May 31, 2017

Winds of Change w/ GIVEAWAY

A review copy was provided

by Jean Holbrook Mathews 

I always like to read about amazing people who do amazing things, like cross land and sea for something they believe in. I often wonder if I could have done it like they did. 

This book really brought out that getting to the Salt Lake Valley wasn't the end of their troubles and trials--I have never really thought about that--

But, along with the trials also comes many blessings when one does those things they believe to be right.

Very well written! I highly suggest this book!

The year is 1854, and change is in the air throughout India. Within the walls of her grand home in Calcutta, Sarah McCune anxiously awaits the future. After eighteen months at war, her husband, a sergeant in the Bengal Army of the East India Company, has made an extraordinary proposal: leave all the comforts of their life in Asia for an unknown future in America. As recent converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sarah and her husband are drawn to the promise of Zion. So, despite their fears regarding the dangerous voyage before them, they and their four children embark on a journey of faith that will test the limits of their conviction and define generations to come. This breathtaking saga, based on the historical journals of one Latter-day Saint family, invites readers to experience the sacrifices and perils of these early pioneers as they faithfully seek a land of promise.

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May 30, 2017

Love, Kennedy


If you loved the movies 
from T.C. Christensen 
you are in for a treat with his upcoming release 
- in theaters throughout Utah on Friday, June 2 -

Film Synopsis:
LOVE, KENNEDY tells the inspirational true story of Kennedy Hansen, a funny, loving young woman whose health suddenly begins to fail. It takes years to find the cause – Juvenile Batten Disease – an extremely rare, horrible and inevitably terminal diagnosis. After living only 16 short years, Kennedy leaves behind an incredible legacy of love and friendship. But her story doesn’t end with her passing, it’s only then the true miracles really begin.

Message from Jason Hansen (Kennedy’s dad)

In life, we all have a story. Some stories are happy, some are sad, some are long and some are short. It is human nature to treat our life as a story book full of different chapters that portray our lives. Our family’s story began with a dream. A dream that was given to me that all now makes sense. In that dream, I was shown my family, my story and what was to come. Unfortunately, part of our dream and a chapter in our life was losing our beloved Kennedy. Yet, through losing her, we also gained her. We gained her through so much more of understanding that when hard things come, you can be positive, you can be loving, understanding and provide an array of love to all of those around you. Those hard things have proven to allow us to grow as a family and share. Share the deepest parts of our souls and the hardest parts of our minds and hearts.


Kennedy’s story could not just be shared by anyone, it needed to be shared by someone who would not be afraid to tell the truth about her life. What really happened throughout her life and what she really believed. T.C. Christensen is that someone. He took to heart the rawness, reality and true life story of Kennedy, our family and the experiences that we endured. He spent time reading, pondering, questioning and asking. He did nothing hasty, yet everything perfectly. He wanted to make sure, that if he was going to tell her story, that the most important parts were shared. And guess what? He did that!

Message from T.C. Christensen

I'm drawn to faith-based true stories. The life of Kennedy Hansen touched me when I was first introduced to her story. This beautiful young woman trusted God’s plan even when those around her questioned why Kennedy had to endure such trails. Before writing the script, I had the opportunity to read through hundreds of journal entries, with the turning of each page, I began to understand her personality. She was kind, compassionate, funny, teased, loved cheerleading, had faith, adored boys (especially Jaden), uplifted those around her, and had great family support including a funny little brother. We had the honor of filming Love, Kennedy in the Hansen’s home, the high school Kennedy attended, and other unique locations specific to her life. I hope when you see the movie that you are inspired by the warmth and love of Kennedy Hansen’s life.

When you see the film, you will see our Kennedy and know the kind of person she was. She loved boys (especially Jaden). She loved her family. All of us, just not one or two of us. The movie shows the special relationship that she has with each one of her family members. She loved cheerleading and music and always dreamed of being normal. And lastly, she loved her Savior and Heavenly Father with perfect faith which in turn allowed her to love EVERYONE whom she met.

