the grieving Earl of Grey Manor knows there will never be room in his heart for another. Yet, in spite of his reluctance to seek a wife, Samuel knows his children need a mother. A garden party at the estate gives him the perfect opportunity to meet the local young ladies who might fill that role in his children's lives. Everyone is in attendance—everyone, that is, except one gentle young woman . . .

Constance Wright has endured whispers and horrified stares her entire life. Rejected by strangers for her appearance, she's grown accustomed to a sequestered existence in her parents' cottage on the vast grounds of Grey Manor. So when a party invitation arrives from the manor, there is no question—she refuses to attend.

Determined to meet his missing party guest, Samuel quickly finds himself drawn to Constance, a lovely woman with an unconventional appearance. Her sweet nature and immediate camaraderie with his children slowly begin to break down his defenses. Despite himself, he can see a future with Constance—but is he prepared to give her the love she deserves?

My Thoughts
I completely adored this book! It was especially intriguing how Samuel and Constance came together and the interaction between Constance and Samuel's children is so heart-warming. The theme of the "angel in the garden" is inspiring. So many wonderful moments! I highly recommend this book! I LOVED IT!

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Oct 25, 2019

Glass Slippers, Ever After and Me

by Julie Wright

When aspiring author Charlotte Kingsley finally gets published, she thinks all her dreams have come true. But the trouble begins when her publicity firm reinvents her quirky online presence into a perfectly curated dream life. Gone are the days of sweatpant posts and ice cream binges with her best friend, Anders, replaced instead with beautiful clothes, orchestrated selfies, and no boyfriend. Only, that carefully curated fairy tale life is ruining her self-esteem and making her feel like a fraud.

When a bestselling author takes Charlotte under her wing—almost like a fairy godmother—she helps Charlotte see the beautiful person she already is and the worth of being authentic. But is it too late to save her relationship with Anders? The clock is quickly ticking towards midnight, and Charlotte must decide between her fairy tale life and the man she loves, before he's gone forever.

My Thoughts
I completely adored this book! I love fairy tale twists and this was SO GOOD! I loved the inspirations of the "Cinderella advice" found at the beginning of each chapter-- those are SO FUN! The story line is captivating and kept me reading long past midnight :)

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Oct 21, 2019

A Candle in the Window DVD

based on the book by Michele Ashman Bell
Darin Southam (Actor), John Lyde (Director)

"Papa, would it be okay if we put a candle in the window so Mama can find her way home?"

John's family is struggling to face Christmas without his loving wife. However, six-year-old Emily is full of faith.

Even though her older sisters try to gently lower her expectations, the young girl truly believes her mother will visit on Christmas Eve. In fact, she is so certain her mother will come that she puts a candle in the window to guide her mother on her journey home.

Before she passed away, their mother made sure the most cherished holiday traditions would still be there—beautiful handmade dresses, new patent-leather shoes, and a lovingly crafted doll for little Emily. But on the way to a Christmas Eve celebration, the doll is lost, and Emily is heartbroken. Emily—and her grieving sisters—need their mother more than ever.

Inspired by true events, A Candle in the Window is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones never leave us and prayers really do get answered—especially when you have the faith of a child.

My Thoughts
I love this story and am glad it is now a movie. I adore that it is "inspired by true events." That makes the story even more tender. May we all have faith to acknowledge the miracles that surround us daily. Everyone needs to watch this movie.

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Based on the book by Michele Ashman Bell

Oct 15, 2019

The Last Man at the Inn

by R. William Bennett

Bestselling author R. William Bennett imagines how a contemporary of Jesus, Simon, an ordinary spice merchant and a Jew without deeply felt religious beliefs, begins his lifelong journey as one of the first new Christians as his life intersects with Jesus at the major milestones of his life and ministry.

From the very beginning, Simon is on the scene on the eve of Jesus birth. He is the last man to get an available room at the inn in Bethlehem, forcing Joseph and Mary to be turned away upon their arrival. Later that night, unable to sleep, Simon stumbles upon a group huddled around a cave, solemnly watching the miracle of a newborn babe in a stone manger and immediately recognizes the couple from the inn. Gazing upon the scene, he feels something of spiritual significance: peaceful, holy, sacred. The next day, he hears rumors in the marketplace of a holy birth which is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy: the promised Messiah of the Jewish people. Simon wonders if that was what he witnessed.

As readers, we walk with Simon as he witnesses Jesus revolutionary teachings like the Sermon on the Mount. Simon also hears testimonies of Jesus miracles, and watches his own eldest son embrace the new covenant after witnessing John baptize Jesus, an act which signals the beginning of Jesus' ministry, which paves the way for a new people of God.

Simon feels blessed to have his family, but he doesn't understand why others are searching for deeper faith and connection to God. Still questioning and unsure, he spends his life determined to find out if Jesus truly is the son of God, the promised Messiah. Eventually, Simon travels to Jerusalem as the popularity of Jesus ministry catches the attention of those in power.

