Aug 8, 2014

Meet Robert Gioia

Robert Gioia has been a police officer in the province of Ontario for over 24 years. He has spent several years as a school liaison officer addressing criminal complaints and specializing in presenting to youths on many topics.

Robert created numerous presentations for the V.I.P. (Values, Influences and Peers) program which reflect the moral dilemmas and dangers faced by our youth today. These include Internet Safety, Drugs, Mischief, Theft, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Bullying. 

Bullying in particular seems more problematic as it has transformed with the advent and progress of the internet. As a result, society has been inundated with instances of bullying that appear to have increased at an exponential rate. 

In order to address this, the author created a story (The Bully Barn)that will assist in teaching youths and their parents about bullying in a an entertaining fashion.


-I have been a police officer for almost 25 years and served in several areas (I was actually a tactical officer for many years) but the most rewarding was my tenure as a school liaison/resource officer.

-I have delivered hundreds of presentations to students, parents, and various interest groups regarding bullying, internet safety, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, theft, mischief, etc. I also created and helped to present project "I.S.S.U.E." (Internet Safety and Sensible Use of Electronics) city wide.

-I have a lovely wife and a typical 12-year-old son.

-I love animals and have little regard for those who treat them poorly.

-I have a Basset Hound named Cosmo (I previously had one called Jethro). Cosmo loves sleeping on his outdoor couch (picture enclosed for your enjoyment).

-I love hanging around nature and frequently take walks in the bush and play with my son on the beach.

-I like trees (my wife thinks that I may have a problem) and I planted a couple hundred (or so) in and around my property. I live on the fringe of the city on three acres.

-I like fishing but rarely catch anything (that's probably why no one wants to go with me).

-I believe that you can't force kids to "like" each other but you can teach and expect them to "tolerate" one another.

-I don't believe there is such a thing as a bad child...just bad choices (and sometimes bad parents)


The Bully Barn: 
A Lesson For Bullies, Bystanders and Victims

Marty is small, timid, and meek...after all he is a mouse.

As he goes about his daily life in the barn the other animals pick on him, ridicule him and push him around...

Read about Marty the mouse, Owen the owl,  Rusty the rooster, Henry the horse, the gossiping chickens, and others...

And how they all react on the day that Rusty doesn't crow.

Engaging illustrations!
A great story of standing up for yourself!

You will learn about verbal bullies, social bullies and physical bullies and those who stand by either ignoring or encouraging the bullying.

GREAT discussion questions at the end~


"Not the typical children’s story. 

In fact, this book was specifically written to be used by parents and teachers to help teach children about bullying and the repercussions that come with being a part of the bullying cycle. 

Bullying is by far one of the greatest problems facing our society today. It is of grave concern to children, educators, and parents alike.

Bullying has become somewhat of an epidemic perhaps due in part to our violent subculture and the increasing dependence on the internet for interpersonal communication."



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