May 29, 2017

How to be Totally Miserable

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

by John Bytheway

I love this book! I am totally an expert on some of these things!
This book is a FUN READ -- but there is great info too!

"Do you use your imagination to worry?"
"Do you sit and stew instead of go and do?"
"Do you find things to complain about?"
"Do you run a 24-hour self-service station?"

If you are ready to turn it all around 
and learn how to be happier then this book is ideal!

Some people are experts at feeling rotten. No matter what happens, they can always find a cloud attached to their silver lining. How do they do that? How do miserable people get that way? This book has the answers!

With surefire suggestions like:
  • Take counsel from your fears
  • Relive your bad memories
  • Recycle regrets
  • Blame everyone and everything
You'll learn how to be a breath of stale air at any occasion!

(Caution: There is a risk — while musing on methods for misery, you may also discover the highway to happiness.)

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May 27, 2017

Medical Thrillers

Gregg Luke is a pharmacist and knows his medicines 
and all the mind-altering effects they can have on someone--
He brilliantly twists these facts into his medical thriller novels
SO. SO. SO. GOOD!!! 

I have personally read 5 of these nine-- I so need the others :)

Altered State-- on Amazon or FREE eBook with Bookshelf Plus
Homer and Morgan Winegar believe they may have finally found happiness in the quiet college town in which they have settled. Perhaps now in their new life together with Morgan’s nine-year-old son, they can each leave a troubled past behind.

But when Morgan’s psychology students begin exhibiting bizarre behavior, the couple quickly becomes entangled in an experiment headed for catastrophe. Someone is illegally administering a mind-altering drug to unwitting students. With the potential for millions of dollars in profits on the line, the pharmaceutical designers are more than willing to set aside morals to test the limits of the subconscious and mind control.

As the growing ranks of test subjects fulfill increasingly disturbing commands, Homer and Morgan race to discover who’s pulling the strings — and how they are doing it. But as the final stages of research point to a deadly calamity, events from the past threaten to shatter the couple’s fragile trust — just as they need it most. Will they be able to overcome the forces that threaten to pull them apart and find a way to stop the impending tragedy?

Infected-- on Amazon or FREE Audiobook (MP3) with Bookshelf Plus
Mother Nature: the world’s most innovative KILLER . . . Deep in the jungles of Venezuela, mycologist Dr. Julia Fatheringham is engrossed in her study of native fungi. But what begins as a standard research trip quickly spirals into chaos when her associate’s erratic behavior results in his horrifying death. Soon, Julia makes a startling discovery: her partner was contaminated by an organism found only in insects. It alters the victim’s mind in alarming ways, with an invariably deadly outcome. Julia is baffled by her discovery—this organism has never appeared in humans. It shouldn’t be possible. There is only one terrifying conclusion: the infection has jumped species.

Now, in this remote corner of the world, a contagion of unparalleled horror rests in Julia’s hands. But even as she works to contain the organism that could spell devastation of apocalyptic proportions, there are others with a different agenda. They’ve learned of her discovery and will go to any lengths to acquire a sample—there is good money to be had in eco-terrorism. Armed only with her strength of mind and what courage she can gather, Julia prepares to battle the devastating scourge—and the terrorists determined to unleash it upon humanity.

Do No Harm-- on Amazon or FREE eBook with Bookshelf Plus
Paul Randall needs to start over, and Crescent Cove looks like the ideal place for the widowed pharmacist to begin again. What could be more perfect than running an old-fashioned pharmacy in an idyllic small town on the coast of northern California?

But soon after purchasing the charming drugstore, Paul discovers it will be anything but business as usual in his new locale. Although Crescent Cove seems prosperous, there is also something about it that feels dangerous — a fact that becomes disturbingly obvious when Paul finds Bria Georgopolis cowering on the side of the freeway. She unveils an eerie truth about a nearby hospital that places corporate profits above the price of human life.

