May 30, 2019

Draw Your Way Through the Book of Mormon

by Annie Poon

Everyone can be an illustrator with well-known artist Annie Poon in Draw Your Way through the Book of Mormon, an innovative art adventure for people of all ages who want to delve into the Book of Mormon as they never have before. Featuring engaging illustrations, ideas, and step-by-step instructions, this doodle book invites budding artists to bring scriptural scenes to life—with no limit on what can be imagined!

What do you think the Liahona looked like? Draw it!

Draw yourself sneaking past the sleeping Lamanite guards.

Captain Moroni carried the title of liberty into battle—
draw what you would fight for.

Packed with dozens of creative prompts, this delightful activity book will provide hours of entertainment and thought, offering students of the gospel an opportunity to express their personal impressions of the Book of Mormon through art.

While I am SO NOT an artist-- this book intrigues me!
It looks AMAZING!

Take a peek at some of the fun pages-- 
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May 28, 2019

Living the Parables

by Hank Smith and Kathryn Jenkins

As the world's greatest teacher, Jesus Christ used His skills as a storyteller to teach and inspire His followers. The parables of Christ contain a wealth of guidance, but the deeper meaning of His words can sometimes be difficult to decipher.

Now, best-selling authors Hank Smith and Kathryn Jenkins—known and loved for their ability to approach gospel topics in a clear, light, and understandable way—take a careful look at the finer points of the Savior's stories. 

They uncover the profound spiritual lessons hidden within and illustrate practical and accessible application for our day. 

In Living the Parables: Applying Christ's Teachings to Our Lives, readers are presented with commentary from generations of Church leaders and religious scholars, as well as modern-day interpretations of the underlying significance of each account. 

This volume will inspire followers of Christ to draw on the power of His Atonement by embracing a deeper understanding of His parables.

This book is AMAZING!
The authors take a look at each of the parables and then explain how they can be applied to our lives right now. Truly inspiring!

I love this quote from the Introduction:
"Your problems are real. Your tears are real. Your heartache is real. You face things that nobody on the earth can truly understand. The parables of Jesus Christ will help you with your problems. They can bring the solutions and the peace you are seeking. The Savior never did anything on a whim or by accident. His use of parables was intentional and reasoned."

Grab a copy of this book and study the parables. Through them the Savior can help heal all your troubles, heartaches, and pain.

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May 23, 2019

The Candy Cane Caper

by Josi S. Kilpack

Sadie is back...

The theft of a friend’s priceless, family-legacy Christmas ornaments brings amateur detective and culinary expert, Sadie Hoffmiller, back on the case in a new standalone cozy mystery.

In the latest chapter to the Culinary Mystery series, amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller continues combining her sleuthing with her cooking and baking to connect with people and gain information she might otherwise not have access to. Moreover, now that Sadie is married to Detective Pete Cunningham, she has a street-savvy husband to test out her crime-solving theories.

With Christmas approaching, Sadie is preparing for a large blended-family gathering including many new grandchildren--in their home in Fort Collins, Colorado. Even with the festive chaos, Sadie drops everything when word gets out that her friend, Mary, is the victim of a holiday robbery.

At ninety-four years old, and nearly blind, Mary knows this is may be her last Christmas and the last year to enjoy her family heirloom Christmas tree ornaments. She wants just one more holiday to display her ornaments and following Christmas Eve Mass, she’ll pass them on to her great-granddaughter, Joy. Though priceless to the family, the collection has been valued at $40,000, and the Christmas tree in the care facility has never looked so good. But before the ornaments can be retrieved by Mary, eleven of the most expensive ornaments are stolen.

A holiday Christmas caper might be new to Sadie, but she’s ready to mix in her seasoned crime-solving skills with a pinch of new holiday recipes.

SADIE IS BACK and I could not stop reading!
The story setting is wonderful-
The crime is perfect-- until Sadie solves it :)
The recipes are calling my name-
And the ending is heart-melting.

May 18, 2019

Joyful: Piano Duets of Gérald Caussé and Nicolas Giusti

Joyful: Piano Duets 
of Gérald Caussé and Nicolas Giusti

Nicolas Giusti (an acclaimed Italian composer and opera conductor from Rome) met Gérald Caussé (an accomplished pianist, native of Bordeaux, France, and Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) ten years ago.

They became fast friends and bonded over their love of playing the piano and their shared faith. For this album, Nicolas composed five piano duet arrangements of classic hymns with the purpose of sharing the joy of the gospel. He turns the traditionally somber meditation "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" into a surprisingly joyful celebration, and his treatment of classic hymns like "I Need Thee Every Hour" and "God Be with You Till We Meet Again" are unforgettable beautiful exchanges between two incredibly talented pianists.

The album is rounded out with a virtuosic solo rendition of "Because I Have Been Given Much" by Nicolas Giusti. The level of talent on this album is truly magnificent, but what stands out most is the overwhelming feeling of joy that pours out from every note.
    Track List
  • When Can I Turn for Peace?
  • I Need Thee Every Hour
  • You Can Make the Pathway Bright
  • God Be with You Till We Meet Again
  • Because I Have Been Given Much
  • Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide

Allow the beauty of this music to enter your home and your heart.

May 9, 2019

A Song for the Stars

by Ilima Todd
Inspired by a true story

Hawaiian Islands, 1779

As the second daughter of a royal chief, Maile will be permitted to marry for love. Her fiancé is the best navigator in Hawaii, and he taught her everything he knows—how to feel the ocean, observe the winds, read the stars, and how to love.

But when sailors from a strange place called England arrive on her island, a misunderstanding ends in battle, and Maile is suddenly widowed before she is wed.

Finding herself in the middle of the battle and fearing for her life, Maile takes John Harbottle, the wounded man who killed her fiancé, prisoner, and though originally intending to let him dies, she reluctantly heals him. And in the process, she discovers the man she thought was her enemy might be her ally instead.

John has been Captain James Cook’s translator for three voyages across the Pacific. He is kind and clearly fascinated with Maile’s homeland and her people—and Maile herself. But guilt continues to drive a wedge between them: John's guilt over the death he caused, and Maile’s guilt over the truth about what triggered the deadly battle—a secret she’s kept hidden from everyone on the island.

When Maile is tasked with teaching John how to navigate using the stars so he can sail back to England, they must also navigate the challenges of being from very different cultures. In doing so, they might also find the peace that comes when two hearts become one.

What a FANTASTIC story! I love that it is based on true facts!
It was so well written and keeps you engaged the entire book.
I highly recommend this one!

May 3, 2019

Celebrating Motherhood With the Prophets

by Shelly Locke

Brigham Young once called mothers "the moving instruments in the hands of Providence to guide the destinies of nations."

Reverencing the role of mother, we can learn much from modern-day prophets' eternal perspectives on motherhood.

This inspiring collection of beautifully designed quotes reminds mothers of the divine nobility of their eternal callings.

This book is GORGEOUS!
Beautiful artwork adorns inspiring quotes from the prophets.
Each prophet is included from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson. 
These messages need to be heard today more than ever.
Motherhood needs to be honored and celebrated.


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