Aug 19, 2014

Where Angels Tread

Book Details
Author: Loretta Livingstone
Release Date: April 2014
Genre: Fiction

I will admit that I have led a very sheltered life...and don't understand a lot of what people go through.

The other day my husband and I were driving past a park in a large city and I saw quite a few people who looked like they were homeless. 

It made me really ponder what happened to them that would lead them to live like that.

As I was pondering I remembered seeing A LOT of PRAISING REVIEWS on this book.

So when I got home I picked it up and read it.

WOW! Such a GREAT story!

Jeannie is a shy girl who's father left them and her mother, Rita, has to work many hours to provide for them. One day her mother brings home yet again another man by the name of Matt...

Matt is suave and slick and dangerous. He seems to really care for Jeannie at first...and then he seems to care a little too much.

Rita starts to feel betrayed and yells for Jeannie to GET OUT!

Jeannie runs away...

With nowhere else to go..she ends up on the street.

Through different events Rod, Carla, Jeremy and Mike will cross Jeannie's path in life "and will change it forever."

It will definitely leave an impact on your heart!

About the Author
British author Loretta Livingstone lives with her husband in a beautiful area of the Chilterns. She writes both rhyming and free verse about anything which happens to capture her imagination. She enjoys writing love poems, inspirational verse, verse about her strong Christian faith, and humorous poems, and has just published her first foray into the world of fiction.

"I have suffered from M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) for many years, which has put something of a kick in my gallop - to put it mildly. But I am just beginning to be able to do a little more. Hence starting to write books. At least that is something I can do lying down.

I also love to read. I read several different genres, but I have a particular love of medieval history novels. I am fairly picky though. I only have a handful of writers from that genre whom I really enjoy, Sharon Penman being my favourite. Luckily for me her books are huge, meaty tomes which, as well as providing excellent value for money, keep me glued to them for days."


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