Mar 26, 2014

99 Cents Super Great Sale TODAY

Secret Sisters 
An LDS Cozy Mystery

What a FUN book!

A Relief Society Presidency takes their callings very seriously as they try to help the Bishop and the families in their ward.

But so many mysterious things can happen in a ward...

With the help of a nephew, surveillance cameras, and a niece they catch the bad guys and save the day!
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The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back
YA Romance


The princess always get the prince and the live happily ever after...

But what happens to the ugly stepsisters?

Mattie is so jealous of her beautiful stepsister Ella...

That is until Mattie's world gets turned upside down, thanks in part to Ella...

Everyone who believes in fairy tales and happy endings will LOVE this book!

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Mansfield Ranch
YA Romance

This book captures you from the very first page and keeps you reading until it is finished...

And even then you will want MORE!

LOVE the twists!
LOVE the love triangles!
LOVE this story!

Lilly is so excited to live with her foster family...

BUT that was 8 years ago...

Now she feels like an outsider!

See what happens when the most popular guy in Bloomfield starts paying attention to her and the guy she really wants is trying his hardest to like someone else....

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Clean Romance

99 cents for the whole set!

I have read Blog This and You Belong With Me...I am anxiously looking forward to the other 5!

Blog This

Suspense, action, mystery, romance, and a momma who will do anything to protect her's all in here!

Blogging is a great way to tell others what you believe in...and Natasha's blog is getting a lot of attention!

She is trying to protect children from the dangers of violent video games produced by Matthew Chrysler.

She believes that his games are turning these children into killers because that is exactly what it did to her own brother.

Now Chrysler has sent a hit man to take down her blog...and ultimately kill her.

"Natasha is forced to fake her own death to protect herself and her children."

But can she keep quiet?

Can she stop blogging about how bad these games really are?

You Belong With Me

Three sisters just inherited a bakery shop from a grandmother they hardly knew.

Not having a passion for what they were already doing...Each jump at the chance for working together and making a future as bakers.

They know it will not be easy, but each has vowed to open their hearts to new possibilities...even love should it show up along the way.

Layla is the oldest and this is her story...

She was so burned out from her job as a social worker and finds hope in a little girl who needs a mom and a man who has unlocked her sealed heart.

Will the past, and those trying to sabotage the bakery, keep her from the man who keeps telling her "you belong with me."

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