Feb 25, 2015


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Book Details
Author: David Butler
Illustrator: Ryan Jeppesen
Release Date: November 2014
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Children's Gospel Teachings

I LOVE the sub-title~

an illustrated guide to the people in the Book of Mormon

And that is EXACTLY what the AMAZING book is!

As you open the book you get this incredible two-page spread on 52 people(s) from ancient times.

You will read a short synopsis and learn fascinating details.

There is also a short lesson, scriptures, a question to ponder and an activity for each...

...giving you "52 family night" subjects to study.

Bold colors and fun icons keep the attention of young and old alike.

You will learn the lesson from Nephi of being obedient...

Can you go one week without murmuring like Laman and Lemuel?

What can you learn from King Noah or King Lamoni?

Do you know who the Anti-Nephi-Lehies were or Korihor?

Grab this book and gather your family around for some interesting weeks ahead.
You will be SO GLAD you did!

DAVID BUTLER is by day a high school religious educator sharing his love for the scriptures and his belief that there is a power for good innate in every human soul. By night he is a fort builder, waffle maker, sports coach, and storyteller for his five favorite little people, also known as his children. Somewhere in between he is a motivational speaker and writer. He and his wife, Jenny, live with their family amid the snowcapped peaks of the Mountain West, but they often dream of a beach house on a sunny shore somewhere.

RYAN JEPPESEN cultivated his love for art while growing up on a dairy farm in northern Utah. Ryan graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor s degree in marketing and a master s of business administration degree. He spends his days working at a cushy desk job and comes home at night to fully unleash his creativity by painting, drawing, illustrating, building websites, wood carving, toy building, sculpting, bread baking, and helping with countless Primary projects. He and his amazing wife, Brooke, are raising their four Jeppesenite children in the snow cities of the Mountain West ... and they like it there.


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