Mar 5, 2015

The Proven Recipe of Dealing With Stress

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Book Details
Author: Janet Curry
Release Date: March 2015
Genre: Self-Help

Do you participate in some, if not all, of the following?

Family, friends, work, school, church, community, Facebook, Twitter, text, 
games, computer, blog, email, errands, car pool, etc.

Never before has there been SO MUCH that we can do...

And never before have we been so busy...and so stressed!

It's a given -

Demands + Wants + Needs + Lifestyle = STRESS

So what do we do about it?

This book will help!

I find it very interesting that this book came to me yesterday when I was in the panic of stress.

Today I am practicing the principles in this book and it is really helping!

So just what are the principles?

1. Understand what stress is and how YOU react to it.
2. Identify the signs of stress.
3. Practice stress busters.
4. Participate in proven stress management techniques.

Each sections gives you the how, what, and why.

"Do not let anything stress you out so much that you lose your peace of mind."

If you are feeling stress read this book.
If you know someone who is stressed give them this book.
These principles really do help.

About the Author
Janet Curry is a lifestyle expert and Home Motivator. A Home Motivator is the Chief Executive Motivator, Happiness & Personal Transformation Officer for the home. Janet's specialty lifestyle advice in motivation,stress management, creativity,and happiness has helped to restore peace, destiny,and purpose to the lives of countless individuals.

As you might already figure, Janet really enjoys working closely with all things people. She also enjoys cooking and might just whip up a plate of sizzling aglio olio chili beef steak spaghetti if you're lucky enough to be invited to her home!


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