Apr 25, 2014

Oki's Island

Book Details
Author: Kenny Kemp
Release Date: September 2006
Publisher: Alta Films Press
Genre: Fiction

This is one of the best books I have ever read.

Oki is fishing when a terrible storm hits.

When it is all over his island is gone.

As he searches for another island he finds that the people are different from those on his own island.

They have strange ways unlike his ways.

And he is told "for the safety of all you must go."

So he set out to find another island...

"As he searches for home, he discovers islands both strikingly similar and strangely different from his own; people and places that challenge everything he believes to be true."


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About the Author
I've worn a lot of hats in my life: musician, filmmaker, contractor, lawyer, author, and they all have something in common: each of these livelihoods is about story.

"Hold on," you say. "I get filmmaker and author, maybe even musician, and, okay, perhaps even a lawyer tells a story in front of a jury, but how is a contractor a storyteller?"

Well, perhaps contractor is stretching it. But consider: a contractor's skills make all the rest possible. With contracting, you work with a plan which is changed the minute you begin the job, utilizing imperfect materials that must be bent to your will (or not), customers (characters) that surprise and delight you, and a result that is never quite what you'd seen in your mind during the planning stage. Kind of like writing.

Okay, that's a strained analogy, so let's just be direct: contracting is what makes my writing possible because it has taught me that no matter how daunting the work seems at the outset, if you just open your toolbox and start working, amazing things happen.


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