Mar 13, 2014

The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women

Book Details
Author: Alonzo Gaskill
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Gospel Teachings

"The Old Testament and the New Testament make reference to scriptural texts that apparently were authoritative within the Church during the fist century but are not in our Bible today. Even the Book of Mormon suggests that scriptural texts have been lost or gone unrecorded. In the book of Ether we learn that Moroni did not include 'the hundredth part'."

So could it be possible that a Russian journalist, Nicholas Notovitch, found an ancient text spoken by Jesus and hid over the centuries in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery?

I believe it can~

The text tells about the sacred place of women.

And then Alonzo Gaskill has added summaries, insights, and teachings from modern-day Church leaders.

Here is a very small sample~

Verse Sixteen states:
"The wife and the mother are inappreciable treasures given unto you by God. They are the fairest ornaments of existence, and of them shall be born all the inhabitants of the world."

"Jesus reminds each of us that women have a divine gift--that of creating life."

Counsel to Men~
"A man who treats poorly his wife, mother, or any other woman makes a loud, declarative statement about his true feeling toward the 'fairer sex.'"

Counsel to Women~
"Sometimes women are unrecognizable as treasure because the men in their lives are inattentive or ungrateful. Sometimes, however, they are inappreciable as treasure because they choose to do so little for their husbands or sons that they manifest no treasurable attributes."

Here is another very small sample~

Verse Nineteen states:
"Here [through the women in your life] you will forget your sorrows and your failures, and you will recover the lost energy necessary to enable you to help your neighbor."

"The best of lives still encounter opposition...But through the love and interaction of a good wife or mother, a boy or man can overcome these trials."

Counsel to Men & Children~
"The Lord...encourages His sons, in their dark hours, to turn to the wives and mothers in their lives. In a man's hour of desperation or despair, a good woman can often help him to see things 'as they really are.'"

Counsel to Women~
"Helaman's two thousand strippling warriors (said) 'We do not doubt our mothers knew it.' Such is the influence of a good woman upon her sons and husband.

"President Spencer W. Kimball stated, 
'There can be no heaven without righteous women.'"

This book reminds us of the need to put women back into their sacred place.

So insightful!
So many things to ponder!
About the Author
Dr. Alonzo L. Gaskill was reared near Indepence, Missouri, and joined the Church in the fall of 1984. One year later, he served a mission to England. He has attended several schools and universities, earning a master’s degree in theology and a Ph.D. in biblical studies.

He has taught graduate and undergraduate religious education courses at the University of California (at both Berkeley and Santa Cruz) and Idaho State University. He was the director of the LDS institute of religion adjacent to Stanford University, and is an assistant professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. He is a frequent presenter at BYU’s Campus Education Week and Know Your Religion seminars.

Dr. Gaskill and his wife, Lori, are the parents of four children and reside in Payson, Utah.

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