Aug 31, 2012

Trial of the Heart

Jamie just received an inheritance of  a wine vineyard from the late Mrs. Walden, but she does not drink wine and does not want to be responsible for any drunk drivers.

So, she is trying to turn the vineyard into something else.

Mrs. Walden's family is fighting for the vineyard.

But the unthinkable has happened...Jamie and one of Mrs. Walden's grandsons start to like each other...

This book is so much more that a sweet romance.

It looks into the idea of can you marry for just love alone or does there need to be more?

Should you marry someone with idea of being able to change them AFTER you are married?

Can you love someone for who they are even if some of the things they do are not of your same values?

A lot of laughs and plenty of tears bring this book into your heart.

Aug 30, 2012

Emeralds and Espionage


While reading this book I kept disappearing on my husband....

When he finally found me he would say "what are you doing?"

And I had to admit that I was reading about Bart and Allison...(sigh)

Every time I would tell him "Just one more chapter..."

But each chapter ending always leaves you of course you need to read "just one more chapter."

This is an amazing story that is so good, and filled with so much suspense, it leaves you wanting even more.

Once you start this series you will want them all!

The Rent Collector w/ Book Giveaway


Book Details
Author: Camron Wright
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Genre: Historical Fiction

This book is one of those amazing, 
change-your-life, kind of stories!

A woman, (Sang Ly), living in a dump, wants to learn how to read so she can better herself and her family's situation.

Who can teach her? The one who sharply demands the rent each month.

Over the course of time these two women learn a lot about each other and the world of literature.

Sang Ly discovers things she can do for herself without having to ask anyone which bus to take, or where the doctor's office is, or how to better her family life.

She also discovers a side of the "rent collector" that no one else ever knew.

As I was reading I realized how much I take reading for granted.

How blessed we are...those of us who LOVE to have the whole world at our fingertips...even if we sometimes read to escape where we are in life.

This book is based on a true story!

Shadow Mountain has graciously offered a 
BOOK GIVEAWAY for My Readers :)
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About the Author
Camron Wright was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a master’s degree in Writing and Public Relations from Westminster College.

He has owned several successful retail stores, in addition to working with his wife in the fashion industry, designing for the McCall Pattern Company in New York.

He currently works in public relations, marketing and design.

Camron began writing to get out of attending MBA School at the time and it proved the better decision. Letters for Emily was a “Readers Choice” award winner, as well as a selection of the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild. In addition to North America, Letters for Emily was published in several foreign countries.

Camron lives with his wife, Alicyn, in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City, at the base of the Wasatch mountains. He is the proud father of four children.

(A review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

Aug 29, 2012

Bad Apple

This is such a cute book!

This book is just a good read in and of itself, but it can also teach a child about friendship, an added bonus.

Cute illustrations make this a must read!

Aug 28, 2012

River Whispers

This book has so many twist and turns you don't know "who did it" until the very end...SO GOOD!

A small town with a mystery... and the one being framed must help clear her name.

A little romance along the way makes it all the better.

Winning Mr. Wrong

by Marie Higgins

They need to make a movie from this book!


Girl trying to get guy...

Other guy trying to get girl by helping girl get first guy...

I won't spoil the ending...but...

If you want romance with a good splattering of humor...

This book is for you!


About the Author
Marie Higgins is a multi-published author of romance; from refined bad-boy heroes who makes your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. Visit her website / blog to discover more about her -

Becoming His

Emily Freeman has a way with teaching that is SO AMAZING!
In this new release she teaches us how to be a better disciple of Christ by helping us learn to: 

Become More,
Become Willing,
Become a Builder,
Become Who You Might Have Been,
Become Refined,
Become His Instrument,
Become Drawn to Him,
Become a True Follower,
Become a Succorer of Many,
Become His Warrior,
Become His Witness,
Become Holy
This is a book you will read all at once because it is that good.

And then you will read it again, this time slowly, putting into practice these teachings.

