Mar 29, 2014

What's For Dinner?

I have reviewed some REALLY good cookbooks lately 
and I wanted to bring them all together in one post...
Because trying to figure out what's for dinner every day can be quite a task :)

Six Sisters' Stuff

The Six Sisters started their blog to stay in touch and help each other with family friendly recipes.

Now they are sharing with us :)

Basic ingredients
Easy instructions
Kid friendly

I LOVE that they include SO MANY pictures!

This book also includes a lot of fun craft ideas.

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A Year with Six Sisters' Stuff

This cookbook has less crafts and includes FULL MENU ideas...which I LOVE because I often know what meat dish I am going to make but then struggle to come up with side dishes and/or dessert.

Again very basic ingredients, easy instructions, family friendly.

Make sure to try the Slow Cooker Eight-Can Taco Soup Menu and the Overnight Caramel French Toast Menu...SO GOOD!

This book also includes a few crafts, a 'crazy dinner tradition', a suggested pantry staples list and more.

Full review COMING~

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The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook

We are a very busy people and we are picking up so much fast food because of included.

A better solution, I believe, is to pull out the slow cooker and make dinner BEFORE you leave in the mornings...

This cookbook has so many TERRIFIC recipes.


Do you have TWO or THREE slow cookers? Try using all of them...for a complete menu of main dish, side dish, and dessert ready to go when you walk through the door :)

Be sure to make the Chicken Pot Pie Soup...really good!

See my full review HERE

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The Romney Family Table

I was pleasantly surprised with this book.

I thought the ingredients would be very fancy and something I don't normally carry, but they are just basic ingredients :)

This book was put together in an effort to help family come together at the dinner table.

Stories of the Romney's gathering around the table are included and are very fun to read!

They share family traditions, holiday traditions, and lots of pictures.

And the Parmesan Chicken is to die-for-good!

See my full review HERE

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Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook

If you LOVE pasta, pizza and Italian spices like I do then this cookbook hits the spot!

Delicious, easy recipes!
No alcohol~ hence the "Mormon" in the title

Meatballs, chicken, and sauces that will leave you wanting MORE :)

Also included are fun Italian facts and jokes!

"An Italian meal isn't just a meal ~ 
It is an experience!"

See my full review HERE

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Cougar Football Cookbook

What a FUN idea this cookbook is...different players and their wives came together with their favorite a good variety is included.

LOVED the Swiss Cheese Chicken and Kassie's Pani Popo (Coconut Buns)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ingredients list in the is listed by ingredient type...have can make...Blue and Red Berry Pie, Cougar Blueberry Cheesecake, Muscle Recovery Smoothie, or On-the-Go Green Smoothie.

Have ground beef? You can make...

All the author proceeds goes to benefit the Thursday's Heroes charity :)

See my full review HERE

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