Mar 12, 2014

Cherish the Children

Book Details
Author: Shelly Locke
Release Date: September 2010
Publisher: Digital Legend Press
Genre: Inspiration

There is a softness and a reverence that comes with reading this book.

An awe that can only be felt with the heart while the mind reads the words.

A sacredness that comes with the understanding that these words are true.

"Productive family life is the basis for all measurement for those who are blessed to have a family. Raising a family is a sacred stewardship, designed to teach us, the governing principles of heaven and the kingdom of God. The service and sacrifice rendered in a family prepare us to live in the presence of God. It is by service and sacrifice that we become like Him, more than in any other way."

This is a message...
A call...
Even a plea...

To cherish the children.

Love them.
Nurture them.
Come home to them.

"It is up to us to save our children, to gather them in our arms of love and protect them form the world. We can only do this with them in our watchful care. By this and through this, shall generations be saved by our choices."

Beautifully written.
Words to live by.
Our children do need to be cherished.

About the Author
Shelly Locke is a woman of great works, whose efforts in behalf of women of the world have saved lives, fed souls and clothed the poor in dignity and grace.

She oversees the foundation that makes this all possible, that brings relief to many, as she speaks throughout the world, as a representative of Motherhood, speaking freely to parliaments and kings. She now moves forth to secure the status of the Mothers of the world, as vital contributors to society at large, bringing forth the recognition of the importance of protecting Motherhood in all its dimensions, as the fabric of every nation.

In 2012 Shelly visited Anambra State Nigeria, bringing much needed relief in food, medicine and educational supplies to those devastated by the Anambra Deluge, a disastrous flood of over 20 feet, displacing an estimated 76,000 from their homes, decimating villages and uprooting the “Fertile Crescent” of Nigeria, the agricultural belt which feeds that region of the country.

While there, she spoke to the Commissioner of Women, the press, the local women’s leadership including a regional queen and members of the House of Representatives in behalf of protecting the vital role of Mothers. In Nigeria, filming was completed on her international documentary on the importance of Motherhood, scheduled to premier in Sydney Australia in 2013 and have its American debut at the International Year of the Family Celebration at the UN in 2014.

“Mother Locke” has made an impress on the many countries where she has spoken in behalf of the stability nations enjoy when they support, strengthen and protect Mothers in their sphere. In 2011, at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, she was selected as the recipient of the prestigious “Outstanding Service Award In the Area of Government and Community” for her devotion to serving these two entities, by the Women’s Information Network (The Win Online).

Shelly is currently serving as the UN NGO Representative and International Ambassador for the Howard Center on Family, Religion and Society.Shelly is an author, a former Young Mother of the Year for Utah and holds a very special place in the hearts of those who honor and revere Motherhood as the stabilizing force for every culture, clime and nation.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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