May 30, 2017

Love, Kennedy

If you loved the movies 
from T.C. Christensen 
you are in for a treat with his upcoming release 
- in theaters throughout Utah on Friday, June 2 -

Film Synopsis:
LOVE, KENNEDY tells the inspirational true story of Kennedy Hansen, a funny, loving young woman whose health suddenly begins to fail. It takes years to find the cause – Juvenile Batten Disease – an extremely rare, horrible and inevitably terminal diagnosis. After living only 16 short years, Kennedy leaves behind an incredible legacy of love and friendship. But her story doesn’t end with her passing, it’s only then the true miracles really begin.

Message from Jason Hansen (Kennedy’s dad)

In life, we all have a story. Some stories are happy, some are sad, some are long and some are short. It is human nature to treat our life as a story book full of different chapters that portray our lives. Our family’s story began with a dream. A dream that was given to me that all now makes sense. In that dream, I was shown my family, my story and what was to come. Unfortunately, part of our dream and a chapter in our life was losing our beloved Kennedy. Yet, through losing her, we also gained her. We gained her through so much more of understanding that when hard things come, you can be positive, you can be loving, understanding and provide an array of love to all of those around you. Those hard things have proven to allow us to grow as a family and share. Share the deepest parts of our souls and the hardest parts of our minds and hearts.


Kennedy’s story could not just be shared by anyone, it needed to be shared by someone who would not be afraid to tell the truth about her life. What really happened throughout her life and what she really believed. T.C. Christensen is that someone. He took to heart the rawness, reality and true life story of Kennedy, our family and the experiences that we endured. He spent time reading, pondering, questioning and asking. He did nothing hasty, yet everything perfectly. He wanted to make sure, that if he was going to tell her story, that the most important parts were shared. And guess what? He did that!

Message from T.C. Christensen

I'm drawn to faith-based true stories. The life of Kennedy Hansen touched me when I was first introduced to her story. This beautiful young woman trusted God’s plan even when those around her questioned why Kennedy had to endure such trails. Before writing the script, I had the opportunity to read through hundreds of journal entries, with the turning of each page, I began to understand her personality. She was kind, compassionate, funny, teased, loved cheerleading, had faith, adored boys (especially Jaden), uplifted those around her, and had great family support including a funny little brother. We had the honor of filming Love, Kennedy in the Hansen’s home, the high school Kennedy attended, and other unique locations specific to her life. I hope when you see the movie that you are inspired by the warmth and love of Kennedy Hansen’s life.

When you see the film, you will see our Kennedy and know the kind of person she was. She loved boys (especially Jaden). She loved her family. All of us, just not one or two of us. The movie shows the special relationship that she has with each one of her family members. She loved cheerleading and music and always dreamed of being normal. And lastly, she loved her Savior and Heavenly Father with perfect faith which in turn allowed her to love EVERYONE whom she met.


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