Feb 21, 2015

Read 'em All Whitney Finalists Challenge

I am joining the Read 'em All Whitney Finalists Challenge

You can join too...prizes will be given
Rules and Rafflecopter can be found HERE

Books need to be read by May 2nd

Click on 'Book Title' to read details of book
The books I have read will also have a link to 'My Review'


A Plentiful RainMy Name Is BryanStill TimeThe Law of MosesWalking on Water
Elizabeth Petty BentleyStacy Lynn CarrolMaria HoaglandAmy HarmonRichard Paul Evans

                                           MY REVIEW                     MY REVIEW          


An Ocean atween UsDeadly AllianceEve: In the BeginningGone for a SoldierSoftly Falling
Angela MorrisonA.L. SowardsH.B. MooreMarsha WardCarla Kelly

                                        My Review


Blood on the WaterDeath on BlackheathDrop ZoneTomorrow We SpyWedding Cake
Anne PerryAnne PerryTraci Hunter AbramsonJordan McCollumJosi S. Kilpack

                                                                         My Review                                                          My Review


Becoming Lady LockwoodLady Emma’s CampaignLonging for Home:Hope SpringsPainting KissesSpy by Night
Jennifer MooreJennifer MooreSarah M. EdenMelanie JacobsonJordan McCollum

 My Review                My Review                My Review                   My Review            My Review


Nameless: The Darkness ComesPretty Little Dead GirlsThe Accidental ApprenticeThis Darkness LightWords of Radiance
Mercedes M. YardleyMercedes M. YardleyAnika ArringtonMichaelbrent CollingsBrandon Sanderson

Middle Grade

Almost SuperSky Jumpers: The Forbidden FlatsThe Scandalous Sisterhood
The Shadow ThroneThe Time of the Fireflies
Marion JensenPeggy EddlemanJulie BerryJennifer NielsenKimberley Griffiths Little

YA General

Death Coming up
ForbiddenKiss Kill VanishNot in the ScriptOn the Fence
Chris CroweKimberley Griffiths LittleJessica MartinezAmy FinneganKasie West

YA Speculative

CuredDangerousIllusions of FateRemakeThe Glass Magician
Bethany WigginsShannon HaleKiersten WhiteIlima ToddCharlie N. Holmberg

Best Novel by a New Author

Becoming Lady LockwoodNameless:
Not in the ScriptRemakeThe Accidental Apprentice
Jennifer MooreMercedes M. YardleyAmy FinneganIlima ToddAnika Arrington

The Whitney Awards Gala will be held May 16, 2015
7:00 PM at the Provo Marriott Hotel.

Gala tickets can be purchased HERE.

Learn more about the Whitney Awards HERE.


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