Apr 17, 2014

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice w/ $10 Amazon Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Heidi Ashworth
Release Date: April 2014
Publisher: Dunhaven Place Publishing
Genre: Regency Romance

Oh how I LOVE a good Regency Romance! And this one is SO. SO. SO. GOOD!

When romance versus propriety...the heart always wins, but not without a chaperone, lots of gossip and possibly a scandal :)

Miss Elizabeth Armistead is betrothed to a British soldier, Duncan.

She was there, in India, when he had his accident and has been by his side during his healing.

Only he didn't heal fully, he was blinded.

But Elizabeth feels this is a blessing for she knows that he loves her for more than her beauty that he cannot even see anymore.

She is now awaiting his arrival in England where the banns will be read and the wedding will take place.

It is in London that she meets Mr. Colin Lloyd-Jones.

Colin is just getting over being betrayed and has sworn off all balls and the London season.

So he is quite brisk with Elizabeth when she shows up at his door needing help with her carriage.

But when he learns that she is already engaged he feels safe and lets his heart soften a little.

Their friendship grows as Elizabeth waits for her intended...

Now she finds herself with a decision to make...

Wait until you read the GREAT twist in the story towards the end!

So didn't see that coming!

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About the Author
7 years old--Heidi writes her first story. Its's a hit (with Mom).

10 years old--since her sisters are big Georgette Heyer/Jane Austen fans, she writes a first "regency romance". Even though she dedicated it to her eldest sister who longed to visit England, she didn't let anyone read it (probably a good idea).

14 years old--she publishes a short story in the kids section of the San Jose Mercury News. She begins experimenting with pen names but in the end decides to stick with her own.

Age 25-29--she writes a number of regency romance novels, (one of which later becomes Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind)

Age 30--decides to devote her time to her favorite roles of wife and mother, dabbles in the antiques and collectibles market and plants a flower garden.

Age Withheld--at the encourgement of a true blue friend, she submits Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind to Avalon Books and sells it!

Shortly Thereafter--she starts a blog and a website and has a really big party!

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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