Mar 30, 2015

Flowers of Grace

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Book Details
Author: Teresa Hirst
Release Date: February 2015
Publisher: Little Forest Big Spring Press
Genre: Fiction

I LOVE that this story was based on a true account!

I, too, work in retail and was so inspired when the book touched on "customers trading brick and mortar stores for online shopping."

As Lilly and Grace showed -- the one thing online shopping cannot give you is the personal service.

But oh how sensitive that personal service can be affected by that person's personal experiences they are now experiencing.

Grace has just endured a broken engagement and the loss of a close employee.

She is trying to make friends with the other employees, however she is also the manager.

Were is that boundary?

When Lilly gives Grace a hibiscus plant, Grace decides to bring it to work that it might be a way to bring all the employees together with a common get the plant to bloom.

"The simple gift is more than a plant. 
When it blooms, so does she. 
But when it dies, she fears love will too."

Along the way personalities will clash, a wedding will happen, a birth will take place, a death will come, and a new store opening will push them all to reveal their true selves.

Powerfully told!
Filled with passionate emotions!
A book worth Reading!

About the Author
Teresa Hirst was born in Texas and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, with an imagination and creativity straight from the books she consumed in her childhood. She studied journalism at Brigham Young University and graduated with a bachelor of arts in communications. Teresa has worked for a newspaper, in public relations, and as a freelance writer and editor. Today, she observes and tells insightful stories--both nonfiction and fiction--that characterize our emotional experience with life.

Teresa is the author of Flowers of Grace, a novel inspired by a true story, released in February 2015. She also wrote Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis, a nonfiction book about twelve families who crossed the Great Recession with faith. Her writing specialties include nonfiction books, women's fiction, biography and interviews, blogging, news releases, and LDS people and topics.

Teresa lives in Minnesota with her husband and teenage children. She is a Mormon choosing faith and gratitude to cope with neuroendocrine cancer. She enjoys cooking, sentimental movies, Sunday afternoon walks, and great conversations.


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