Feb 20, 2015

The Healer w/ $35 Amazon Gift Card + Book Giveaway

A review copy was provided

by Gregg Luke

WOW! This book is so AMAZING!
I couldn't turn the pages fast enough :)

College professor, Chris Pendragon, is seeking information.

Information about Welsh folklore and information about himself.

Little did he know that he would come across an auto accident that would change his life.

Travel with Chris as he rescues a little boy, is taught by an old man and a vicar, and becomes 'the healer.'

He will have to explain things he doesn't know how to explain, hide from the law, learn about some fascinating history, and choose a path of life he never even knew existed.

The mantle of "the bearer of the Dial~a healer of unparalleled power" has been passed to him...

Is he strong enough to carry it?

And can he keep it safe from those who are seeking it?

"When Chris sets off to find himself, a powerful fate finds him."

Fast-paced, full of action and intrigue!


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About the Author
I was born November 20, 1959 in Bakersfield, California. I lived there for only three years before moving to Santa Barbara, California. I attended Foothill Elementary, La Colina Jr High, and San Marcos High Schools. My interests at that time were art, music, writing, volleyball, the beach, science, and girls (not necessarily in that order). I graduated in 1977 and then served an LDS mission in Wisconsin. After that, I spent seven months at BYU on a cinematography scholarship, but that didn’t pan out (pun intended). I returned to Santa Barbara and worked about two years at a research center before I realized an education was the only way to avoid a dead-end career. Over the next four years, I attended Santa Barbara City College, UC Santa Barbara, and BYU majoring in Biological Sciences.
I then attended the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, graduating in 1990. I practiced in Northern California for six months before moving to Logan, Utah in 1991. I am currently the Director of Pharmacy for the Cache Valley Community Health Center in Logan.

Throughout my life, I have loved writing. I began my literary career writing and illustrating short stories (none of which were ever published). My first success came with cartoons published in Skin Diver Magazine, the Oceanographic Letter, and several in the New Era. It wasn’t until I had graduated from college that I began to write seriously. Even then, it took nearly ten years before I had any success getting published. I’ve published in the New Era, Destiny Magazine, and Pharmacy Times.

My preferred reading genre is science-based thrillers, particularly the works of Robin Cook, Tom Clancy, and Michael Crichton. But I enjoy reading just about anything I get my hands on, fiction and nonfiction, including many LDS authors.

My literary claim to fame is being a finalist for a Whitney Award in 2008 for Do No Harm,in 2009 for Altered State, in 2010 for Blink Of An Eye, in 2011 for Bloodborne, and in 2012 for Deadly Undertakings.


1. I was born in Bakersfield, CA

2. While growing up, my dream career was to be a cartoonist

3. I was once bitten by a ladybug

4. Although I have 9 published novels, I can't type

5. I've been a Whitney Award finalist five times

6. I love to garden

7. I keep poison dart frogs as pets

8. I have an ancestor who cut off his hand and threw it across a goal line to win a race

9. My mom has a theater named after her in Santa Barbara

10. I love writing

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