Mar 31, 2014

Fool for Books Giveaway Hop


Fool for Books Giveaway Hop
Hop run April 1st to 7th

Participating blogs are offering a book related giveaway 
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Silver Linings w/ $25 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Kaylee Baldwin
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: HEA Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This was one of the MOST TENDER, SWEETEST, BEST contemporary romance books I have ever read.

Eden is giving literally everything she has to her mother and the seniors at Silver Linings Assisted Living.

Drew just ran away from is old life after giving is entire trust fund to charity. He is headed to his best friend's house until he can get back on his feet.

As luck would have it...Drew's car broke down just before he could get all the way to the friends house and he found himself being rescued at Silver Linings.

Having no where else to go and needing a job Drew is hired on at Silver Linings.

And that is where he and Eden start their friendship...

As things get more serious both Eden and Drew they realize that it just won't work because Eden is already in a relationship with Drew's best friend--now roommate.

So instead of having a messy love triangle...

Drew leaves...

But he has already made his way into Eden's, and the resident's hearts, and they are not ready to let him go.

So many tender moments in this book!
Some fun matching moments in this book!


| Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GoodReads |

$25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash
ends 4/14

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About the Author
When Kaylee Baldwin isn’t writing, she’s usually chasing after her four children, checking her email, trying to get motivated to train for that race she shouldn’t have signed up for, hanging out with her pretty awesome husband, and reading whatever good book she can find. She graduated from Arizona State with degree in English Lit. Her published books are Meg’s Melody, Six Days of Christmas (part of the All I Want collection) and Silver Linings.
Other Books in this Series

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

Fortune Cookie Book Blast w/ $50 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie 

Sadie Hoffmiller has always liked things to be just so. A place for everything and everything in its place. Order over chaos. And of all things Sadie should be able to control, her own wedding is at the top of the list. With the big day just three weeks away, Sadie is busily adding the final touches to her wedding plans but the arrival of a mysterious letter from San Francisco changes everything.

The only person Sadie knows in San Francisco is her older sister, Wendy, whom she hasn’t seen since their mother’s funeral nearly fifteen years ago. Sadie has faced off against murderers and criminals in recent years, yet the possibility of reconnecting with her sister is both overwhelming and frightening.

Sadie soon discovers, however, that the letter is just the beginning when Wendy’s world turns out to be a place of unanswered questions, twisted truths, and more than one person with a motive for murder. The more Sadie digs into her sister’s past, the more she places her own future at risk.

Culinary Mysteries

JosiAuthor Josi S. Kilpack
Josi S. Kilpack hated to read until her mother handed her a copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond when she was 13. From that day forward, she read everything she could get her hands on and accredits her writing “education” to the many novels she has “studied” since then.

She began writing her first novel in 1998 and never stopped. Her novel, Sheep’s Clothing won the Whitney Award 2007 for Mystery/Suspense. Lemon Tart, the first book in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series was a finalist in 2009. Josi currently lives in Willard Utah with her husband, children and super-cute cat.

book blast button
 Blast Giveaway 
 $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash 
 Ends 4/30/14 

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mar 29, 2014

What's For Dinner?

I have reviewed some REALLY good cookbooks lately 
and I wanted to bring them all together in one post...
Because trying to figure out what's for dinner every day can be quite a task :)

Six Sisters' Stuff

The Six Sisters started their blog to stay in touch and help each other with family friendly recipes.

Now they are sharing with us :)

Basic ingredients
Easy instructions
Kid friendly

I LOVE that they include SO MANY pictures!

This book also includes a lot of fun craft ideas.

| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository |

A Year with Six Sisters' Stuff

This cookbook has less crafts and includes FULL MENU ideas...which I LOVE because I often know what meat dish I am going to make but then struggle to come up with side dishes and/or dessert.

Again very basic ingredients, easy instructions, family friendly.

Make sure to try the Slow Cooker Eight-Can Taco Soup Menu and the Overnight Caramel French Toast Menu...SO GOOD!

This book also includes a few crafts, a 'crazy dinner tradition', a suggested pantry staples list and more.

Full review COMING~

| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository |

The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook

We are a very busy people and we are picking up so much fast food because of included.

