Apr 16, 2014

Easter Book Ideas

A Christ-Centered Easter

When the author wanted more for her own family's Easter than just candy she put together this wonderful book.

Filled with
*and Stories

These hands-on day-to day ideas will help you put Christ back into Easter.

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Easter Walk

Take a walk with Tyler and Amy as their grandpa takes them on a treasure hunt to find 6 items that represent events in the Easter Story

Things like a something sharp to help them remember the crown of thorns

Or something made of wood to help them remember the cross.

Beautifully illustrated this book will be an Easter treasure from many years.

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The Continuous Atonement

I LOVE this book!

Brad Wilcox has a way of explaining the Atonement in ways I have never even thought about.

One story he tells is how when we make a mistake Christ doesn't say to us "Leave and never come back."

NO! That is not how the atonement works

Christ simple says "TRY AGAIN."

The Atonement isn't just a one time thing ~ it is CONTINUOUS :)

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400 Questions and Answers about the Life and Times of Jesus Christ

Susan Easton Black amazes me!
I don't even know which questions to ask let alone know the answers.

How blessed was are that she shares her knowledge!

400 questions to make you ponder...

and then 400 answers to make you more fully understand the life and times of Jesus

I LOVE that the answers are short and easy to understand.

You can read from cover-to-cover OR you can open to one or two questions a day.

A really great book!


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