Nov 18, 2014

Redeemer: A Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ w/ CD Giveaway

I am feeling SO HUMBLE 
and SO BLESSED right now

Seven days ago I was able to attend the "Deck Your Shelves" Event  where I learned about a lot of new products coming out this season (you have been seeing blog posts about those)

Also at that presentation I was able to hear from the following authors as they told about their new books:

* Josi S. Kilpack (Wedding Cake + A Heart Revealed)
* Michael McLean (Fairy Tale Christmas)
* John Lyde (The Christmas Dragon)
* Ilima Todd (Remake)

THEN...Three days ago I had the great opportunity to help put together an author signing for:

* Jennifer Moore (Lady Emma's Campaign)
* Carla Kelly (Softly Falling)

THEN...Yesterday Jason Deere walks into my work and ask me "Do you want to come to my concert?"

Let's see...Let me think...


So two free tickets, a night with my husband, and a concert that was PHENOMENAL later...I am reporting!

We have played this CD overhead at work every day, all day, for the past 7 weeks and I have grown to LOVE IT!

However, tonight's concert BROUGHT IT TO LIFE!

Each song is sung from the perspective of a person who personally knew the Savior.

You will hear from John the Baptist, the blind man, Pilate's wife, the soldier, the thief, among others...

This music will touch your heart~


~US address only Please~
Track List
* He Is Coming - Featuring John Cowan
* John's Song - Featuring Troy Johnson
* What Manner of Man Is This? - Featuring Jason Deere and Chad Truman
* Blind - Featuring Alex Boye
* The One - Featuring Due West
* Tears on His Feet - Featuring Cardin Lopez
* What a Saint Should Be
* Pilate's Wife - Featuring Katherine Nelson
* Soldier and the Thief - Featuring Jason Deere and Ben Truman
* Peter (Wide Awake) - Featuring Diamond Rio
* He Is Risen - Featuring Nathan Pacheco, Kassidy Osborn, SHeDAISY and John Cowan
* Apostles - Featuring Jason Deere
* When the Son of Man (Come Again) - Featuring David Archuleta
* The Greatest Story - Featuring Ben Truman


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