Apr 1, 2014


Book Details
Author: S. J. Wilkins
Release Date: April 2014
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press
Genre: Historical Mystery

WOW! This book is GOOD!

Lies and deceits!
Doubts and fears!
Hopes and dreams!

Written both from a deceased fathers view AND the view of his son who is trying to bring to light what really happened in the fire and the identity of the woman he is in love with...Hope.

Issac was wrongly accused of setting the fire that took his life and the life of two women.

Manny has lived with the secret of his father's death by being told it would do no good to look to the past.

Many has found some peace now that he and Hope have joined with the Mormons and have plans to be married at sea and possibly journey to America.

But now Hope has just found out that she was adopted and that Mormon men marry multiple wives...will that happen to her if she marries Manny?

Manny is trying to find out who Hope's real parents are and when he returns he finds that Hope's guardian has been terribly injured.

Manny's brother tells the police that Manny did it.

While Manny is on the run he finds out that his father was going to join the very church Manny and Hope have joined and that it was that very thing that was to blame for the fire.

Hope and Manny seem to find themselves in many precarious situations...filled with fear and doubt.

Is it too late to find understanding of the truth?

Or can they 'turn their hearts to their fathers' and help each other?


"A plot-driven mystery inspired by events that took place in North West England in the early to mid Victorian era."

About the Author
S. J. (Seth) Wilkins lives close to the village from which the first British LDS immigrants left for America, and close to the beautiful but rugged west Pennine moors which inspired Hope’s setting. He taught at the Preston England Missionary Training Centre between 1999 and 2002, able to look out on the same moorland the early missionaries must have seen after they first arrived in England. Seth appeared as Heber C. Kimball in the 2009 documentary Faith in Their Footsteps and has researched extensively at the University of Lancaster, graduating with masters of arts degrees in history and creative writing. In 2013, following almost six years in LDS retailing, he began training as a teacher.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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