Oct 18, 2014

Meet Dr. Julia E. Antoine

Dr. Julia E. Antoine began writing professionally at the age of 19. At that time, she wrote short stories for the local radio station in her home town. She gave up writing when she moved to the United States to attend college. She has since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. During the course of her schooling, she wrote and published a working curriculum for a career school, a business manual and its answer key, as well as other literary work. In 2010, she revisited her first love, writing for fun and enjoyment. Dr. Antoine writes children’s books under her given name and romance novels under her pen name, Ju Ephraime. Visit her at: http://www.too-clever.com


1. Most days I can be found dancing alone to the music of Journey.

2. I talk to myself a lot, especially when writing a story.

3. I love going back to my childhood to play; it inspires me to write.

4. I love to bake cookies with my grandchildren.

5. I enjoy building sand castles at the beach with my daughter and granddaughter.

6. I am an excellent cook and love it when my family enjoys my cooking.

7. I can’t sew a straight stitch, but I have a lot of fun trying.

8. I perm and cut my own hair, not to save money but because I believe no one can do it like I can. LOL

9. I love reading and play-acting the characters in my stories, when I read to kids.

10. My favorite kid character on television is, Word Girl, which I play with my daughter and granddaughter, “may I have a word, sir? Ad·e·quate.”


I am reviewing 2 books for Julia

Staying Safe
Staying Safe is a wonderful picture book encouraging kids to stay safe in the home and in the neighborhood. It's a tool for parents, as well as educators, and of course kids. Most situations which may present a danger to kids are explored. Kids are placed in real life situations and presented with various scenarios. It's a 65 page, fully illustrated book that teaches the gives kids the knowledge of what's acceptable behavior and practice and what's not, to stay safe. It also has an extensive Note to Parents section to help parents, educators and others to teach children to be safe in potentially dangerous situations.

My review:
This book is WONDERFUL!

Told so simple that a child will understand, yet FUN enough that a child will want to read it again and again.

I was intrigued with ALL the different ways a child MIGHT get hurt and the GUIDELINES given to keep them SAFE.

Bold, colorful pictures keeps the child involved in the process of learning safety rules.

Instill safety practices with the children you care about.

Too Clever VII: Cleo's Tomato Sandwich
Eleven year old Cleo loves tomato sandwiches more than anything else in the whole entire world. She loves tomato sandwich so much that she had been trying, ever since she was six, to grow her own tomato garden. Now, finally, at age eleven, Cleo is making one more effort to grow a tomato garden. Will she succeed? And if she does, will it be everything she’d hoped? Read Cleo’s journey, as she sets about fulfilling one of her long held dreams.

My review:
This book is an AMAZING READ!

Again simple enough for a child, yet very informative on the art of growing tomatoes.

Read along as Cleo takes seeds from a tomato, prepares them, plants them, waters them, transplants them, takes care of them, etc.

She even thinks about a solution to keep the tomato plants producing year-round.

This is truly a "you reap what you sow" type of story:)


Other books in the Too Clever Series


  1. Thank you very, very much for your wonder reviews of my children's books. I feel so gratified when someone gets pleasure and/information from my books. I write so the Too-Clever kids will ask questions out of curiosity seek answers and solve problems using creativity.

    1. THANK YOU for writing such AMAZING books!
      I am grateful I was able to share them with my followers :)



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