Mar 20, 2015

Tell Me About It, Sister!

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Book Details
Author: Andrea Faulkner Williams
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Self-Help / Inspiration


After Andrea returned from her own mission she found it difficult to merge her 'before mission' and 'after mission' concepts of what she should be...

She noticed that other return sister missionaries were struggling too.

So she interviewed over 200 return sister missionaries and created this guide to help with the adjustment period.

You will read about topics such as:

* Overcoming Physical Culture Shock
* Overcoming Emotional Culture Shock
* Hottie with an RSM Body
* Back in the Dating Game
* Andrea's Guide to Love
* Did the Spirit Break Up with Me?
* Keeping the Flame Alive
* Called To Serve
* Taking the Focus off of You
* Bumps in the Road
* Three Steps to Finding Your Future
* Does it Have to End?

Filled with SO MANY stories and helps and self-assessment quizzes.

There are journal-prompt pages too!

Grab a copy for every return sister missionary you know!

In fact, grab a copy for every woman you know...there are ideas in there that ALL of us need to work on!


About the Author

Andrea Faulkner Williams is a writer, marketer, wife, mother, and returned sister missionary. She served in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission as well as the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Latin American Studies, she currently works from home as a social media strategist, and serves as The Young Women’s President in her ward.


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