Mar 27, 2015

A Mother's Greatest Gift

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Book Details
Author: Heidi Poelman
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Inspiration

One of the things I have learned over the years is that your kids love you.

They may not like what you do sometimes...

But you are the perfect mom for them; for they were entrusted to you.

And when it all comes down to it, they love you simply for the fact that you are their mom.

We all know kids don't come with an owner's manual.

However, we have a far greater resource...

We have the Lord's help.

Our children are His children too...

And if we will but listen we can be guided and given insight in how to raise and help them.

"Personal stories, research, and interviews" are given in this wonderful book to help us:

* Understand the role of the Holy Ghost as it pertains to motherhood.

* Know how to hear and heed warnings.

* Realize that we do have angels among us.

* Exert patience when the Heavens seem silent.

* and More

"Relying on the Spirit as you raise your children
is a Mother's Greatest Gift"

Beautifully written you will be comforted, encouraged, and uplifted.

"How much influence can a mother have? I dare say more than a chief executive officer at a big company or an architect with brilliant building designs, or even more than the man who first walked on the moon. Although noble and impressive in the eyes of the world, their impact is limited. A mother's influence is eternal."

About the Author
Heidi Poelman was born in Provo, Utah. She lived in North Carolina, San Diego, London, and Mexico before planting her roots firmly back in the Beehive State. Heidi received her degrees in communication from Brigham Young University (BA) and Wake Forest University (MA). Her experience includes working in public relations for high-tech companies, helping college students fight global poverty, teaching families about nutritious food storage options, writing stories for children, and her favorite post as full-time Mom. Heidi is the author of A is for Abinadi: An Alphabet Book of Scripture Heroes as well as several stories published in The Friend magazine. Her biggest fans are her husband and three children.


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