May 31, 2016

Finding Hope in the Journey

by Heidi Tucker

In the midst of suffering and trials in life, we can feel lost . . . abandoned. Life’s unexpected twists and turns cause us to focus inward. Shut down and just survive. But there is hope.

Finding Hope in the Journey is written for anyone who has felt despair, yet yearns for assurance. Experience with depression, chronic pain, a son returning home early from a mission and other difficult journeys gave author Heidi Tucker reason to lose faith. But through her struggles she found healthy patterns which positioned her heart to see God’s hand in her life. Finding Hope in the Journey teaches us how to see, hear and feel those quiet, tender moments of hope. The friendly style of writing is easy to embrace as principles are taught and reinforced through true stories. This book will inspire you to rise up and find new strength, courage and determination to move forward as you implement tools to recognize messages of hope from God.

My Review
I too have felt lost and abandoned and hurt.
I met Heidi when I was needing hope in my life.
Her book title called to me!

I was SO IMPRESSED with her book!
Her story is amazing and I related to it in so many ways!

Her advice is true and will really bring you HOPE in YOUR journey--
Very well written this book is one you MUST read!

About the Author
Life is full of stories. Stories that teach and inspire us to be a little better. A good story can teach a principle. Soften a heart. They are everywhere - and I notice them.

I grew up listening to stories on long desert walks with my Dad. His stories somehow defined me - made me ponder who I wanted to become.

And so I write ...

The beautiful desert of Arizona has been my home through childhood, graduation from Arizona State University, and raising my own family. I have four children and six grandchildren.

My favorite getaway is a good long hike in the mountainous regions of Arizona and Utah. My passion for hiking paves the way for quiet reflection of life's journey and compliments an eagerness to write and speak about it.

When not at the top of a mountain solving life's problems, you will find me with friends and family at the bottom of the ocean scuba diving. Between Mount Timpanogos and the Caribbean Ocean, I will always find a way to tell a story and teach a principle.


1. My parents live in Hyde Park
2. My favorite hike is Mount Timpanogos.
3. The inspiration to write my first book came to me in a dream.
4. I was born and raised in Arizona. Love that dry heat!
5. I conquered my fear of deep water and got certified in scuba diving.
6. I live in Cave Creek, Arizona (just north of Phoenix).
7. All four kids and six grandkids live in Utah! Just give me an excuse to visit!
8. I taught four years of early morning seminary. Love those tired teenagers!
9. My youngest child is 23 and I still haven’t finished her scrapbook.
10. I love hearts and I see them everywhere! I’m obsessed.

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