Apr 9, 2015

Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids

Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids
edited by Marci McPhee

How do you handle Father’s Day and Mother’s Day when children may not be living with one of each?

How do you build a celestial nursery with toddlers?

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or leader, this nonfiction book will enhance your resource collection with real world helps, activity ideas, and stories.

In these pages are tales of the exuberant joy as well as the real world challenges of nurturing children.

You’ll also find ready-to-use ideas for channeling boundless energy, teaching about ideal families to children who live in other-than-ideal families, staffing challenges, bullying, children’s music for a lifetime, kids with special needs, building a celestial nursery, pint-sized service projects, and behavior management.

And you’ll find some of the best children’s lesson enhancements and activities of all time.

"What fantastic ideas for working with even very young children to develop core values such as honesty, forgiveness, truth, kindness, love, etc. Such fun things to do with them." - June on Amazon

“Why didn’t I think of that?!” you ask yourself, then gratefully acknowledge: “Thank goodness Marci McPhee did!” With sensitivity to the needs of all children, and love beyond measure for these precious little ones, McPhee lights the way to joyfully leading our children “home.” - Lori Henderson, co-creator of MormonMediaNetwork.com 

This is the most honest, heart-warming collection I have read about teaching children. The tips are practical, real-life, and easily adaptable. This book reminds us of the transforming power of viewing children as the Savior did. It will give new vision to leaders, teachers, and parents. - Gladys Farmer, author, mother, and grandmother with many years of Primary experience

A portion of the proceeds will support 
immigrant mothers and their children at 
Waltham Family School in Massachusetts.

About the Author
Marci McPhee was born in Germany, went to first grade in Panama, and then grew up in Texas, where she joined the LDS Church at age sixteen. After graduating from Brigham Young University and spending twelve years as a full-time mom, she began her career in higher education. Marci has served as stake and ward Primary president, stake Relief Society board member, ward Relief Society president, early-morning seminary teacher, and institute teacher. Her stories have frequently appeared in collections such as Apple Pies and Promises: Motherhood in the Real World and Raspberries and Relevance: Enrichment in the Real World.


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