May 5, 2017

I ADORE Mary Ellen Edmunds!

Mary Ellen Edmunds is one of my most favorite authors!
I read EVERYTHING she does!!
And now you can too, for FREE even, 
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The Mary Ellen Edmunds Collection-- Audiobook (MP3)

Especially for audio lovers! For more than twenty years, author and speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds has delighted audiences at BYU Education Week, at BYU Women's Conference, at Time Out for Women events, and at firesides and conferences throughout the Church. Now you can enjoy her trademark humor and thoughtful insights in this delightful collection of ten favorite audio products — guaranteed to buoy your spirit and gladden your hear.
Included in this package of timeless favorites:
  • Avoiding the Alluring Call of Materialism
  • Love Is a Verb
  • It's About Time
  • Stress Busters
  • Happiness: Finders, Keepers!
  • Africa: Big Lessons from a Little Village
  • Gratitude: The Theory of Relativity
  • Prayer, the Soul's Sincere Desire
  • Peace Amidst Suffering
  • Peculiar — In a Good Way

Peace Amidst Suffering-- Audiobook (MP3)

Is peace possible amidst suffering? Through scriptural and personal examples, popular speaker and author Mary Ellen Edmunds explores the purposes of suffering and ways to feel peace when immersed in adversity. She cautions against comparing our own trials to those of others, reminding us that we "should not discount each other's suffering" but instead "bear one another's burdens." With characteristic humor and humility, she notes the difference one person can make through small, selfless acts and offers hope that we can trust God through his love and wisdom to help us find peace even in the trials we experience.

You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need-- eBook

Why does it seem we are always looking for more? In her wonderfully unique style, author Mary Ellen Edmunds suggests that You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need because what you don't need never satisfies. "I can have a house filled with stuff and things, but if it's not what I need, it will never satisfy me, no matter how much I have," she observes. Have you noticed that the happiness we equate with abundance often eludes both those who get what they want in life and those who don't? This eye-opening treasure hunt of a book will help you find the secret to living with contentment.
Also includes activity suggestions to help families distinguish between needs and wants, be more aware of the influences around us that encourage materialism, and be more grateful and content with what we have.
Tug of War-- eBook
Before we were born, we had a choice to make—a choice between happiness and misery. "But the war continues. We're still tugged towards Zion on the one hand ... and Babylon on the other." In Tug of War, Time Out for Women presenter Mary Ellen Edmunds discusses the differences between Zion and Babylon and why we can't "camp out" somewhere between the two. Our choices, including the seemingly small ones we make every day, have consequences that can lead us toward Zion: a place for the pure in heart, or Babylon: the antithesis of Zion.

Love Is a Verb-- eBook

Known for her wit and wisdom, Mary Ellen Edmunds writes about all the ways to show love, to give love, to be love. From the first chapter by the same title all the way through the chapter "Charity Never Faileth," Love is a Verb is filled with charm and insight that Mary Ellen conveys through personal experiences she has felt, observed, and acted upon over the years. We learn from watching others, and mostly they don't know they're providing a learning experience for us. She tells about touching and tender moments with people who have been examples of Christ-like love. She also tells of funny incidents with people who have brought pure joy to others through love and laughter. Mary Ellen teaches that charity, the pure love of Christ, is something everyone deserves to experience — by both giving it and receiving it.

Keeping It Together in a Pull-Apart World-- eBook

Is life pulling you in too many directions? Are you out of time, out of patience, and out of humor? Keeping It Together in a Pull-Apart World, the newest book in the Time Out Classics series, gives practical ideas for managing the stress of everyday life and redirecting your attention to the things that matter most. Bestselling author and popular speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds presents her usual mix of humorous anecdotes and thoughtful insights in this positive, upbeat approach to one of life's most common (and perplexing) dilemmas.

It's about Time-- eBook

It's about Time, by Mary Ellen Edmunds. With her renowned humor, Sister Edmunds counsels entertainingly and perceptively on time management, planning, and setting priorities from both practical and spiritual perspectives.

Gratitude: The Theory of Relativity-- Audiobook (MP3)

What do you need to be happy? A TV? A cellular phone? A microwave oven? Hairspray? Hot, running water? Refrigeration?
Mary Ellen Edmunds has lived in Third World countries. She has seen the sometimes desperate conditions in which people live there.
While observing their poverty, she has also taken note of their generosity and the gratitude they feel for the few things they own. Many seem utterly content with their simple lifestyle. In this humorous yet thought-provoking tape, Mary Ellen Edmunds explains how wealth is “relative.”
You may laugh when she points out the absurdity of our advertisements for things we think are essential — that is, until you start to blush.
Does she intend to make us feel guilty about the plenty we enjoy? No. But she would like us to reflect on our “riches” and see how being spiritually impoverished is an even greater disadvantage than not having shoes to wear.

Peculiar in a Good Way-- eBook and Audiobook (MP3)

"Being peculiar is not about horns," begins bestselling author Mary Ellen Edmunds. In this humorous but thought-provoking book, she explores what really makes "a peculiar people" and what sets us apart as a distinct and different from the rest of the world. "Others surely do notice things about us" she states, "so what would it be like if we could be depended upon to live what we believe every inch an minute of our lives?" Using scriptures and personal experiences to help explain our uniqueness, Mary Ellen presents a positive and upbeat approach to making little changes that will help us strive to become better when we're already pretty good.

