Aug 1, 2014

Meet Stephanie Fowers

Stephanie Fowers loves bringing stories to life, and depending on her latest madcap ideas will do it through written word, song, and/or film.

She absolutely adores Bollywood and bonnet movies; i.e., BBC (which she supposes includes non-bonnet movies Sherlock and Dr. Who).

Presently, she lives in Salt Lake where she's living the life of the starving artist.

Stephanie plans to bring more of her novels out to greet the light of day.

Be sure to watch for her upcoming books, including YA fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, steampunk, regency Greek fantasy, and more--many more--romantic comedies in her line of sweet romances called "Hopeless Romantics."

May the adventures begin.


* I come from a family of ten children and tie for middle. Everyone in my family is amazing and we can't believe how lucky we are to have each other.

* I lived in the Philippines for a year and a half where I met many wonderful people, ate chicken feet, frog, and dog. I rode sidesaddle on a motorcycle every day, fell into a flooded pasture that looked more like a lake while everyone shouted alligator, experienced a rat pawing at my side and caught a bucket of mice in my hair. I also accidentally killed a lizard by slicing it in half, got a black eye from cockroaches, foiled a robbery because my room was too messy, and got to walk through phenomenal rainstorms in the greenest jungles imaginable.

* I make films too. When I filmed Macbeth for my brother's project in high school, I was dubbed the blood queen because I made all the blood. I kind of got carried away, but I blame that on playing Lady Macbeth. It does something to people. If you want to witness some of these crazy antics, go to YouTube.

* It's my dream to travel to the British Isles. Scotland is on the top of that list since my family comes from the Lamont clan and we have heard so many great stories about it--namely the legend of the Red Hand where my ancestor became king by cutting off his hand on a boat and throwing it on land so he would win a race. And then many years later, the Campbells tried to kill us all off (along with the McDonalds) and so we had to seek refuge under the black priest who smuggled the survivors out. We're also related to Prince John. Long live the phony king of England! But for reals..

* I used to write dystopian novels in high school. Now that dystopian is popular, I write romantic comedy. But someday, I'll take those manuscripts out and brush them off and see if I can't make them presentable.

* I have a horror of second-hand items. It's all because of one intsy teeny weeney insect called a bedbug! We fought the BBs (as we dubbed them) for six months, and still are paying the consequences even today. I won't bore you with our woes, but we could've gone to Scotland three times over with the amount we've spent to exterminate them.

* In college, I was a guitarist and the lead singer in a band called "We the Peeps." Some talents shows were awesome. Others...not so awesome, haha.

* I have 40+ nieces and nephews ranging from embryos to 22 year olds. I am about to become a great-aunt in four months.

* During my college years, I worked at Mosquito Control in the summers where I waded into swamps, tore down beaver dams weekly, blazed trails with a machete, met a few convicts, almost got trampled by herds of cows, constantly got stuck in the mud to my knees, caught baby turtles, tadpoles, and snakes, got sneezed on by a baby goat, sprayed by a skunk, and got shoved into a canal by a cow who thought she was a dog. I honestly think I'm lucky to be alive.

* I've always had stories in my head. As soon as I learned to write, my pen took over the paper. When I read my stories out loud in second grade, my goal was to get my teacher to laugh so hard she'd fall off her chair. And it worked.

*After I got my bachelors at BYU (Provo) in English and communications, I almost went into advertising (I won enough Burger King crowns in my advertising class to encourage me)...but I decided to take the starving artist route instead. And now, here I am!

*All in all, I would say my writing is the way I reach out to people. The world is magical and I want to share that with others. I want to invite others to experience what I feel. And failing that?--
Well, if I get the world to laugh so hard they fall off their chairs, that won't be so bad either.

Stephanie has multiple books already available :)

Jane and Austen
Meet Jane—an impractical, starry-eyed wedding planner; if love can’t match what she’s read in a book, she doesn’t want it. And then there’s Austen—a pragmatic, logical-to-a-fault financial consultant; even if he were interested in someone, he wouldn’t know.

The two have one thing in common: they can’t leave each other alone. Jane believes that if Austen could just experience a fairy tale romance, he would secretly love it. And Austen’s pretty sure that if one of Jane’s beloved heroes escaped from the pages of her dog-eared novels, she’d run and hide.

Both are about to be proven right.

When the rivals are called upon to help a friend plan the biggest wedding of the year, an entire resort full of colorful wedding guests descend upon them—many sharing uncanny similarities to characters in a Jane Austen novel. It doesn’t take long before Jane gets everything she thinks she wants. After all, too much of a good thing can’t be all that bad, right?

But when Jane’s life turns upside down, the only one she can turn to is Austen; though she’s afraid he’s got his own troubles of the heart…and he's enjoying them more than he should.

With a Kiss (Twisted Tales Book 1)
Faerytales. They're real . . . they just haven't happened yet.

Halley Starr finds this out when she loses her heart to a terrible curse. Now she has to get it back from that dirty faery who stole it from her. But first she must fight against the seven rules of the faery kingdom that mortals must never break:

1. No trespassing sacred faery territory

2. Don't ever say thank you

3. Using a faery’s given name is a no-no

4. Resist all faery music

5. Never break a promise to a faery

6. Reject all faery food

7. And never, never fall in love with a faery

But if Halley wants her heart back again, she can’t worry about the rules.

At Midnight (Twisted Tales Book 2)
Stop the clock from striking twelve.

Bridgette has Cinderella complex big time. She has to find true love's kiss to get some weird guy off her back who claims to be her faery godmother. But who is she really?

