Apr 14, 2014

Simplify Your Life

Book Details
Author: Mike C. Adams
Release Date: September 2013
Genre: Self-Help

A few years back I had a STRONG NEED to simplify my life!
It became a mantra for me!
Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

I have been practicing most of the 40 tips in the book for many years now.

They are WONDERFUL and really do bring a sense of PEACE!

I LOVE this statement in the introduction:

"People are so busy these days they get sick from the need to have and do more."

I KNOW that is TRUE!

This book brings WONDERFUL REMINDERS of TRIED and TRUE PRACTICES that will help you to SIMPLIFY your LIFE.

Things like:
*Give yourself a few minutes of time every morning.
*Practice good nutrition and exercise your body.
*Get rid of complicated clothing.
*Take time to do things you enjoy doing.
*Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
*Exercise every other day.
*Cut back on the time you spend on social media websites.
*Plan your menus
*and MORE!

Each tip gives you a WHY and HOW~ and really fun pictures are included too :)

 "There is a huge need in finding ways to live a simple and relaxed life rather than one filled with busy tasks and stress. Each tip can be something you do daily or you can try one tip a day to see if they work for you." 

Stop the STRESS

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