May 18, 2017

How Does Bookshelf Plus Work?

I have recently been sharing a lot of the FREE titles 
you can get with Bookshelf Plus--

With Bookshelf Plus you are able to download over 
500 audiobooks and 1,500 ebooks for FREE-- 
I am simply AMAZED at this!!! 

And the first 30-Days are also absolutely FREE too-- 
letting you test it out with no obligations! How great is that???

Let me show you how easy it is to sign up
1. First make sure you have the FREE Deseret Bookshelf app
You can find that in your app store--
And you get 8 FREE ebooks right off the start

2. Next click HERE to get to Bookshelf Plus

3. Select the "Try it free for 30 days"

4. Follow the prompts to choose the yearly or monthly plan. 

5. Once you are signed up go to the "Discover" prompt on your Bookshelf app-- You will now see books that have orange PLUS ribbons on them-- those are the titles you can get for FREE :)

6. Simply click on a book you want-- then tap "Download and Open with PLUS"

That's it-- Super easy and 

You can also find PLUS books on as long as you are logged in -

Look at all the audiobooks and ebooks I have downloaded for FREE 
in just the last couple of weeks

I am still shocked they are offering this--
Can you even imagine all the money I have saved???

I cannot say enough good about Bookshelf Plus

Click HERE if you want to try it for 30 Days

You can also click the #BookshelfPlus tag at the bottom of this post to see more FREE titles offered on Bookshelf Plus


  1. Would you be able to keep the books after you download them? Even if you stop your service? Is this any different than OverDrive or Hoopla that libraries offer?

    1. GREAT QUESTION-- Bookshelf Plus is similar to OverDrive and Hoopla in that you can download audiobooks and ebooks for free. I like Bookshelf Plus because I can get the brand new books the day they come out. As long as you are a subscribed member you can download, read, and listen all you want. But, yes, once you cancel your subscription you will lose those books. Let me know if you have any other questions :)



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