Oct 28, 2016

The Zion Trail

by Marsha Ward

I cannot even imagine the fortitude of the early Saints. 
Joining a religion that they felt a passion for only to be ostracized by friends and neighbors. Families being torn apart. Driven from homes and farms to travel across an entire country on foot or by wagon. 
Yet, through it all the Lord sends his blessings. 

Your heart will be touched with this tender telling of one young man who presses forward--no matter the cost.

On a hot summer day, young Elijah Marshall stops plowing to give a drink of water to two strangers and invite them to lunch with his family. His neighborly act sets in motion events that will drastically change his future.

The strangers share a new religion, which the family embraces. But the neighbors want no part of Mormons. Multiple acts of unkindness and starvation drive the Marshall family to flee to the Mormon city on the banks of the Mississippi River, Nauvoo.

Then the path of Elijah's life takes perilous detours, with twists and turns he never expected to make.

In a 19th century coming-of-age story ranging from Pennsylvania to the Great Salt Lake Valley, Elijah plunges into harrowing adventures filled with sorrow, danger, and romance.


  1. Shauna, thank you for this lovely review of THE ZION TRAIL. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  2. Marsha Ward never fails to present an intriguing story. I look forward to reading The Zion Trail!



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