1. Loser of Omak High

2. Girl who rubs her fingers raw working fast food

3. Victim of the evil stepmother who runs the group home

4. Not-so-proud owner of a hearth where fire-starting goblins live

5. Asylum wannabe with occasional schizophrenic episodes

Not even Bridgette knows. Even if her faery godmother wasn't some guy who knows nothing about romance, how is Bridgette supposed to get true love's kiss if everyone she cares about disappears?

Bridgette must find out who she is in the faerytales or she'll lose everything.

As the Sun Sets (Twisted Tales Book 3)
Will it be happily ever after or the end?

No one bothered to tell Daphne Starr that faerytales are real and now she's stuck in a beanstalk with a beast and a pricked finger. Daphne’s sister and stepsister are in big BIG trouble!

1. It’s the third and final day

2. Rumpelstiltskin plans to suck their powers dry

3. The queen wants them dead

4. The wolves switched sides

5. The world is about to end

6. And did they seriously expect to keep this all from Daphne?

Oh yeah, A LOT of trouble! Halley and Bridgette had better get her out of this—especially since she only has until the battery runs out of her cell phone before she loses her heart . . . to a beast.

Twisted Tales Trilogy
The Twisted Tale trilogy follows the Starr sisters on their adventures through the land of the faeries and the modern world where anything is possible...even true love.

Vol. 1--"With a Kiss"
Halley Starr finds out that faerytales are real...they just haven't happened yet. She loses her heart with a curse and has to get it back from that dirty faery guy who stole it from her. But first, Halley must break all the rules of the faery kingdom and learn to love without a heart.

Vol. 2--"At Midnight"
Bridgette has Cinderella complex big time. But even if her faery godmother wasn't some guy without a romantic bone in his body, how is Bridgette supposed to get true love's kiss if everyone she cares about disappears? Bridgette must stop the clock from striking twelve or she loses everything.

Vol. 3--"As the Sun Sets"
Will it be happily ever after or the end? No one bothered to tell Daphne Starr that faerytales were real and now she's stuck in a beanstalk with a beast and a pricked finger. Daphne’s sister and stepsister are in big BIG trouble! Daphne only has until the battery runs out of her cell phone before she loses her heart . . . to a beast.

Also included in this trilogy are Map of the Sidhe, Beastery, glossary, faery hunter guide, and 7 laws of the fae.

Prank Wars
All war. No love. Madeleine’s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let Byron beat her in some huge prank war. They’ve had their deserters, their POWS, their casualties, but no one can risk losing the battle of the sexes.

Except now something strange is happening at the college...and it’s not just the students. Buried deep beneath the pranks is real danger, and the only other person who suspects is Byron. Should Mad join sides with him or does that mean forfeiting her heart to the enemy?

Rules of Engagement
After breaking up with Mr. Freaked Out (Marcus Gray), Samantha is determined to find and woo a guy that won't turn on her. But she is completely inexperienced at the game of love…until she meets up with Harrison Bean, a condescending student from Britain who condescends to put Samantha and her roommates under his wing:

Now, the only snag to snagging a guy is that Mr. Freaked out has discovered Samantha's plot for the manhunt and is determined to sabotage all her efforts.

Meet Your Match

Jacqueline Childs and Britton Sergeant disagree on almost everything, and definitely on what kind of man catches a girl's eye. Jacqueline writes a love-advice column, and intends to write an article settling the matter once and for all. So, in defense of their genders, they make a wager involving unsuspecting players: Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Jerk. Both will go after the biggest squirrelly girl in the singles ward-whoever catches the girl, wins.

All's fair in love and wagers.

... however, when Jacqueline's plan starts to work too well, she's afraid the worst will happen: she'll win the wager, but lose her chance for her own Mr. Nice Guy.

A Fantasy Christmas
A Fantasy Christmas is an exciting collection of romantic stories by best selling authors Cindy C Bennett, Stephanie Fowers, and Sherry Gammon. You'll find Elves, Greek gods and witches!

*Halfling by Cindy C Bennett
Banished from the South Pole, Kara tries to carve out a new life among the elves of the North. It’s not easy with a secret to protect—a secret she's cursed with by the unusual circumstances of her heritage: half-elf, half-fairy. In the North, she’s assigned to work with Seb on a special project. He's the most gorgeous elf she’s ever seen - and the orneriest.

As if being banished wasn’t punishment enough.

Seb introduces her to Trystin, a fairy from the nearby fairy forest. Trystin discerns her secret right away and promises to teach her how to use the powers given to her by the very thing she’s fighting to keep hidden.

*Aphrodite by Stephanie Fowers
Nothing is simple for Aphrodite’s daughter, especially love.

Scorned by society in regency England, Affry longs for romance. Upon encountering a dashing nobleman at her aunty's Christmas' ball, Affry gets caught in a lovely intrigue with disastrous results. Worse, she wins the interest of the gods. Now the furies of the underworld and Hades himself are after her.

When all is fair in war, Affry must use love as her weapon—but only for the one who’s stolen her heart.

*Loving Marigold by Sherry Gammon
Young Marigold Yarrow has a secret. She’s also in love with Jack Mahoney. In the middle of her ninth grade year, Jack's family up and moves to Port Fare, New York, leaving the small town of Sugar Maple, West Virginia - and Marigold - far behind.

Nine years later Jack and Marigold meet again. They join forces to weed out the shady Abbott boys. The unscrupulous brothers are illegally selling moonshine near her home on Sugar Maple Ridge. And they'll do anything to get Marigold to leave the ridge. Anything.

But this time it could be magic that tears Jack and Marigold apart.


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