Mar 18, 2015

Lighten Up & Laugh

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Book Details
Author: Kari J. Rich
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Inspiration

After reading her first book, Heaven Help Us!
I immediately knew that I wanted read this NEW book by Kari J. Rich

Kari is REAL!
Kari is FUNNY!
Kari is a JOY!

Filled with 50 humorous stories this book will make you laugh out loud and smile to the end.

I LOVE the book blurb:

"Is your house cleaner before your kids help you clean it? 

Do you clandestinely de-clutter and hide items in thrift-store-bound garbage bags? 

Do you find the title “Fun Run” to be an oxymoron? 

Does your overeager garden planning result in summers spent doorbell-ditching zucchini?"

You will read true-life stories from Kari's viewpoint and learn how she finds the humor in the everyday activities.

LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. the story of her trying to make an omelette for her newly-wed husband.

And the Valentine Day Conversation is priceless!

Wait until you read how she got lost while snowshoeing with a friend...

Or how she purchased a purple phone for her husband and why...

And the things that were lost (and found) during a family vacation to Las Vegas.

The chapter on Baby Backflash is a GEM! -- SO SAD, yet SO FUNNY!

And if you think YOU have Buyer's Remorse you will LOVE the 19 steps Kari takes in buying an article of clothing.

Each story is WONDERFUL!
Take a break from your life and delve into Kari's life.
You will feel as if you have gained a new BFF.

From the Author
My name is Kari J. Rich and I’m the wife of a cowboy artist, mother of three, weekly columnist for The Herald Journal, graphic designer, public speaker, former lead singer of a band (truth!), and a big fan of Carol Burnett and the Muppets (authentic Jim Henson version).

I live in the western mountain outback with more animals than I ever wanted to take care of.

I graduated from Utah State University in English and design and worked in an advertising agency as a graphic designer and copywriter until I started a family and started working freelance from home.

As I transitioned from corporate to domestic I started writing down the funny things of everyday life in a journal to keep my sanity. Years later, a blog, a column and two books were born. I enjoy exposing the hidden hilarity that lurks in everyday life because it’s pretty darn funny if you choose to look for it.

Grab a copy of Heaven Help Us!

LDS women work hard for many people in many places, striving every day to do and be their best—but how often do they get to simply sit back and LOL? In this collection of wry and witty essays, one modern Mormon mom turns ordinary predicaments into awesome opportunities to lighten up and look at life with a laugh. Whether she’s busting through red tape to get medical assistance for her injured son, celebrating the birth of her child by losing her lunch on the bathroom floor, or having an off-beat adventure in the residue of Mormon culture found at D.I., Kari J. Rich uncovers the hilarity that lurks in everyday situations. See her thwart self-pity with self-deprecation as she rediscovers her testimony in a can of tuna, loses touch with her children by joining the PTA, gets chased down by a hawk on her bike, unknowingly turns into her father on Memorial Day, and battles the family hierarchy at the height of the holiday season. There’s more than frivolity on these pages—golden nuggets of wisdom.

10 Fun Facts about Kari

1. In 8th grade I was the first female class president elected in my junior high’s history.

2. The last thing I want to eat before I die is an Oreo shake.

3. I was the lead singer for a cover band for five years.

4. I’m a middle child (explains a lot, doesn’t it).

5. I had front row seats at the Donny & Marie Show in Vegas and Donny held my hand and serenaded "Puppy Love” to me.

6. When I was five years old I shoplifted a bunch of Andes mints by shoving them down my underwear.

7. I’m terrified of praying mantises.

8. I’ve logged enough miles on my bike to circle the earth once.

9. I hate watermelon, actually all melons. Sorry, it’s a texture thing.

10. I won first prize for my homemade chocolate chip cookies in a baking contest judged by a professional chef who used to cook at the Vatican for the Pope.


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