As the pieces of the conspiracy come together, Paul and Bria realize that it's up to them to expose the monstrous evil — before their new beginnings lead to a very dead end.

The Survivors-- on Amazon or FREE eBook with Bookshelf Plus
When the plane went down, David Kirkham's head was a million miles away. The combination of sleeping pills and alcohol left him much more foggy than his usual obsessive and cynical self. However, he did seem to remember there was someone sitting next to him-a young Mormon girl. The last thing he could recall was the panicked sound of her voice.

Surrounded by jungle, the two survivors are forced to walk their battered bodies back to civilization-and their families. However, young Melodee's self-assured, uncomplaining attitude hides a foe that has been fiercely tearing at her innocent life. And with time ticking away, can the pair outmaneuver the desperate men who will stop at nothing to protect a lucrative secret? Can David and Melodee find a safe place within the primordial jungle before evil finds them?

Bloodborne-- on Amazon or FREE eBook / FREE Audiobook (MP3) with Bookshelf Plus
One ordinary afternoon, research specialist Dr. Erin Cross steps into a local deli to get some lunch and nearly takes a bullet instead. Thanks to timely intervention from a former Marine, she walks away from the seemingly freak incident. But when she returns to find her lab under security lockdown and her apartment ransacked, she realizes the attack was anything but random. Erin can’t make sense of the threat, given her low profile after a disastrous H1N1 vaccine trial. She doesn’t know that her former colleague has used the virus to develop a potent bioweapon or that her recent research holds a key to his success. And she doesn’t know that his collaborators want her dead before she blows the whistle.

Fleeing for safety with her research in hand, Erin unravels the threats with help from the timely Marine, former Special Ops agent Sean Flannery. But the closer they come to finding answers, the more questionable Sean’s behavior becomes. His erratic moods and suspicious communications are more fitting for an enemy than a friend. And as the crisis comes to a head, Erin can’t be sure who harbors more secrets—the bioterrorists pursuing her or the one man who can give her protection.

Deadly Undertakings-- on Amazon or FREE eBook / FREE Audiobook (MP3) with Bookshelf Plus
Being an assistant to the state medical examiner in Salt Lake City might sound like a dead-end job, but Rebekah Smith loves the mystery and challenge of determining the cause of death in the bodies delivered to their morgue.

Tutored by her friend and boss, Dr. Sandeep Mahesh, she gains understanding not only for her job but also for how to mask her own troubled past.

While analyzing the corpse of a one-hundred-year-old woman, Rebekah discovers some disturbing elements: not only was the deceased woman a healthy centenarian, but she was also embalmed before anyone discovered she’d passed away. When two identical cases surface, Rebekah enlists the help of her boyfriend, special investigations officer Josh Logan. Together they uncover shocking truths about the bizarre deaths, which eventually lead them to a nightmarish revelation they weren’t prepared for. Yet unknowingly, the more they reveal, the closer they come to being the killer’s next guinea pigs.

Blink of an Eye-- on Amazon or FREE eBook with Bookshelf Plus
Childhood was a happy, carefree time for Joseph Ramirez. At least that’s how he used to remember it. But since the near-fatal traffic accident that landed him in the hospital with brain trauma, he’s not so sure. Along with physical pain, Joseph now suffers recurring nightmares. Each night the heart-wrenching dreams grow increasingly vivid and graphic — to the point that Joseph’s hospital roommate reports that Joseph talks in his sleep, often crying out in anguish and remorse. To complicate matters, a ruthless lawyer is challenging Joseph’s innocence in the traffic accident.

When defense attorney Michelle Haas comes to his aid, they discover they knew each other as children, and soon another forgotten experience comes into play — one that goes deeper than simple friendship. Are Joseph’s night terrors actually repressed memories? Does he speak the truth during his unconscious midnight hours? And if so, what will that mean when Joseph’s hospital roommate claims he confessed to murder? Soon Joseph realizes there’s only one way to uncover the truth about his family and himself — involving reliving a past he has unknowingly worked all his life to forget.

