Mar 30, 2015

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I LOVE self-help books!
Here are 3 I have on my to-be-read pile...
Janet Curry has some AMAZING advice!


If you are constantly broke and need some guidance to make some extra bucks in hand, then this is the book for you. Have you always felt the need for some more money and not in a position to spare extra time over a second job? Then the solution is making money online by which you can forget all your worries.

You don’t need to possess any special skills or talents to make money online .You can start anywhere and anytime you like. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to earning online. Just follow the instructions in the books and get started.

The things you can learn from this book:

• What is online money making all about?
• Who can do it?
• Most common ways in which you can earn
• Best companies /websites for working online
• Selecting the best for you
• Precautions to be taken while working online
• Tips to earn faster
• Success stories

So if you are interested in making money online, all the things you need to know are compiled in this book. Yes! It’s too good to be true. You can not only find the different ways in which you can earn but also, learn how to choose these websites wisely.

Believe me online money making is not as complicated as you may think it is. With the tips and tricks provided in this book, you will start counting your money in no time. From beginners to professionals this book will guide you throughout your online career. Everything is given in a step by step manner which is so easy to understand.

So what are you waiting for? GET IT HERE.



What do you do when you have nowhere to go and when you have distanced yourself from all the people you love? What can you possibly do to overcome this situation? All these things are normal and common and have to be faced no matter what.

If you are reading this right now, you probably need some help to get over loneliness too. But hey! Well done you have already taken the first step to get over it. This book will lead you out of your loneliness in just a few days. Only when you understand your situation correctly you can try and solve it effectively.

What will you learn from this book?
• A clear understanding about loneliness
• How is it different from solitude
• In what stage of loneliness are you in?
• Reasons for your loneliness
• Ways in which you can overcome it
• Amazing tips that get you out of this situation in no time
• Being independent and brave
• Accepting and overcoming loneliness

In this book you can find some really important tips to help you get over your problems. Not only are these tips and tricks simple but they can easily followed. Further into this you will also find some useful rules or things to keep in mind when dealing with loneliness.

Whether you are lonely or you want to help a dear one out of this situation, this book provides all the useful information that you need to understand and deal with it .So read this book , find out how you can say bye to all your problems and make way for a new life and a new beginning. GET IT HERE.



Many a times you have to deal with certain workplace issues that cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Dealing with this kind of negativity at workplace becomes a routine for you. You may also find yourself in hopeless situations which affect both your personal life and career. In this situation, getting yourself out of it is very important and this book tells you exactly how to go about it.

Here are a few things that you can learn from this book:

• Understanding the need for positivity in our work places
• Smart tips to make the office hours fun
• Getting rid of negative situations
• Step by step ways to implement positivity in our lives
• Inspiring and motivating others into positivity
• Dealing with colleagues and bosses
• Basic guidelines to survive in any workplace.

All these above mentioned things plus a lot more is given in this book which will help you to handle any crisis in the office place. The most common office issues are touched upon including some great tips to handle them.

This book not only gives you different ways to sail through your office hours without getting into problems, but also focuses on key aspects such as developing a positive attitude, approaching your targets in a better way and lot more. GET IT HERE.

About the Author
Janet Curry is a lifestyle expert and Home Motivator. A Home Motivator is the Chief Executive Motivator, Happiness & Personal Transformation Officer for the home. Janet's specialty lifestyle advice in motivation,stress management, creativity,and happiness has helped to restore peace, destiny,and purpose to the lives of countless individuals.

As you might already figure, Janet really enjoys working closely with all things people. She also enjoys cooking and might just whip up a plate of sizzling aglio olio chili beef steak spaghetti if you're lucky enough to be invited to her home!


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