Apr 25, 2013

A Longtime (and at one point illegal) Crush

Book Details:
Author: Janette Rallison
Release Date: February 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I have about 31 books that I NEED to read...
But when I saw this on Amazon this morning...AND it was only $ .99...AND it was only 58 pages...I knew I just had to push everything else aside and read it!
I LOVE Janette Rallison's books and I knew I would LOVE this one too :)
And it was SO WONDERFUL!
A sweet, romantic, heart-tender book!
I wish it had been longer!

Book Description:
From the day Elsie’s older brother brought his friend Kye McBride over to their house, Elsie adored him. When she was eight, she secretly blew kisses to him. When she was twelve, she sat on the stairs unnoticed and watched him escort another girl to prom. When she was a senior in high school, she walked into math class and found out he was her new math teacher.

With that much emotion fueling her, things were bound to go wrong. And they did. Elsie not only spent the last two weeks of school avoiding him, she turned avoiding-Kye-at-all-costs into her life-long philosophy.

Now three years have passed and Elsie has come home for her brother’s wedding. She’s got to face Kye-–hopefully without getting crushed again.

Fun side fact:
Janette's husband's grandparents: Leo and Lucile Rallison met when Lucile was a senior and Leo was an agricultural teacher at her high school. For Leo it was love at first sight--since he didn't know if she was another teacher or a student. When he found out she was a top scholar, he went out of his way to be friendly to her. He would smile and wink at her to see her blush.

At the end of the year Leo got permission from the principal to ask Lucile to the prom. Two years later they married, settled down, and proceeded to have nine children. Their descendants now number into the hundreds.

Janette says: 
"I've always thought their romance was a sweet story. It avoided the whole creepiness issue because the two so clearly loved each other. he wasn't using his position of authority to get something that was improper. He didn't hide his courtship--and he didn't kiss her until they had been seeing each other for six months. he had real and honorable feelings for her, evident by their marriage....I am glad you fell in love! It led to me falling in love with your grandson."

Abut the Author:
I LOVE this bio found on her blog...

Janette Rallison is old. Don't ask how old, because it isn't polite. Let's just say she's older than she'd like to be and leave it at that.

Janette lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, five children and enough cats to classify her as "an eccentric cat lady." She did not do this on purpose. (The cats, that is; she had the children on purpose.) Every single one of the felines showed up on its own and refuses to leave. Not even the family's fearless little Westie dog can drive them off.

Since Janette has five children and deadlines to write books, she doesn't have much time left over for hobbies. But since this is the internet and you can't actually check up to see if anything on this site is true, let's just say she enjoys dancing, scuba diving, horse back riding and long talks with Orlando Bloom. (Well, I never said he answers back.)


  1. I loved this book too! I love all of Janette Rallison's books. I have read every one I've been able to get my hands on. I think my favorites of hers are My Fair Godmother, Slayers, and Masquerade.

    1. I LOVED My Fair Godmother and Masquerade too!
      I haven't read Slayers yet...

      I have also read and LOVED:
      My Unfair Godmother
      Just One Wish
      It's a Mall World After All
      Revenge of the Cheerleaders
      Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws
      Dakota's Revenge
      What the Doctor Ordered

  2. Janette is one of my favorite authors. I get all her books. I read this one too - here's my review. I'm glad that you liked it too! :)

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

    1. Thanks for taking a look...:)
      I'll head on over to your blog and leave a comment...



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