A better solution, I believe, is to pull out the slow cooker and make dinner BEFORE you leave in the mornings...

This cookbook has so many TERRIFIC recipes.


Do you have TWO or THREE slow cookers? Try using all of them...for a complete menu of main dish, side dish, and dessert ready to go when you walk through the door :)

Be sure to make the Chicken Pot Pie Soup...really good!

See my full review HERE

| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository |

The Romney Family Table

I was pleasantly surprised with this book.

I thought the ingredients would be very fancy and something I don't normally carry, but they are just basic ingredients :)

This book was put together in an effort to help family come together at the dinner table.

Stories of the Romney's gathering around the table are included and are very fun to read!

They share family traditions, holiday traditions, and lots of pictures.

And the Parmesan Chicken is to die-for-good!

See my full review HERE

| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository |

Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook

If you LOVE pasta, pizza and Italian spices like I do then this cookbook hits the spot!

Delicious, easy recipes!
No alcohol~ hence the "Mormon" in the title

Meatballs, chicken, and sauces that will leave you wanting MORE :)

Also included are fun Italian facts and jokes!

"An Italian meal isn't just a meal ~ 
It is an experience!"

See my full review HERE

| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository |

Cougar Football Cookbook

What a FUN idea this cookbook is...different players and their wives came together with their favorite a good variety is included.

LOVED the Swiss Cheese Chicken and Kassie's Pani Popo (Coconut Buns)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ingredients list in the is listed by ingredient type...have can make...Blue and Red Berry Pie, Cougar Blueberry Cheesecake, Muscle Recovery Smoothie, or On-the-Go Green Smoothie.

Have ground beef? You can make...

All the author proceeds goes to benefit the Thursday's Heroes charity :)

See my full review HERE

| Amazon | Deseret Book |

Mar 28, 2014

More Books by Uncle Amos


Grandmother and the Birds Nest
Release Date: December 2013

Grandmother is a little funny and she likes things from the past like root beer floats and bouffant hairdos.

Her hair is SO BIG!

It looks like a beehive and no one at the theater can see if they sit behind her....

Everywhere they went people complained about her hair.

They decided to go to a park where there was plenty of room for grandmother's hair.

When they got there they found a bird show was going on...

When they went home Grandmother kept hearing a bird sing.

It was fun at first, but was getting a little annoying...

Can you guess where the bird was hiding?

Read to see what happens next :)


| Amazon | Book Depository | GoodReads |

Magical Toys
Release Date: March 2014

Ron is 5-years old and has many toys...

One day Ron's friend, John, comes over to play.

They get out one toy and play with it...

Then they get out another toy and play with it...

Toy after toy, playing so fun...

UNTIL mother comes in to say "it's time for dinner...pick up your toys."

The room is A MESS...

And they are not done playing circus yet...

The boys decide to leave it for tomorrow.

Mother is NOT happy...

Read to find out how the toys feel about it :)

Can be read just for FUN or to provide a little MOTIVATION!

| Amazon | GoodReads |

My Kid's Quotes


Book Details
Author: Jeanne Spear
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Plain Sight Publishing
Genre: Journal

Do YOUR KIDS say the funniest/greatest/laughablest thing?
I know MINE do!

Now there is a PERFECT book to record it all in.

My Kid's Quotes: A Collection of Wise Words & Silly Sentences has the cutest pages to write and remember all the things your kids say.

Each page has 1 to 3 spots for writing...

Included is a place to put
*Where we were

This book will help "capture" all the "silly, surprisingly insightful and downright hilarious things that" come our of your child's mouth.

Here is a sample 2-page spread:

A book that will become a treasure!

Mar 27, 2014

Spirit of the Knight


Book Details
Author: Debbie Peterson
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Debbie Peterson's books are INCREDIBLE!

Mariah has been drawing since she can remember.

And her most frequent drawing in her sketchbook is of a knight.

He has been with her from the very beginning....

Mariah's fame is now such that she is commissioned to paint castles to be presented in a special collection.

Her most recent castle is a thirteenth century Scottish castle.

She loves these castles and requests to stay inside them to get the full effect for her paintings.

She is not surprised that the local townsfolk talk of ghosts residing in the castle....she has encountered ghosts before.

