Mar 18, 2014

The Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook

Book Details
Author: Christina Dymock
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Front Table Books
Genre: Cookbook

We lead BUSY lives! It is just the way the world is today.

And I know I have fallen into the trap of just picking up some fast food on my way home.

But as I have done that my waistline has expanded.

I need a better way!

And what better way than fixing dinner BEFORE you leave in the morning and coming home to a SWEET-SMELLING home in the evening with dinner all ready to go :)

That is what Slow Cooker cooking can do for you!

There are SO many mouth-watering recipes in here...

Like the Citrus Roast or the Pepper Steak Sandwiches as shown.

EASY recipes!

Staple ingredients!

Lots of pictures!

I have never even thought about this before...but as I was looking through this book I started thinking...

I need 3 slow cookers....
*1 for the main dish
*1 for the side dish
*1 for the dessert

Can you even imagine how fun it would be to come home to a COMPLETE meal?

Usually I do the meat and then still have to pull together the sides/desserts when I get home.


I only have 2 slow cookers right now...

I made a main dish and a side dish one day...

Another day I made a main dish and a dessert...


Of course one day I just made a delicious soup which was perfect all by itself~

Grab this cookbook and come back to the kitchen with ME! 

I think we will all be healthier :)

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About the Author
Christina Dymock was once at a dinner party where her husband was teasing her about the frosting-to-cupcake ratio on her dessert. The woman sitting across from them sniffed her delicate nose and said, "If my husband gave me a hard time about my frosting I'd quit baking. That'd show him." To which Christina's husband replied while pointing at his speechless wife, "Try to stop her!"

Christina divides her time between the kitchen and her computer and books and her family of six. (Naturally, the family gets the biggest share.) Because she reads everything, she also feels compelled to write in several genres.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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