Mar 19, 2015

Real Moms

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Book Details
Author: Lisa Valentine Clark
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

If you have seen Lisa in Pretty Darn Funny you know that she is DYNAMIC!
Below is one of my most favorite episodes!

Now Lisa shares with us her take on REAL MOMS.

I LOVE how she states in the Introduction:

"Every mom should write a book on motherhood, and every mom could. We all have those special moments when the ridiculous happens and we look around wondering, why aren't there cameras recording all of this? We all find ourselves in situations no one could prepare us for--or, if they tried, we wouldn't have believed such things could happen to us."

We as mother's tend to compare our worst weakness to another mother's strength.

Lisa suggests that we "lower the bar so all moms can be awesome."

We need to let go of perfectionism and understand that we do a lot of "improvising" as Lisa so wonderfully writes...

"I didn’t have gold shoes, and I didn’t have time to go shopping, but I thought I could just spray-paint some heels I owned that I never really wore. I spray-painted them and tried them out for three hours at church where they held up perfectly. I felt pretty good about myself...congratulating myself for my frugality and my foresight for testing them out"...and then the gold started to peel off, in big chunks, leaving big splotches of pink during her very important red-carpet premier--
 (see picture on cover of book :)

Lisa shares fun stories of her love of improvisation and shows that there are a lot of parallels between that and of being a mother.

Filled with humors "acting stories," and "mom stories" and "side rants" this book is PERFECT for mothers everywhere.

Stop trying to be a perfect mom and rejoice in being a REAL MOM

Let us celebrate the uniqueness!

Let us embrace the differences!

Let us encourage the sharing of triumphs...and tragedies!

The best things we can do... is to do the best that we can do...and laugh along the way!

Read the entire book or just a few chapters.

There are stories in here that you will smile at, relate to, and most of all will want to share.

Grab a copy for a MOM that you love, including yourself!

About the Author
Lisa Valentine Clark graduated with a B.S. in English from Brigham Young University. 

She was part of the sketch/comedy troupe "The Garrens" in Provo from 1995 to 2000, and co-founded the theater-as-improv troupe "The Thrillionaires." 

She has done a variety of voiceover and acting work in independent features, including "Gracie" in the award-winning webseries Pretty Darn Funny," which she also writes and produces. 

Lisa spends most of her time in Provo with her husband, Christopher Clark. 

They are the parents of five children who seem to make up a unique comedy troupe all their own.


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