By the time he arrives in Jerusalem, he discovers that Jesus has been tried and convicted of treason in a Roman court and is sentenced to death by crucifixion. After a life of following Jesus from a distance, Simon is now walking the streets of Jerusalem with him. At a critical moment, Simon steps out from the crowd to help Jesus ease the burden of carrying the cross, symbolically pledging himself to ease the burden of humankind by spreading the word of Jesus as a new true Christian believer.

In the aftermath of Jesus death, Simon s family thinks that the new ministry is now over. But it s a true test of faith believing in the certainty of what is unseen and in a week s time, Jesus s followers encounter him risen from the dead. In this moment of Jesus' resurrection, Simon is ready. His faith, built steadily on the bedrock of Jesus teachings love of God and love of one s neighbor moves him to dedicate himself to a new mission, declaring, We have work to do.

My Thoughts
I LOVED this book! One man's journey to seek and find Jesus took me on my own journey to strengthen my devotion to my Savior. This is a perfect book, especially as we start the "holiday season." I highly recommend this one! It is a must-read for everyone!

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Oct 14, 2019

Mistaken Reality

by Traci Hunter Abramson

Hadley Baker can't believe her boyfriend finally invited her on a fancy hotel dinner date only to break up with her in public. Even more unbelievable is the moment FBI Agent JD Byers finds her crying in the women's restroom and demands she evacuate. Seconds after JD ushers Hadley outside, an explosion shatters the building. Could her life be any more disastrous?

JD didn't anticipate seeing Hadley, the beautiful schoolteacher, again after he saved her from the hotel attack. But soon after her ex-boyfriend became a lead suspect in the hotel bombing case, the man turned up dead—and now it seems that Hadley herself is a target. Determined to keep her safe, JD shelters Hadley as they join forces to put together the pieces of the perplexing case. When they discover the horrifying truth behind her exboyfriend's nefarious work, Hadley realizes her life is far from the only one being threatened. Countless others are in danger, and she and JD might hold the key to saving them.

My Thoughts
I am an avid fan of Traci Hunter Abramson and read everything she writes. I love the action and suspense with just a tickle of romance that she always writes about. You will come to love Hadley and JD and will be totally enthralled with the crime they are so desperately trying to stop. I loved it!

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Oct 12, 2019

The Traveler and the Heavy Burden

by Deborah Rowley and Sarah Newell

Others would have given up long ago with burdens such as yours, but you are here. If only you could see the distance you have traveled. Know this: your journey was not without purpose. You shall see.

The road is immense, stretching as far as the eye can see. Among the countless individuals making their way ahead, a lone woman slowly presses forward, carrying a load far too heavy to bear. With no one with whom to share her burden, she yearns to reach the end of her painful journey. Just when she is ready to give up, the miracles begin.

An act of kindness. A word of encouragement. A reminder of her worth. Buoyed by the assistance of compassionate strangers along the path, the woman finds the strength to continue her journey until she finds the One who can offer her greater peace and acceptance than she has ever dreamed possible.

For those seeking respite from the pains and heartache of life, this profound tale of one broken traveler's journey is a powerful reminder of the love of the King of Kings, who is waiting with open arms to offer strength, love, and relief.

My Thoughts
This book is beautiful in both message and illustrations! If you, or someone you know, feels helpless, hopeless, worthless, weakness, fear, loneliness, or shame then this book will help! Allow this book to lift some of your burdens. I LOVED IT and will be reading it again and again!

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Oct 8, 2019

Secrets and Suitors

by Joanna Barker

Reluctantly returning to London for yet another Season, shy Nora Hamilton has nearly given up hope that she will ever find the love match she longs for. After all, the one man she does harbor feelings for—her closest friend, James—has made it perfectly clear he views her as just that: a friend. With James traveling half a world away and Nora's father pressuring her to marry for wealth and status, Nora is forced to set aside her desire for love and accept the future she has always dreaded.

Until James returns unexpectedly and Nora's feelings once again rush unbearably close to the surface. Determined to save what is left of their friendship, Nora ignores her own heart and allows herself to be swept up in the London Season, soon finding herself the object of two very different gentlemen's affections. Though she should be thrilled, both men come with a glaring fault: neither is the one man who holds her heart.

But there is much more at stake than heartbreak. When long-kept secrets are laid bare, Nora must face the fears that have plagued her all her life and decide what true love is worth.

My Thoughts
I adore Regency period romance novels. They are fun and full of things from times gone by. They speak of love in a whole different way than it is today--which captures my heart. I loved that Nora was willing to do her parent's wishes, yet in the end, she was strong enough to "decide what true love is worth." I completely recommend this book!

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About the Author
​Joanna Barker was born and raised in northern California. She discovered her love for historical fiction after visiting England as an eleven-year-old, and subsequently read every Jane Austen book she could get her hands on. After graduating Brigham Young University with a degree in English, she worked as an acquisitions editor before devoting herself full-time to writing. She enjoys music, chocolate, and reading everything from romance to science fiction. She lives in Utah and is just a little crazy about her husband and two wild-but-loveable boys.

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