What does surprise her is that this ghost happens to be the same knight from her childhood drawings.

She finds out his name is Sir Cailen Braithnoch and he and his garrison fell at the hands of black magic.

A spell woven centuries ago that still holds them captive...

As Mariah spends time with these ghosts she begins dreaming of another ghost...

One who shows her the way to break the spell.

Will fate and a jealous rival keep them apart, or can they find a way for their love to "last through the ages?"

About the Author
Debbie has always had a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, and happily ever after endings. Stories of love and make believe filled her head for as long as she can remember. However, it was her beloved husband who encouraged, cajoled and inspired her to take up a pen and write some of them down. Her journey to published author could fill quite a few pages. However, in June of 2010, she submitted her debut novel “Spirit of the Rebellion” to The Wild Rose Press, her second to Inkspell Publishing, and the rest is history. She now has four published novels to her credit, with a fifth due out in 2014.

When she is not busy conjuring her latest novel, Debbie spends time with all the members of her beloved family. She also pursues her interests in teaching classes on and searching out her family history—and somewhere in there, makes time to study mythology, as well as all things ancient and historic.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

A Death in the Family w/ Book Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Marlene Bateman
Release Date: February 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Mystery

Marlene continues the Erica Coleman mystery in a WONDERFULLY INTRIGUING way!

Erica has come to celebrate her grandmother's eighty-first birthday at which her grandmother tells her she might need Erica's detective skill to solve a puzzling problem with her company.

But before her grandmother can tell her what that problem is they find that her grandmother has passed away.

An autopsy shows that her grandmother did not die from natural causes.

Erica is determined to find out not only what happened to her grandmother, but what problem her grandmother could possibly need her to solve with the company.

As family members are the most likely suspects...

Emotions will flare...
Accusations will fly...
And fingers will point...

It becomes even more upsetting when grandmother's sister, Aunt Martha is also found dead in the woods...and her house has been ransacked.

To top it all off Erica becomes a target as she gets closer to solving these multiple crimes...

Wait until you find out who really did it and WHY! GREAT TWIST!


You can pick this book up at your Local Bookstore or order from
| Deseret Book | Seagull Book | Amazon |

Marlene has graciously offered a 
BOOK GIVEAWAY for MY followers :)
(US address only please)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book 1 in this series is: Motive for Murder

Read my review HERE

About the Author
Marlene Bateman Sullivan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She is married to Kelly R. Sullivan and they are the parents of seven children.

Her hobbies are gardening, camping and reading. Marlene has been published extensively in magazines and newspapers and has written a number of non-fiction books along with her fiction novels.

| Website |

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

Mar 26, 2014

99 Cents Super Great Sale TODAY


Secret Sisters 
An LDS Cozy Mystery

What a FUN book!

A Relief Society Presidency takes their callings very seriously as they try to help the Bishop and the families in their ward.

But so many mysterious things can happen in a ward...

With the help of a nephew, surveillance cameras, and a niece they catch the bad guys and save the day!
| Amazon |

The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back
YA Romance


The princess always get the prince and the live happily ever after...

But what happens to the ugly stepsisters?

Mattie is so jealous of her beautiful stepsister Ella...

That is until Mattie's world gets turned upside down, thanks in part to Ella...

Everyone who believes in fairy tales and happy endings will LOVE this book!

| Amazon |

Mansfield Ranch
YA Romance

This book captures you from the very first page and keeps you reading until it is finished...

And even then you will want MORE!

LOVE the twists!
LOVE the love triangles!
LOVE this story!

Lilly is so excited to live with her foster family...

BUT that was 8 years ago...

Now she feels like an outsider!

See what happens when the most popular guy in Bloomfield starts paying attention to her and the guy she really wants is trying his hardest to like someone else....

| Amazon |

Clean Romance

99 cents for the whole set!

I have read Blog This and You Belong With Me...I am anxiously looking forward to the other 5!

Blog This

Suspense, action, mystery, romance, and a momma who will do anything to protect her's all in here!

Blogging is a great way to tell others what you believe in...and Natasha's blog is getting a lot of attention!

She is trying to protect children from the dangers of violent video games produced by Matthew Chrysler.