Aug 27, 2012

Janitors: Secrets of New Forest Academy

Book Details
Author: Tyler Whitesides
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Genre: Middle Fantasy

This book is just as good as the first book was!
Such a GOOD series!
Definitely one of the BEST!

Spencer and Daisy have done a pretty good job at keeping the school clean of toxites...

But now they are on the run from the BEM.

Can the new school protect them?

Some fun new janitorial tools are introduced in this book.

A FUN FUN read for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Good "clean" fun!

Click HERE to read my review of book 1, Janitors


About the Author
Tyler Whitesides has always loved telling stories. Growing up, he was even willing to do extra housework if his mom would type his stories on the computer. He must have spent a lot of time cleaning the house, because he wrote a whole book about janitors.

Tyler enjoys cooking on the barbecue, spending time in the mountains, and vacuuming. He has worked as a music teacher, firework shooter, taste tester, and janitor. He lives in Logan, Utah, with his wife, Connie, who teaches 3rd grade.

Don't Wake the Bear

Do we sometimes misjudge the way a person is going to react to us?

All the forest animals are afraid of waking the bear...
But when it happens he is not grumpy like they thought, he is actually excited to join the party.

Cute illustrations!

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Cutest book ever!

In the middle of the night a very young boy takes care of monsters and their hair-care needs!

Really fun pictures!


A very personal story of one man's journey as finds out what is truly important in life.

As a columnist Jerry Johnston has had an amazing life and has worked with some amazing people.

I was a little disappointed that he didn't elaborate more about being the prodigal and his journey home.

He spends most of the book talking about his career and the heart attack that changes his outlook on life.

Still a really good story!

Northanger Alibi

What a fun book!

A little Jenni...a little Twilight...a little Jane Austin...

This book takes an amazing twist from Twilight...into the thoughts of MANY teenage girls as they see their own Edwards in everyday life...

Cute ending as love prevails all!

Aug 26, 2012

Pride & Popularity

I LOVE the title of this book!

Can Chloe get past her PRIDE?

Can Taylor get past his POPULARITY?

Isn't it amazing how we judge so harshly and believe all that is said without knowing all of the facts?

Taylor is just trying to do what he thinks is it is Chloe's turn to work through all of the information she has been given to find the truth.

We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub

I came across this book a long time ago...

They eat dinner in the bathtub because they sleep in the dinning room...

They sleep in the dinning room because they cook in the bedroom...


So cute!

Young and old will love this tale!

Code Word

I LOVE the Saint Squad!
So many fun twists and turns...a definite page turner!

Can Jay get past a terrible mishap?

Can the Saint Squad protect someone from the mafia?

It will take the entire team to work out this story!

Written as only Traci Hunter Abramson won't want to miss out on this one :)

Not Your Average Fairy Tale

What a fun story...

A BOY fairy godmother who is trying to GET RID of his wings...

And his "assigned" girl who doesn't want his help...

Together they learn what they truly want...but along the way they have some very funny moments.

Turning Pages

This book is FUN on so many different levels...

Loss, love, bantering, library-saving, book-reading, humor, etc.

Can Addie save the library, her family and find the healing she needs to find beauty in the world again?

A quick read because you can't put it down!

Family By Design

What a sweet book!

Can you marry for something other than love?

But does the love of a child count?

When children are involved maybe love is what conquers all!

Secret Sisters

What a FUN book!

A Relief Society Presidency takes their callings seriously as they try to help the Bishop and the families in their ward.

With the help of a nephew and a niece they catch the bad guys and save the day!

Dead Running

I really, really liked this book!

Page one already grabs you with the suspense!

Along the way you will find humor and romance and even more suspense...

Then you will be "running" right along with Cassidy as she trains for her marathon...

But is she "running" to the right person for help OR "running" away from the wrong person who is trying to hurt her and her family....

Twists and turns keep you guessing...

A quick read...because you can't put it down!

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