Apr 10, 2014

Women of Joy

Book Details
Author: Jack R. Christianson
Release Date: March 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Inspiration

Satan has taken the JOY out of being a women.

He entices us to feel inadequate if we are not perfect right now...

Perfect body
Perfect hair
Perfect house
Perfect family
Perfect woman

And NO HOLIDAY brings this out more than Mother's Day!

But this is seeing life through a "filter" and not seeing the "big picture."

I LOVE this quote:

"The only scene we can trust is the "whole" scene. We as mortals so often look at trials and sufferings in this life with myopic vision, thinking that what we see in mortality is all there is to see. Without comprehending the whole scene, we are moved to continually ask, 'Why is this happening to me?'"

And this one too:

"I believe we may very likely surprise ourselves when we look back and see with a clear and whole view--not through a glass, darkly--that we did far better than we had supposed." 

This booklet shows us that we need to put aside the comparisons and the contrasts of each other.

See the whole picture.

Endure and move forward.

Let Mother's Day and every day be a reason to have JOY in being a women, mother, and daughter of God.

For HE, who matters most, loves you the most :)


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About the Author:
Popular speaker Jack R. Christianson has taught with the Church Educational System for many years and has lectured extensively for BYU’s Education Week, EFY, and firesides. Jack and his wife, Melanie, live in Orem, Utah, and are the parents of four daughters.


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