She believes that his games are turning these children into killers because that is exactly what it did to her own brother.

Now Chrysler has sent a hit man to take down her blog...and ultimately kill her.

"Natasha is forced to fake her own death to protect herself and her children."

But can she keep quiet?

Can she stop blogging about how bad these games really are?

You Belong With Me

Three sisters just inherited a bakery shop from a grandmother they hardly knew.

Not having a passion for what they were already doing...Each jump at the chance for working together and making a future as bakers.

They know it will not be easy, but each has vowed to open their hearts to new possibilities...even love should it show up along the way.

Layla is the oldest and this is her story...

She was so burned out from her job as a social worker and finds hope in a little girl who needs a mom and a man who has unlocked her sealed heart.

Will the past, and those trying to sabotage the bakery, keep her from the man who keeps telling her "you belong with me."

| Amazon |

Mar 25, 2014

The Measure of a Mother's Heart


Book Details
Author: Toni Sorenson
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Inspiration


No guilt trips here! Toni's gives us honesty, humor and most importantly love in this wonderful booklet!

LOVE her opening paragraph...

"This isn't meant to be one of those feather-hugs--a once-a-year-reminder that being a mother matters. This is a celebration--a slap-your-spirit-to-awaken-the-truth kind of tribute. These are words to remind you that what you do as a mother is more important than anything else you could possibly do. Your sacred calling (job) ranks at the very tip-top of the difficulty scale. I'm no fan of Mother's Day--the holiday. I am a fan, however, of celebrating motherhood every day. You deserve more than one day a year set aside to honor you and the daily miracles in which your efforts result."


Mother's Day was started by one woman who wanted to celebrate her own mother. She went on to campaigned that all mothers be celebrated.

But like all things Satan twists it to his design...

"He want us to feel inadequate. He reminds us of our failures. He pits us against each other, so that we find ourselves comparing and contrasting, judging and faultfinding until we've destroyed our own support system."

Toni goes on to tell us all the ways each one of us is a mother whether we have given birth or not.

She shares with us her own insights and experiences so beautifully you just can't help but celebrate.

She especially pleads with us to honor those who have lost a child, given a child up for adoption, or have never been able to have their own children...for there is always "a sister at the back of every chapel who slips out early on Mother's Day before the potted plants or pamphlets are passed out."

Motherhood is hard, but so worth it!

Know you are doing more than you think you are!
Know that you are loved!

Let's take motherhood back from Satan and celebrate it the way our Father in Heaven does!

| Deseret Book | Amazon | Book Depository | GoodReads |

About the Author
Toni is the author or a number of bestselling books for both the national and LDS markets. In 2006 her Covenant novel, Redemption Road, won the prestigious Association of Mormon Letters honor for novel of the year.

She is an avid student of the scriptures and wrote Master after years of research on the life of the Savior.

Toni is the mother of six children, four sons and two daughters. They reside in Utah Valley and love to travel, play, and eat together.

Mar 24, 2014

The Husband Whisperer


Book Details
Author: Kevin Hinckley
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Marriage / Self-Help

Do you find yourself "yelling to be heard"?
Do you have "Family Home Argument on Monday nights"?
Do you suffer with "the awfulizer..worst possible scenario" syndrome?


A horse trainer knows that yelling and treating a horse poorly was not the best way to train it.

Kevin Hinckley teaches us that husbands, and children too, will respond to a soft voice better than yelling, screaming, and threatening.

Real case scenarios, thoughts from scriptures and church leaders, and WONDERFUL advice from therapist Kevin Hinckley combine to make this book a VALUABLE tool in helping you learn how to master the art of 'whispering.'

There is a VERY INTERESTING section relating to the iron rod from "Lehi's Dream" and the difference between clinging and holding fast...and how one gets the fruit by falling down at the tree.

"Whisper" your way into the hearts of those you love most...Including yourself!

Know that the Lord truly does LOVE YOU...he will even "whisper" that to you if you will but be still and listen :)


| Amazon | Deseret Book | Book Depository | GoodReads |

About the Author
Kevin is a popular speaker and presents annually at Campus Education Week at BYU and BYU-Idaho. He also leads Book of Mormon cruises to Mesoamerica.

