May 9, 2017

Great eBooks by Kerry Blair

"Kerry Blair is a successful mystery author who weaves infectious humor throughout her work." -- Goodreads


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Ghost of a Chance -- eBook is FREE with Plus

True love is like a ghost. Many people believe in both, but few find either. Samantha Shade has been hired to find out if there is more than rats and bats and feral cats haunting the crumbling remains of San Rafael Mission, home of Father Rodriguez’s impoverished flock. But soon the rookie PI is sidetracked by a series of murders occurring within the parish—and by the attractive police detective involved in that investigation. Several young men have been found murdered—each with a marigold between his lips. The clues all seem to lead to someone at San Rafael. Who could be responsible? Someone Sam used to love? Soon Samantha comes all too close to the answer as she is led through the crypts below San Rafael on a journey that could only end on the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Mummy's The Word-- eBook is FREE with Plus

When Samantha Shade is offered the opportunity to run Nightshade Investigation, her uncle's private detective agency, she literally jumps at the chance. It has always been her dream to work at the famously quirky firm. But when a wealthy, eccentric client hires Nightshade to protect a priceless artifact, and the relic is almost immediately stolen from right under Samantha's nose-her dream turns into a terrible nightmare.
With a long list of suspects, and a short supply of experience, Samantha must accept the help of an antagonistic and reluctant policeman and the eclectic staff at Nightshade to solve the case and keep her uncle's beloved firm from disaster.
Filled with the twists, turns, and thrills of classic detective novels, along with a generous helping of humor, readers will enjoy sleuthing the crossword clues in this exciting, frothy mystery.

This Just In-- eBook is FREE with Plus

“I never thought anybody would hear these words from me, but there are times when fashion doesn’t count.”
When a presidential candidate’s young son disappears into the Arizona desert, TV fluff reporter Jillanne Caldwell gets her first chance at a real news story. But the former beauty queen will soon be forced to face her worst nightmares—and perhaps realize her biggest dreams—in her own hilarious way. Accompanying Jill on the race to save her favorite Sunbeam is Clay Eskiminzin, a seasoned tracker who dislikes reporters because of a secret of his own. Clay knows he can find Connor, but can only hope to find him alive. Thus the unlikely pair begins a desperate search in a vast, unforgiving desert wilderness where they must battle against the evils of men as well as the unrelenting forces of nature if they hope to save an innocent child.

Closing In-- eBook is FREE with Plus

Libby James, the new librarian for Alma Elementary School, has come to the small, quirky town of Amen, Arizona to spend her life in her books, in her garden, and in solitude. But she is hiding from far more than just an outside world she finds painful and unforgiving. Libby is really Elisabeth Jamison, owner of Jamison Enterprises and one of the richest women in the country. Unbeknownst to her, Libby is also suspected of selling highly classified information from her company’s government defense contracts.
As a new semester begins at Alma Elementary, David Rogers, a dashing, young Naval officer arrives to teach sixth grade, courtesy of a grant from the government. At least that’s his story. He’s actually been sent undercover by the CIA to find out all he can about the woman who calls herself Libby James.
David quickly learns that Libby is not only beautiful, but that she is completely unaware of any wrongdoing at her company. Soon his agenda shifts from trying to prove her guilty, to protecting her from whoever is guilty—and is systematically eliminating the people who get in their way.

The Heart Has Its Reasons-- eBook is FREE with Plus

Andi Reynolds has always had a plan for everything in her life, and Sterling Channing is exactly the kind of person who fits her checklist for the right kind of husband. Everyone but Andi's little sister agrees that Andi and Sterling will make the perfect couple. Then Andi meets Greg Howland four days before Sterling returns from his mission.
Greg has found a success he never imagined possible, but what started as a dream is becoming a nightmare. Still mourning the death of his brother, Greg Howland is also still paying a painful price for his brother's mistakes.
When Greg meets Andi he feels a whisper of hope for a better life, but is there room in Andi's life for someone like him?
The Heart Has Its Reasons is a romantic novel for everyone who still believes in following their heart!