The Healer-- on Amazon or FREE eBook / FREE Audiobook (MP3) with Bookshelf Plus
While this one is not a medical thriller it is fantastic and rich with Welsh folklore and healing powers-

After successfully completing his first-year professorship, Welsh folklore expert Chris Pendragon has earned a vacation. At least that’s what the young scholar tells himself—but deep down, he feels an urgency to reassess his life, to find a sense of purpose. Hoping that perhaps a trip to Wales will provide him the answers he seeks, Chris embarks on a journey of self-discovery. He could never have anticipated the unimaginable adventure that awaits him . . . Shortly after his arrival in Wales, Chris is witness to a horrific accident with more far-reaching consequences than he could have dreamed. Following his heroic rescue of one of the victims, an unexplainable phenomenon is revealed: bones that had been broken were made whole with Chris’s touch. Still reeling from this discovery, Chris is approached by a wizened old man with an implausible answer: Chris has been chosen to be the bearer of the Dial, a healer of unparalleled power. But the calling is fraught with peril, and Chris soon discovers there are those who will stop at nothing to seize the power of the Dial. With the help of a beautiful, if skeptical, doctor, Chris must choose: go back to the life he was leading, or embark on a thrilling new destiny . .

Twisted Fate-- on Amazon or FREE Audiobook (MP3) with Bookshelf Plus
This book is a compilation of stories from Traci Hunter Abramson, Gregg Luke, and Stephanie Black

Prepare for thrills and chills as three acclaimed authors unite in Twisted Fate, a spine-tingling collection of stories.
  • Hunted by Traci Hunter Abramson—The cabin in the woods holds horrifying secrets, and young Reagan has simply seen too much. She knows her abusive stepfather will stop at nothing to silence her and quickly realizes that escape into the murky forest is her only hope of survival . . . But who will believe her unbelievable tales?
  • Death House by Gregg Luke—Even those who know its real name call it the Death House. But the abandoned mansion, site of a grisly murder a century ago, beckons Adam. And when the force of his obsession drives him to embark on a late-night investigation of the property, he is horrified by what he discovers. Something deadly lurks inside, and nobody in its path is safe.
  • Haunting Reminders by Stephanie Black—Returning to her small hometown in Massachusetts, Jamie has had years to get over her broken engagement. But when her former fiancĂ© and his wife become the victims of a vicious stalker, all eyes turn to Jamie. When childish pranks escalate into a horrifying display of maliciousness, Jamie is desperate to clear her name—even as the attention of the perpetrator turns toward her.

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May 26, 2017

Losing It! An LDS Guide to Healthy Living

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

Losing It! An LDS Guide to Healthy Living
be Melanie Douglass, R.D.

I have spent a lot of time studying nutrition--
This is one of the best books I have read!

The basics of nutrition are sound principles and the way Melanie presents them will help you fully understand.

We have developed into a 'super-size' world in more ways than one so I was really hit with the idea of reading labels and knowing portion sizes-- even my husband was shocked with how small a portion size truly is. 

The other "key to success" that struck me was about exercise and our need to change our attitudes towards it-- there are more benefits than just weight loss.

While the author does touch on some scripture references and quotes from LDS prophets this book is great for people of all faiths.

Grab a copy of this book and let it help you 
"think healthy, not skinny" 

In any other facet of our lives, 'losing it' can be a bad thing. But when it comes to better health, the 'losing it' mindset is nothing but good. It may mean losing weight, losing excess body fat, losing bad eating habits, or losing negative thoughts about the way our bodies look.

In this practical and encouraging book, author Melanie Douglass (in association with ICON Health & Fitness) suggests that good health is more about the way we live day-to-day than about a number on the scale. Using the Word of Wisdom as a guide, she recommends lifestyle changes that support a sound mind, body, and spirit.

