Mar 19, 2014

Uncle Amos

I have had so much fun reading these books!
Lots of humor!
Darling Pictures!

Release Date: October 2013

Danny doesn't want to move past Kindergarten. 

He loves it there! His Kindergarten teacher doesn't have to go to 1st grade, so why does he?

His mom takes him on a special field trip to meet what happens to people who didn't like school and didn't go.

Find out what advice everyone gives Danny... :)

A FUN story about learning, growing up, and the value of working hard.

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Buzzy's Feet
Release Date: December 2013

Buzzy goes on a hike in the forest...
He meets the King of the Forest but cannot stand because his feet hurt from hiking.

The King offers to give him new horse feet...

His new hooves are heavy and don't help him swim at all.

The next day he goes back to find the King to get NEW feet.

So the King gives him cow legs...

Then turtle feet...and iguana feet...

But nothing seems to work!

SO ONCE AGAIN Buzzy goes before the King...

A darling story of learning to love what you have...for it is usually just exactly what you need.

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Danny's Computer
Release Date: November 2013

Danny LOVES his computer and plays many games on it.

When it breaks and has to go to the repair man for a week Danny doesn't know what to do...

Mother offers many suggestions, but Danny just wants his computer.

Then his father gives him crayons and his mother gives him books...

Friends come by......

See if Danny can go a whole week without his computer and what happens when he gets his computer back.


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How Bobby Got Rid of His Pacifier
Release Date: November 2013

Big brother's are the best and Bobby love his!

But big brother doesn't like the fact that Bobby still uses his "yucky, old" pacifier.

Mom and the dentist know that if Bobby doesn't stop using it, it will mess with his teeth.

Big brother takes on the challenge to help Bobby get rid of his pacifier.

Bribes...Tricks...everything is thought of to help Bobby.

See what finally gets Bobby to decide to get rid of his pacifier.

CUTE story!

Helpful for someone you know who is trying to get rid of their pacifier :)

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(Review copies were provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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