The Heart Has Forever-- eBook is FREE with Plus

Andi Reynolds always knew she'd marry Sterling Channing when he came home from his mission. Who would have guessed that just four days before his return, she would meet Greg, a professional baseball player, and fall reluctantly--but joyfully--in love?
But Greg is surrounded by people who want to exploit his fame and wealth, and it's a constant battle to find more time for his new faith and for Andi. Meanwhile Sterling's attempts to win her back nearly costs Andi everything.
Andi's sister Clytie is also discovering the magic of love but hers is nothing like Andi's whirlwind romance. Thaddeus--intelligent, cynical, and funny--is dying from a terminal illness. Even though Clytie knows that she will soon be alone with only a memory of love, she willingly gives him her heart.
In The Heart Has Forever, author Kerry Blair has written a tender romantic story about two sister's search for true love, and the very different paths each must take to find it.

The Heart Only Knows-- eBook is FREE with Plus

When your fiance is an incredibly handsome, professional baseball player, it's hard to find time to be alone. Not that Andi Reynolds is complaining. It's just that everyone wants a piece of superstar Greg Howland — from the news-hungry media, to his adoring fans. The only thing that keeps Andi sane is the knowledge that in a few short months, Greg will be taking her to the temple, and then he'll be all hers . . . until next season, of course.
But when someone begins stalking and threatening Greg, he fears that Andi will get hurt — if not killed. In an attempt to protect her, Greg distances himself from Andi. But in the process, she starts to feel alienated, and wonders if it's even worth it. When the stalker kidnaps Andi and her younger brother, Greg must make one of the most important decisions of his life — who will live, and who will die.
With insight and emotion, Kerry Blair brings to life a tale of an uncommon love between two people, and the dangerous deception that threatens to tear them apart. Between the breathtaking adventure and gentle romance, one thing is certain — The Heart Only Knows will be one of your favorite books of the year.

Kerry Blair also has written some 
AMAZING inspirational books
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Counting Blessings: Wisdom and Wit for Women-- eBook is FREE with Plus

Spiritual refreshment is only pages away in this down-to-earth collection of inspiring stories and essays. Like a wise and witty friend, Kerry Blair leads you through the rough spots of life by poking gentle fun at herself in such a vivacious way that you'll be smiling at your own foibles. You'll laugh out loud-and occasionally be moved to tears-as you discover some of life's greatest truths hidden within these simple pages. Reclaim your sanity and enrich your soul with this humorous and poignant anthology that celebrates the joy of being alive and shows how greatly each of us is blessed.

Angels Bending Near The Earth-- eBook is FREE with Plus

'Twas nearly the night before Christmas, and holiday spirit was stirring all through the ward meetinghouse - thanks to the children's pageant director, who'd spent the last month writing the script, assigning parts, sewing costumes, building a stable, and directing twenty-some overexcited kids. Despite being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the director couldn't be more pleased as the bishop stood to welcome the audience in the perfectly prepared cultural hall. But just as the opening prayer began, a windblown little girl ran into the room, grabbed the director's hand, and reminded her of a forgotten promise the director couldn't keep - a promise that, if broken, might also break the fledgling faith of a vulnerable child. From celebrated LDS author Kerry Blair comes this true story of an almost-Christmas Eve when an ordinary woman learned an extraordinary lesson in faith, prayer, and God's love that will set hearts aglow with the spirit of the season.

For God so Loved the One-- eBook is FREE with Plus

The story of a Christmas orange changing the life of a little orphan girl has been popular for decades. The story of a Christmas orange changing the lives of two Arizona sisters in the gospel has never been told. Until now. This contemporary true story of the miracle of a simple Christmas orange is a poignant reminder of the wonders that can happen when we follow the Spirit and share God’s love with all of His children—but especially when we share it with the one.

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