The '5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss' provide a no-cost, health-oriented plan that can be approached one step at a time or used together for maximum benefit. With tools for customizing a personal diet and exercise plan that will fit your life and schedule, this proven program will help you increase your energy level, sleep better, reduce muscle and joint pain, and boost your metabolism.

In the end, regardless of how many pounds you lose, your reward will be the personal discovery of vital, life-enhancing health.

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May 22, 2017

The Washington Hypothesis

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

By Timothy Ballard

This book is AMAZING!
I learned so much and had to ponder a lot!
I have never thought about George Washington being like Moses or Abraham, but it makes so much sense-- And to learn all the ways that he was protected-- WOW! I really wish my history teacher would have known all of this. This book is truly a MUST-READ!

We know that George Washington was a moral man and an inspiring leader, but did he possibly know more than we suppose? Was he a national covenant maker like Moses, Abraham, Lehi, or Captain Moroni? Did he understand that he was fighting for the liberty of a promised land protected by God, a place where the Lord's holy temples could be built?

The Washington Hypothesis explores the intriguing evidence that Washington and the other Founding Fathers knew the Lord had a greater purpose for America. It takes us on a fascinating historical journey through the miracles of the Revolutionary War to the foundational documents of this great nation to the symbolism evident in every corner of the nation's capital. Exploring how Washington's beliefs framed his every action, author Timothy Ballard draws compelling conclusions about the divinity of that great leader's calling. As we see the evidence of the Lord's hand in Washington's life, we may discover a much grander design at work in the founding of our nation—and thus a greater desire to strive to preserve those promised blessings.

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May 20, 2017

Christ in Every Hour

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

by Anthony Sweat

To get through this earthly experience we need Christ's help in every hour of every day. We simply cannot do it alone--

In this book you will learn how the Savior can "cleanse us, heal us, restore us, identify with us, strengthen us, and transform us."

He stands ready at the door-- 
are we willing to open it up to His love and His help? 

This book is AMAZING!

A favorite hymn of the Latter-day Saints supplicates Christ for His help in "every hour." And while that's certainly true, how is it true? Are we such sinners that we need constant access to Christ's Atonement? Or is there something more to the Atonement, something in addition to forgiveness for our sins? What help does Christ offer in moments when we may not need His forgiveness but do need help beyond our own capacities? We know Christ's Atonement can save us from death and sin, but we may not always remember that we can draw on His Atonement for help in other ways.

In Christ in Every Hour, gospel educator Anthony Sweat explores six of Christ's divine powers, explaining what they mean, why they're relevant, and what they can do for us as we live life each day. Discover more about Christ's power to cleanse, heal, restore, identify with, strengthen, and transform us, and learn how to draw upon the Lord's grace and power in every hour of your life. Which power of Christ's Atonement do you need today? Or in this very hour?

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May 19, 2017

Fire and Steel


by Gerald N. Lund

These books are FANTASTIC!
Gerald N. Lund is a phenomenal storyteller!!!
I love how he adds depth and character to true events--

The Proud Shall Stumble-- Volume 4
It's a truth that has stood for centuries: pride goeth before the fall. And Germany, emboldened by an increasingly popular dynamo, is becoming proud.

Across the ocean in America, people have been enjoying years of plenty since the Great War. Electricity in every home, shiny new automobiles lining the streets, roaring new music, shocking new clothing styles—a whole nation wanting nothing more than to let loose and get rich. But beneath the glittering surface, the economy's foundation has already begun to crumble.

On opposite sides of the world, the Eckhardt and Westland families are as caught up in the fast-paced times as anyone else, and they find their personal lives deeply affected by the shocking events occurring on a global scale. Though they all seek to follow a wise path, the way becomes hazy when powerful forces aim to cloud their judgment. Will they be able to recognize the darkness before they sink further into it? More dark days lie ahead, and the families stand to lose everything if they don't cling to the light.

