May 8, 2017

The Perfect Mom

by Michelle Wilson

The title of this book is The Perfect Mom--
But I LOVE the writing between the lines:
The totally and completely perfect even when 
you feel like the worst mom ever :)

Do you ever lose you kids? Have you ever called them by their siblings names? Have you gotten cross with them? Or lost patience with them? Have you stolen Easter or Halloween candy from them? 
Do you often feel like the WORST. MOM. EVER?
Then you SO NEED to read this book!!!

Filled with Michelle's wit and humor you will realize that you are the mom your kids need-- which makes you PERFECT for them!


Do you ever try to be the perfect mother, only to end up feeling like the worst mother ever?

I have.

When I was young, I thought my mother was perfect. Imagine my devastation when I realized she was an imperfect person like the rest of us. When I became a mother myself, I was determined to be the perfect mom for my kids. However, many times the opposite happened and I felt like the worst mother ever. Here I share six such occasions where my worst-mother-ever moments really shine (like that time my friend's child asked for a salad for lunch and mine was eating cereal off the floor, or the time my daughter cut her hair into a half-mullet when I wasn’t home).

But, the truth is, even though we are not perfect women, we truly are the perfect moms for our kids. Through learning to laugh at ourselves, recognizing moments of perfection, not comparing ourselves to others, seeing God's hand in our lives, and accepting the reality that isn't only our strengths that make us good mothers, but our weaknesses as well, we can truly come to believe that we are the perfect moms for our kids. And, most likely, our own moms, imperfections and all, are perfect for us, too.

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    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for writing such amazing books!



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