Kevin is Licensed Professional Counselor and maintains a private practice in Plano, Texas. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University. He and his wife Cindy are the parents of four children, eight grandchildren and one really obnoxious cat.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

Mar 23, 2014


ONE boxed set
SEVEN Bestselling novels
of clean romance and suspense
ON SALE FOR ONLY $0.99 ~ March 23-29

A Perfect Fit by Heather Tullis Cami DiCarlo wasn't happy about being coerced to work at her father's latest hotel in the Rocky Mountains, but her expectations of a boring year are blown away by sexy landscape architect Vince Talmadge, and someone in the shadows who is out to bring her family down. Amazon bestselling author Heather Tullis creates stories dubbed "beautifully written" and "deliciously romantic" with a mix of romance and suspense.

Home Before Dark by Christy Barritt
When country music star Daleigh McDermott digs deeper into what she believes is the murder of her father, the only person who gives credence to her concerns is small town mechanic Nick Shields.  As they dig deeper into things best left alone, they realize they must rely on each other or the darkness they discover will swallow them whole. Award-Winning Suspense Novelist and Bestselling Amazon Author, touted as "scary, funny, passionate, and quirky" by USA Today.

You Belong With Me by Shannon Guymon
Love could restart a stalled heart. Love could comfort and cleanse. Love could renew. Love was a miracle. Burned out social worker, Layla Kendall is about to learn exactly what love can do. Amazon bestselling author, Shannon Guymon has "a miraculous ability to write about relationships that are overflowing with abundant amounts of cuteness.The men she dreams up are the types that make you sigh and say, 'Oh...if only you were real."

Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon Unbelievable, Book 2 in the Port Fare Series. A firestorm named Delilah Dreser is about to ignite Cole Colter's quiet little world. But will he and his friends survive? Readers agree. Bestselling author Sherry Gammon is...Absolutely an amazing author and a fantastic story teller. 

Blog This by Cami Checketts In a race against time, can Natasha evade a hitman and expose her enemies before the assassin murders her family and shatters her world? Bestselling author Cami Checketts has been touted by reviewers as, "A genius, writing about topics that aren't widely discussed and brilliantly crafting stories that touch your heart and remain with you."

Cassie's Cowboy Crave by Kimberly Krey This fun western romance features a Seattle editor, a handsome cowboy, and a witness protection program that has them posing as husband and wife. Bestselling author Kimberly Krey has been dubbed as "the master of romantic tension." She writes romance that's clean without losing the steam.

Baggage Claim by Amanda Tru A weekend trip to New York takes a dangerous turn when Rachel's luggage is lost and she is accosted by an infuriating Homeland Security agent. Amazon Bestselling Author, Amanda Tru "has a fascinating imagination that leaves one somewhat breathless in the effort to keep up with the twists and turns that take place in the weaving of these incredible tales."

Mar 20, 2014

Imperfect Love w/ $25 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway


Book Details
Author: Rebecca Talley
Release Date: February 2014
Publisher: DuBon Pulishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Lauren is like any other girl who wants a perfect life, a perfect family and a perfect love.

She loves her job, loves her husband and has just found out that she is expecting a baby...

NOW she can have her perfect life!

But then things start to spiral out of her control. She is faced with some very hard decisions.

And her perfect life seems to be slipping away...until it is finally broken.

With the help of an old high school crush she begins to pick up the pieces.

Feelings are still there...

But can she give her heart out again?

Does he want someone as broken as she is?

And what about the baby?

Will she realize that imperfect love can be perfect enough?




$25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash 

ends 4/10/14

About the Author 
Rebecca Lynn Talley grew up in the gorgeous seaside city of Santa Barbara, CA. She met, and married, her husband, Del, while attending Brigham Young University. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Communications. She currently lives in rural Colorado on a small ranch with a dog, too many cats to count, and a herd of goats. She and Del are the proud parents of ten wildly-creative, multi-talented children.

Rebecca is the author of a children’s picture book, Grasshopper Pie (WindRiver 2003), a children’s chapter book, Gabby’s Secret (DuBon Publishing 2011), four novels, Heaven Scent (CFI 2008), Altared Plans (CFI 2009), The Upside of Down (CFI 2011), and Aura (DuBon Publishing 2012). 

