Sep 12, 2017


by Debra Erfert

This book is FANTASTIC!
Unique circumstances bring these two together and the path is rocky, with Abigail falling into multiple mishaps, but your heart will be entwined with theirs as your root for their love to grow. 

Artist Abigail Carson crashes off the deserted highway during a Wyoming blizzard while driving to reach her dying mother. Carbon County Sheriff Jackson Reynolds rescues her, leaving her Jeep in the snowdrift as the storm becomes a whiteout. They’re trapped at his ranch for the week leading up to Christmas, along with his two young daughters, a protective mother-in-law, and a bitter memory of his dead wife.

Tensions rise as Abby’s attraction grows for the tough sheriff. She must crack through his emotional wall before the storm breaks or lose her only chance for real love. But if the storm doesn't stop soon enough, Abby may lose her opportunity to ask her mother's forgiveness for running away almost ten years before.

Snowdrift is a story about love, faith, and forgiveness.

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Sep 1, 2017

Tuned In


by Jack Marshall

You will laugh out loud with this one!
How are you and your family handling the media--
Are you an "addicted media junkie?"
Can you go 24-hours without any media at all?
Do you allow the media to dictate you thoughts, or self-image?
Do you listen to media more than you listen to the Holy Ghost?
This talk will really make you think about your media habits.
Let's all "fight the good battle."

"We are so tuned in on electronic things, it may be very difficult for us to tune into the spirit."

While the fight between good and evil is nothing new, Satan is constantly adding modern weapons to his armory in his attempts to bring down today's youth. In this entertaining and thought-provoking talk, popular speaker Jack Marshall shares insights into how to overcome today's high-tech temptations. "Your generation is challenged with something no other generation has been challenged with," says Brother Marshall, "and that is high technology and how the adversary uses it for your downfall.

One of the last great battlefields down here is the media-the negative use of television, movies, radio, Internet, billboards, and iPods-there really is not escaping the reach of this Goliath if we're not careful."

With inspiring stories and quotes, personal examples, and teachings from the scriptures, Brother Marshall helps arm the youth with an arsenal of real tools to help them be "battle ready." In a world filled with mixed signals and confusing clamor, Tuned In will be a welcome message for every Latter-day stripling warrior.

Check Me Out

A review copy was provided

by Becca Wilhite

This book is SO ADORABLE!
You will love it from the very first page as the setting is in a LIBRARY -- what a perfect place that we all cherish!

The writing is fantastic with lots of humor and wit.
The texts that go back and forth are heart-capturing.
Do you have a "history crush?" Greta does--
Wait until you find out who it is :)

Grab a copy and then come back and tell me what you think of 
Greta, Will, and Mac


Greta loves her job as assistant librarian. She loves her best friend, Will, the high school civics teacher and debate coach. She even loves her mother despite her obvious disappointment that Greta is still single.

Then she meets Mac in the poetry section of the library, and she is smitten. Mac is heart-stoppingly gorgeous and showers her with affection, poetic text messages, and free hot chocolate at the local café where he works. The only problem is that he seems to be a different person in his texts than in his face-to-face conversation.

When the Franklin Library is threatened with closure, Greta leaps into action. She arranges for a "battle of the bands" book jam, hosts a book signing by a famous author, and finally, stages a protest that raises more than a few eyebrows.

Through it all, she slowly realizes that it is Will, not Mac, who she turns to for support and encouragement. Mac has the looks; Will has the heart. How can she choose between them?

Check Me Out is a contemporary romance--with just a hint of Cyrano de Bergerac--that reminds us that it is what's on the inside that matters most.

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Redefining Joy in the Last Days


by Chris Stewart

Life can be HARD!
Books like this one help us remember to look at the big picture.

Chris Stewart is an amazing writer!
He shares personal experiences in this book that will really help you relate to what he is teaching-- and show you how to find JOY.

What is the purpose of our being? 
How much joy are we supposed to feel in a troubled world? 
Can our trials make us happier as well as stronger? 
If joy is the absence of sorrow or disappointment, 
then how could God be happy (because surely He has reasons for both!)? 

Drawing on unforgettable real-life experiences and rich examples from the scriptures, Chris Stewart offers suggestions for reorienting our lives in order to achieve greater joy and happiness — even in the most challenging times. 

Redefining Joy looks at some of life’s most difficult questions. But be prepared. The answers may surprise you.

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