Nov 21, 2018

The Gem Thief

by Sian Ann Bessey

Gracie Miller is a small-town girl who has landed her dream job in New York City. As jewelry designer for one of the most prestigious jewelers in the world, she completed a particularly stunning piece, a custom setting for a large diamond. But when her billionaire client Mrs. Katsaros comes to have a minor issue with the setting repaired, Gracie is horrified to realize it is not the ring she created. Someone has forged her design, and the priceless diamond is gone.

Mrs. Katsaros has no desire to bring media attention to the jewelry heist, so she recruits her nephew, Quinn, and his FBI agent friend, Steve, to do some sleuthing off the record. When they discover that the missing ring is just one of many forgeries in the widow’s collection, they look to Gracie for help. They need her to act the part of Quinn’s fiancĂ©e. From the lights of New York to the shimmering islands of the Mediterranean, Gracie is swept into a thrilling hunt. But amid the search for the elusive thief, she and Quinn find themselves increasingly distracted by their growing feelings for each other. What neither realizes is how close the danger lies and how serious the vendetta is—because, apparently, it is worth killing for.
Does this book not look AMAZING!
I cannot wait until I am finished with school and can get into it.



Nov 13, 2018

The Little Book of Gratitude for Latter-day Saints

November is a great month to show gratitude 
for the gift of gratitude

by Ed J. Pinegar

Note: You do not need to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to enjoy this book. 

Countless works have been written on how to turn adversity into opportunity, sorrow into joy, and weakness into strength. But what if there were a way to achieve each of these transformations—and many more—by making just one simple choice? Within the pages of this inspiring volume, bestselling author Ed J. Pinegar shares the life-changing key to greater peace and happiness: choosing to be grateful.

Through an exploration of sacred scripture, prophetic counsel, and personal experience, Brother Pinegar brings into focus the importance of daily expressions of thanksgiving to a loving Father in Heaven and those around us. From discussions on the true nature of gratitude to the far-reaching impact of giving thanks, readers are invited to shake off the world's doctrine of entitlement to discover the true and lasting joy of sincere appreciation.

This is the book I am reading right now and it is AMAZING!
The stories within the book are so inspiring!
I have so much to be grateful for -- 
I need to express it more!


Nov 12, 2018

Women of the Blue and Gray

November is a great month to show 
gratitude for those who helped shape this country

by Marianne Monson

Hidden amongst the photographs, uniforms, revolvers, and war medals of the Civil War are the remarkable stories of some of the most unlikely heroes—women.

North, South, black, white, Native American, immigrant—the women in these micro-drama biographies are wives, mothers, sisters, and friends whose purposes ranged from supporting husbands and sons during wartime to counseling President Lincoln on strategy, from tending to the wounded on the battlefield to spiriting away slaves through the Underground Railroad, from donning a uniform and fighting unrecognized alongside the men to working as spies for either side.

This book brings to light the incredible stories of women from the Civil War that remain relevant to our nation today. Each woman's experience helps us see a truer, fuller, richer version of what really happened in this country during this time period.

I love reading TRUE stories!


Nov 7, 2018

Amazed by Grace

November is a great month to show
gratitude for the Atonement

by Sheri Dew

What is grace? What difference can grace make in our lives? How does the Savior make His power available to us? And what must we do to gain access to that power?

In Amazed by Grace, Sheri Dew discusses each of those important questions, exploring a topic that she describes as being central to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "The most compelling, most life-changing message of all time," she writes, "is that Jesus Christ has already triumphed over sin, death, hell, temptation, and every kind of misery."

As we come to more fully understand the majestic doctrine of grace, our faith will increase. We will see how the Savior keeps His promise to make weak things strong. And we will believe the truth that "His Atonement makes available all of the power, peace, light, and strength that we need to deal with life's challenges."

This book is WONDERFUL!


Nov 5, 2018

Gratitude: The Theory of Relativity

November is a great month to express

Let's start off with a talk 
Gratitude: The Theory of Relativity
by Mary Ellen Edmunds

What do you need to be happy? A TV? A cellular phone? A microwave oven? Hairspray? Hot, running water? Refrigeration?

Mary Ellen Edmunds has lived in Third World countries. She has seen the sometimes desperate conditions in which people live there.

While observing their poverty, she has also taken note of their generosity and the gratitude they feel for the few things they own. Many seem utterly content with their simple lifestyle. In this humorous yet thought-provoking tape, Mary Ellen Edmunds explains how wealth is “relative.”

You may laugh when she points out the absurdity of our advertisements for things we think are essential — that is, until you start to blush.

Does she intend to make us feel guilty about the plenty we enjoy? No. But she would like us to reflect on our “riches” and see how being spiritually impoverished is an even greater disadvantage than not having shoes to wear.

Mary Ellen Edmunds is THE BEST!

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