Mar 6, 2015

Julia Jane at School

A review copy was provided
Book Details
Author: Audrey Muller
Release Date: February 2015
Genre: Children's Picture

"Julia Cornelia Jane
 is off to school
with very new shoes, 
she is looking so cool!"

And so starts this darling book!

Now tell me if this sound familiar...

Julia's mum tells her to stay out of the rain and the mud with her new shoes...

Julia really wants to go outside, but she reads a book instead.

When it is finally sunny she runs out to play forgetting what her mum had to say.

See what happens when her new shoes are no longer "bright red,"

But are now "muddy brown" :)

Love this author!

About the Author
Audrey enjoys writing and illustrating fun, positive stories for children.

She believes that reading promotes development in literacy, stimulates a spark for imagination, provides opportunities for discussion in a fun way as well as helping create a bond between child and parent, resulting in special moments and joyful memories.

Stories that make you smile.


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