Join the Eckhardts and Westlands in this fourth volume of master storyteller Gerald N. Lund's gripping tale of war, family and the fight for what's right.

Find it on Amazon - Audiobook is FREE with Bookshelf Plus

The Shadow Falls-- Volume 3
How do good people mistake evil for good? Is it possible for an entire nation to be deceived?

In the third volume of master storyteller Gerald N. Lund's dynamic new series, the Eckhardt family finds itself clinging to hope in a nation on the brink of collapse. Work is scarce, food has become an extravagance, and money is practically worthless. War-torn Germany has been battered down and humiliated on an international scale, and the people have lost the pride and conviction that once carried them.

Living in such desperate circumstances leaves the people vulnerable to fall for a wolf in sheep's clothing, and Hans Eckhardt is not immune. His friend Adolf is charismatic, driven, a man of vision—seemingly, everything that Germany needs. While a few suspect that this rising new political leader may not be the rescuer they seek, many more are quick to turn a blind eye to the warning signs.

But there are bright spots amid the bleakness. Faith and family continue to provide joy and solace as life journeys forward. And a visit from two former LDS missionaries and their families brings a spark of excitement to the Eckhardts. Family life seems to be the one area unmarred by the turmoil all around them—until personal tragedy strikes.

Join the Eckhardts and their American friends the Westlands as they unknowingly dive into a momentous turning point in the world's history.

Find it on Amazon -- Audiobook is FREE with Bookshelf Plus

The Storm Descends-- Volume 2
In the second volume of bestselling author Gerald N. Lund's explosive new series, the Eckhardt family finds that the turmoil in their lives will only increase as they try to move forward in a nation divided. Sergeant Hans Eckhardt has been discharged from his military service and wants nothing more than to start a new life with a career and a family, but the unrest swallowing his homeland seems determined to stop him.

Suffering the devastating impact of defeat in the Great War, the people of Germany must find ways to face widespread food shortages, crippling unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, and the forced disbandment of the German military. The nation becomes a hotbed of revolutionary attacks, bringing the fledgling government to its knees. Conditions are so grim that the German people are desperate for someone—anyone—to step forward and bring stability back to their beloved Fatherland.

But as the flames of adversity grow more threatening, hope is on the horizon for the German Saints. With the help of Mitch Westland, from faraway southern Utah, they discover that the Lord has not forgotten them.

A Generation Rising-- Volume 1
The strongest steel is forged in the hottest flames. From master storyteller Gerald N. Lund comes a new blockbuster series chronicling the lives of two families who will face some of the most turbulent times in history as they are tried to their very cores. Will they be tempered and strengthened by the hammering blows, will they bend to the point of breaking, or will they completely shatter?

As volume one begins, life could not be more promising for the Eckhardts. They finally have a son, Hans, the male heir they have longed for and a child of such brilliance and promise that his success seems certain. But as youthful Hans’s ambition takes him away from his family and their small Bavarian village, the winds of unrest in Europe are about to erupt into the greatest war the world has ever known.

Kicking off a story that will cross generations—and continents—the Eckhardts must brace themselves to weather the storms and turmoil that lie ahead. Only through sheer determination and fortitude will they be able to pass through the refiner’s fire and come out stronger and more united than ever before.

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May 18, 2017

How Does Bookshelf Plus Work?

I have recently been sharing a lot of the FREE titles 
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With Bookshelf Plus you are able to download over 
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I am simply AMAZED at this!!! 

And the first 30-Days are also absolutely FREE too-- 
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Let me show you how easy it is to sign up
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6. Simply click on a book you want-- then tap "Download and Open with PLUS"

That's it-- Super easy and 

You can also find PLUS books on as long as you are logged in -

Look at all the audiobooks and ebooks I have downloaded for FREE 
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I am still shocked they are offering this--
Can you even imagine all the money I have saved???

