Feb 16, 2016

Three Little Words

by Jennie Hansen, K.C. Grant, Aubrey Mace

The road to true love never did run smooth, but a few bumps along the way make it all the more thrilling. This timeless truth is showcased in Three Little Words, a charming compilation of short stories written by a trio of popular LDS romance novelists. Readers are invited to follow the journeys of three young women as they encounter love where they least expect it.

* Rescuing Bailey by Jennie Hansen
For as long as she can remember, Bailey has loved the boy next door. But despite her feelings, his schedule and his little brother keep getting in the way. Will her childhood crush finally blossom into something real, or will she discover that true love is waiting just around the corner?

* Three Little Words by K.C. Grant
The bet is simple: Elizabeth, a speech therapist, has three days to teach a country bumpkin with a drawl as thick as molasses how to speak like a gentleman. But as she gets to know her charming student, it soon becomes clear that there may be more to him than meets the ear.

* A Crying Shame by Aubrey Mace
Cassidy is in love with the idea of love, though after her most recent breakup, the possibility of finding Mr. Right seems hopeless. But when she meets a handsome classmate in her painting class, she may end up learning more about chemistry than about art.

My Review
I absolutely LOVED this book!
Three amazing authors-- three fun stories!
Grab a copy and escape for a couple of entertaining hours :)

Feb 11, 2016

Double Play

by Raneé S. Clark

Sophie Pope is devastated when she hears the news: her former boyfriend, college football star Anthony “Rocket” Rogers, is engaged to be married. Determined to win him back before he says “I do,” Sophie hatches a foolproof plan to stop the wedding. But when Rocket’s best man, aspiring baseball player David Savage, thwarts her plot, she realizes the game is up. For David, though, it’s just beginning . . . David knows that Sophie is just another pretty face, and he’s more than happy to save his best friend from her shallow advances. She’s not his type at all, so he’s baffled by his response to an awkward encounter with Donovan, another of Sophie’s former flames. Despite himself, David feels driven by an inexplicable need to protect her. Pretending to be Sophie’s new fiancé leads to unexpected sparks between the pair, and soon they’re searching for excuses to spend time together. But when a curveball threatens to send them in opposite directions, will Sophie and David step up to the plate for the possibility of true love?

My Review
I adore fun romance novels like this one!
And don't you just LOVE the cover!?


I loved that this book not only dealt with college and dating and jobs-- But it also spent quite a bit of time on modesty and how the clothes don't make the woman--

A very fun read with something to ponder!
I highly recommend this one!


Disney Collection by Jamberry


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Feb 8, 2016

Brave Girls Club: Choose Happy

by Melody Ross


For I need to be a BRAVE GIRL--

And I need to CHOOSE HAPPY!

My favorite quote from the whole book:

"The most important lesson we can learn is that we can still choose happy even when it doesn't feel as though happy is choosing us."

This book is WONDERFULLY filled with amazing advice on how one can choose to be happy.

Sounds simple enough, but we all need reminders, even daily reminders for some of us!

Grab a copy for yourself!
Grab a copy for all of your friends!

Excerpt Pages

You Will Go Far

by Jenny Kempe

This is a DARLING book!

Fun thoughts!
Fun pictures!
Excellent advice!

PERFECT for yourself or for a gift!

So "set some goals and spread your wings"

This book is about helping do
all those things!

Take a peek at this one!
You will LOVE IT!

Excerpt Pages

Heart Stockings

by Stefanie Hewlett, Allison Foulk

Lulie and Gus are really sad that the Christmas decorations are being put away.

Then they see the Christmas stockings and they have a brilliant idea!

Why not make 'heart stockings.'

Mom and Dad are curious if this is a ploy to get more candy or more toys.

But NO!!!

The heart stockings are to be filled with LOVE~

Love Notes,
Love Coupons,
and SAS (Secret Acts of Service)

Lulie quickly puts a note in Mom's stocking and then goes and helps with the dishes.
Dad does Lulie's laundry and leaves her a note.

Read to see what Gus and Mom do and how this family "look outside themselves to find joy in helping others."

Hang heart stockings and fill January and February with love.

This book is a Deseret Book exclusive--
Also available are "Heart Stockings" all ready to hang :)

Feb 5, 2016

A Princess Story

by Jaci Wightman

Everyone loves a good fairy tale. Filled with hardship and happiness, a princess and her prince, an evil villain, and an epic battle, they draw us into the adventure. But these stories aren’t far from reality. You are living your own personal princess story! Discover how the Lord’s plan of happiness is just like a fairy tale with this inspiring book for women of all ages. Learn to see your divine potential and recognize your inner princess. This enchanting read will guide you to build a closer relationship with the Prince, return to the King, and find your own happily ever after.

My Review
Does your heart resonate with princess stories?
Do you often feel that you are battling a dragon?
Do you wish for the Prince to come rescue you?

This book will explain it all--

You will never look at a princess movie the same again!
Become the star of your own princess life :)

My Favorite Quote
"Each of you was born to be a queen."

I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK!
So many things to ponder!

I am going to go put on my armor right now-- and call on my Prince to rescue me from my dragons!


Eyes to See

by Ardeth G. Kapp

EVERYONE needs to read this book!

Do you struggle with where you are in life?

Or what your life challenges are?

Or have questions?

Or need answers?

This book will help give you tools that you might gain the EYES TO SEE what God has in store for you and that you are not forgotten or alone.

You are loved
And you are watched over
And you have worth

Don't believe me?
Grab a copy of this book and take a few minutes to read and ponder...you will be so glad you did!

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