She has also authored numerous children’s stories and articles for both print and online magazines. When she isn’t writing, Rebecca loves to date her husband, play with her kids, swim in the ocean, and dance to disco music while she cleans the house. She has folded at least one million loads of laundry, baked hundreds of batches of chocolate chip cookies, and eaten 5,478 gallons of ice cream.

 Twitter * Facebook * Website * Blog

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

Mar 19, 2014

Mental Health Giveaway Hop

Mental Health Giveaway Hop
March 20th to 27th
Participating blogs are offering a book related giveaway 
and we are all linked up together so you can easily 
hop from one giveaway to another.

Patchwork Reality: Happily Married to a Schizophrenic (ebook) PLUS $10 Amazon CG

What Is Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that has affected people throughout history.

People with the disorder may hear voices other people don't hear. They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. This can terrify people with the illness and make them withdrawn or extremely agitated.

People with schizophrenia may not make sense when they talk. They may sit for hours without moving or talking. Sometimes people with schizophrenia seem perfectly fine until they talk about what they are really thinking.

Families and society are affected by schizophrenia too. Many people with schizophrenia have difficulty holding a job or caring for themselves, so they rely on others for help.

Treatment helps relieve many symptoms of schizophrenia, but most people who have the disorder cope with symptoms throughout their lives. However, many people with schizophrenia can lead rewarding and meaningful lives in their communities. Researchers are developing more effective medications and using new research tools to understand the causes of schizophrenia. In the years to come, this work may help prevent and better treat the illness.

Patchwork Reality: Happily Married to a Schizophrenic
Through a series of dreams and delusions, Curtis Hansen becomes convinced that he and his wife, Pauline, are part of an intricate game devised for the entertainment of wealthy onlookers. To win, the couple must stay together despite a series of temptations and trials designed to break up their marriage. After playing “The Game” with Curtis for nine arduous years, Pauline makes a shocking discovery. Read the riveting, true account of her decade in the dark and her return to reality after Curtis is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. See MY review HERE

$10 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway
After you have entered my giveaway...
hop to another giveaway from the list below :)

Uncle Amos

I have had so much fun reading these books!
Lots of humor!
Darling Pictures!

Release Date: October 2013

Danny doesn't want to move past Kindergarten. 

He loves it there! His Kindergarten teacher doesn't have to go to 1st grade, so why does he?

His mom takes him on a special field trip to meet what happens to people who didn't like school and didn't go.

Find out what advice everyone gives Danny... :)

A FUN story about learning, growing up, and the value of working hard.

| Amazon |

Buzzy's Feet
Release Date: December 2013

Buzzy goes on a hike in the forest...
He meets the King of the Forest but cannot stand because his feet hurt from hiking.

The King offers to give him new horse feet...

His new hooves are heavy and don't help him swim at all.

The next day he goes back to find the King to get NEW feet.

So the King gives him cow legs...

Then turtle feet...and iguana feet...

But nothing seems to work!

SO ONCE AGAIN Buzzy goes before the King...

A darling story of learning to love what you have...for it is usually just exactly what you need.

| Amazon |

Danny's Computer
Release Date: November 2013

Danny LOVES his computer and plays many games on it.

When it breaks and has to go to the repair man for a week Danny doesn't know what to do...

Mother offers many suggestions, but Danny just wants his computer.

Then his father gives him crayons and his mother gives him books...

Friends come by......

See if Danny can go a whole week without his computer and what happens when he gets his computer back.


| Amazon |

How Bobby Got Rid of His Pacifier
Release Date: November 2013

Big brother's are the best and Bobby love his!

But big brother doesn't like the fact that Bobby still uses his "yucky, old" pacifier.

Mom and the dentist know that if Bobby doesn't stop using it, it will mess with his teeth.

Big brother takes on the challenge to help Bobby get rid of his pacifier.

Bribes...Tricks...everything is thought of to help Bobby.

See what finally gets Bobby to decide to get rid of his pacifier.

CUTE story!

Helpful for someone you know who is trying to get rid of their pacifier :)

| Amazon |

(Review copies were provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)

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