I cannot say enough good about Bookshelf Plus

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May 17, 2017

Wrong for You w/GIVEAWAY

A review copy was provided

by Jenny Proctor

I ADORED this book! So much FUN! 
You will cheer for Lane from the very beginning as she works her way onto the soccer field--such a fun scene!!! Then your heart will be taken away as you travel with her along these wonderful pages. And I can't wait for you to read the phone texts sent between the bothers--
What great writing!!! Definitely pick up a copy of this book!!!

Lane Bishop is a hardworking, intelligent, beautiful young woman. And with her recent move to Chapel Hill, she is determined to leave behind the drama and effort of keeping up with the dating scene. Even so, Lan somehow manages to get dragged out by a gaggle of girls to go watch boys play soccer. Just watching is not Lane's forte, so she joins in the fun and leads her team to victory.

Rather than feeling intimidated by the vivacious beauty on the opposing team, Jamie Hamilton is intrigued. Risking his "untouchable" dating status, he decides to pursue Lane—with a little help from his older brother Simon. With Simon's behind-the-scenes assistance, Jamie proves irresistible, even to a disillusioned dater like Lane. But as she gets to know both brother, Lane can't help but wonder—beneath the grand gestures and romantic words, is she falling for the wrong guy?

Direct Link for Purchase

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

May 16, 2017

The Continuous Atonement

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

by Brad Wilcox

This is my FAVORITE book on the Atonement -- 
I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone!

One of the best stories in this book is about what happens to a young man when he blesses the sacrament, but makes a mistake-- Learn how Brother Wilcox connects that to the Savior and the atonement-- SO PROFOUND!


He makes all the difference.

“I'll never do it again,” we say — and then we do it. In a world full of challenges, temptations, and even addictions, it is easy to lose hope for ourselves and those we love. During times of discouragement, we must remember that the purpose of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is not just to cleanse and console, but also to transform — and that takes time. Christ is not waiting at the finish line once we have done —all we can do.” He is with us every step of the way, and His Atonement will be available as long as the perfecting process takes — continually.

This book offers valuable insights about God, Christ, and our relationship with them. Each chapter contains clear examples that will uplift and motivate. Profound doctrine is made accessible and difficult concepts are presented in such simple ways that over and over the reader will say, “I've never thought of it like that before.” That kind of change of belief will help bring about a change of behavior.

Most members of the Church acknowledge that perfection is a long-term process, but overlook the continuous nature of Christ's Atonement that makes that process possible. Peace is found not by giving up or erasing the need to change, but by turning to the One who makes change possible and realizing that we get lots of chances to start again. So, if at first you don't succeed either, don't find excuses. Find the Savior and the blessings of His continuous Atonement.

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May 15, 2017

The Infinite Atonement

Available FREE with Bookshelf Plus

The Infinite Atonement
by Tad R. Callister

This is the #1 book for studying the Atonement.
I was worried that it would be a little over my head, but it wasn't-

It tells the how, what, and why of the atonement along with the blessings that come from the atonement. The atonement is far more reaching than most people understand, not only is it a way for the sinner to repent, but it is a power for the lonely, the depressed, the abused, the one seeking solace. 

There is an 'enabling power' of the Atonement that I am just starting to understand. How blessed we are to have a Savior who atoned for us. Are we utilizing that atonement to the fullest?

No doctrine is more central to the message of the restored gospel or to our individual happiness than the infinite and eternal Atonement of Jesus Christ. In this clearly written and powerfully moving book, Tad Callister focuses on the infinite power, coverage, and depth of the Atonement, and how the most profound blessings of the gospel are eternally linked to it. The Savior experienced infinite suffering as he brought the Atonement to pass, but because of the Atonement we are capable of experiencing the blessings of the resurrection and exaltation, of repentance, of freedom, of peace of mind, and of the healing of the Savior's infinite love.

The Infinite Atonement is an outstanding book that can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference to study selected aspects of the Atonement. It is destined to become a classic.

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