Prayer, The Soul's Sincere Desire-- Audiobook (MP3)

How can we make our communication with our Heavenly Father more meaningful and enjoyable? What do we need to do to “pay the price” to receive answers to our prayers?
In this engaging talk by beloved speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds, listeners will learn more about the work of prayer, the language of prayer, and the feelings associated with prayer. Prayer is both a blessing and a commandment, and when we learn to trust our Heavenly Father and truly seek his will, we can have the confidence that he hears, understands, and answers us. Blending scriptures, quotes from Church leaders, and personal experiences, Sister Edmunds teaches us how to be more effective in our own prayer life.

MEE Thinks: Random Thoughts on Life's Wrinkles-- eBook

"Lots of times when people ask me about my hobbies or interests, I'll include 'thinking,'" writes Mary Ellen Edmunds, known affectionately to her friends by her initials, "MEE." MEE Thinks is a delightful journey through many of these musings. In it, Mary Ellen shares her thoughts on topics from balance to the Big Bad Wolf, inviting readers to think for themselves about materialism and spontaneity and miracles and keeping promises and a host of other ideas. "I hope something I share will spark and idea in you and give you a good thinking experience," the author says. "Enjoy the Ride!"

Africa: Big Lessons From A Little Village-- Audiobook (MP3)

Asked to help establish a child health project in West Africa, Mary Ellen Edmunds soon found that she had as much to learn as she did to teach. In this delightful talk on CD, she shares heart-touching stories of her experiences. The insights she gained will open your heart and mind to a foreign culture made familiar by the influence of the Spirit.

Happiness: Finders, Keepers-- eBook

Happiness. What is it, and where can it be found? Is it an ideal to be hoped for in the next life, or a reality to be sought here and now?
"To me there was never a time when we had a greater need for happiness and for the peace, contentment, serenity, hope, gratitude, and joy that are part of it," writes Mary Ellen Edmunds. In Happiness: Finders, Keepers, she offers a wealth of practical, cheery, spirit-filled suggestions for living a happier life.
Since our Father in Heaven's plan is "the great plan of happiness," and since one of the reasons for our very existence is that we "might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25), it's clear that we're meant to be happy right now, here, today! We can do so, even in the midst of trials, if we understand the true nature of this heavenly gift.
"I am convinced that even with the heavy burdens, the awful injustices, and the tragedies in the world, there is happiness all around us," writes the author. "We must be the finders and the keepers — those who are aware of and who cherish this holy, abundant blessing."
Overcoming stress, maintaining a sense of humor, remembering our blessings, feeling gratitude — these are just some of the paths to happiness discussed in this delightful book. Warm personal stories and solid insights from the scriptures and the words of Church leaders help shape our perspective. The message is one of hope: There are things we can do and feel that will make us almost instantly happier.
As Mary Ellen says: "May we remember that we already chose the great plan of happiness, but we need to choose it again, hour after hour and day after day, through all our earthly experiences. . . . If we will, we can live happily ever after!"

All the Time You Need-- eBook

Learn how to give yourself enough room so you can have enough room for others. 'We want to do everything so quickly,' says bestselling author Mary Ellen Edmunds. 'We hunt for fast-food, shortcuts, one-hour photo developing, express elevators, condensed books, instant soups, and ten-minute oil changes. I have a 72-minute kit.' In this delightful booklet Mary Ellen combines her trademark humor with concrete suggestions to help women prioritize, plan, and pursue what really matters most. 'Perhaps we can consider this advice, which has been given by many,' she says, 'to tithe our time. Miraculously nine minutes go further than ten, just as nine pennies go further than ten...somehow, when we do what God asks us to do, the best we can, keeping first things first, our time seems to come back to us, added upon and multiplied. It's a miracle.'

MEE Speaks: But Does She Have Anything to Say?-- eBook

Popular author and speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds is affectionately known to thousands of people by her initials, MEE. This sequel to her bestselling book MEE Thinks shares more of her whimsical thoughts about a host of topics such as noisy neighbors, unexpected gifts, early retirement, and putting first things first. This thoughtful, creative, poignant, funny book will lift your spirits and encourage you to think more deeply than ever before about the things that really matter in life (as well as some that don't matter so much)!

Buck Up, Little Buckaroo-- eBook

Sometimes you just feel lonely ...
"Being lonely at times seems to be part of life," writes Mary Ellen Edmunds, "and even the friendliest and most outgoing of people experience those Being lonely isn't necessarily bad for you, but staying lonely is." With that idea in mind, Mary Ellen applies her trademark good cheer and careful thinking to the topic of loneliness, helping us understand that loneliness is painful but not terminal, that we don't have to be alone to be lonely, and that loneliness doesn't need to rule our lives.
This helpful little book is filled with strategies for dealing with loneliness, ideas for helping others who might be lonely, and gratitude for the blessings that can help us learn from our "alone times."
  • Chapter 1: What is Loneliness?
  • Chapter 2: Strategies for Dealing with Loneliness
  • Chapter 3: the Gift of Friendship
  • Chapter 4: Reaching Out to Those Who Are Lonely
  • Chapter 5: When All Else Fails, Buck Up, Little Buckaroo
  • Chapter 6: What Can We Learn from Loneliness?
  • Chapter 7: The Blessing of Solitude
  • Chapter 8: And There Shall Come a Day
  • Sources
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