Feb 27, 2015

Fire and Steel: A Generation Rising

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Book Details
Author: Gerald N. Lund
Release Date: November 2014
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Historical Fiction

This book is often pitched as a World War I historical fiction...
and it is...but it is also oh. so. much. more!

It is about a family that will live during the most difficult times in history.

They are the Eckhardt family and after three daughters they finally have a son.

A son who turns out to be brilliant.

A son who is doted upon.

A son who is given the chance for an education beyond the normal peasant child.

But Hans is also young and foolish and caught up in the unrest that is descending upon the world.

Choosing to go to the battlefront instead of the University will change young Hans' perception of the world and of mankind.

As this book is so appropriately titled this family will go through a fire so unquenchable that they will either become stronger like steel or they will break and shatter.

Follow the Eckhardt family as they first-hand witness "an explosion of technology"-- electricity, the telephone, the automobile...

And as they battle to live through the "War to End All Wars."


About the Author
Gerald N. Lund received his B.A. and M.S. degrees in sociology from BYU. He also did extensive graduate work in New Testament studies at Pepperdine University, and studied Hebrew at the University of Judaism. He is a prolific author and speaker. His novels include The Work and the Glory Series, The Kingdom and the Crown Trilogy, Fire of the Covenant, The Undaunted, and his newest series, Fire and Steel. He has also written several books on gospel topics, including a doctrinal trilogy exploring our relationship with Heavenly Father and how He expresses His love to His children.

During his thirty-five years in the Church Educational System, Gerald N. Lund served as seminary teacher, institute teacher and director, curriculum writer, director of college curriculum, and zone administrator. His church callings have included stake president, bishop, and he also served as a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy from 2002 to 2008.

He and his late wife, Lynn, are the parents of seven children.


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