Mar 1, 2014

Chad Morris Talks about Book 2 in the Cragbridge Hall Series

Last year I reviewed Chad Morris' book Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor's Secret

A FUN, CREATIVE story where school work COMES ALIVE 
and a PUZZLE must be SOLVED!

*History class: you "watch" what really happened.
*English: a student sits in a 'chair' and while reading the other students 'see' the story.
*Gym: you get to literally run up a virtual mountain.
*Zoology: you become an avatar of the animal you are studying.

And the challenges Abby and Derrick have to go through to save their parents and grandfather...just wait until you read all about that...SO GOOD!

Now Chad Morris talks about BOOK 2
Cragbridge Hall: The Avatar Battle


  1. I loved the first one, so excited that there is a second. Yeah! Gotta go get it now.

    1. I am reading it right is REALLY GOOD!
      Thanks for stopping by...
      Come see me again on Monday when I review YOUR REALLY GREAT book ~ The Ruby Pendant :)



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